Abyss in the Streets


Location Rich Quarter
Reward __rew__
Required DLC Through the Ashes

Abyss in the Streets is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


Abyss in the Streets Information

The wealthy quarter. Verdant gardens and gleaming shop windows, well-to-do townsfolk strolling down pristine pavements... All that is in the past. The Abyss has yawned open, expelling a ravenous horde of monsters, and now the quarter is an arena of brutal street battles. Will the escapees find a way around the enemy — while avoiding coming under attack from their own side?


Abyss in the Streets Objectives

Find a way out of the rich quarter

  • The well-maintained streets have turned into a burning labyrinth bristling with cultists' blades. But every labyrinth has an exit — all you have to do is find it.


Leave the rich quarter

  • The inquisitors' post is the first place where the escapees have felt relatively safe. They must seize this chance to recover their strength before the final push.


Abyss in the Streets Walkthrough

dlc rich quarter map 1 wrath of the righteous wiki guide

If Frada is alive, speak to Magistrate Pelle Vezilley on upper level of the church to complete Town Hall Report , you can also trade with him.

Inside the house on west side of the region there are group of robbers. You can trade with them, and successful intimidation will give you access to back room for Wand of Burning Arc and 2x Alchemist's Fire.

In the basement, you can use the levers to clear a way to a chest, contains Masterwork Longbow and Tools.

Inside Alchemist's Shop on east side of the region, you can set camp and loot some potions/ingredients.

 In southeast tower you can find another rope, the Gelatinous Monument west of Alchemist's Shop drops Amulet of Natural Armor +1.

Inside the central tower there's Militia captain, agree to help him and find the rest of the militia on northwest.

When you try to leave the area, the inquisitors will reveal that Bemir is actually a criminal. You can hand over him or alert him.


Book event 3

Stage 1

  • ...intervene in the mugging being perpetrated by the tieflings.
    • Auto-Success - Bemir, Langrat (Quest completed, currently bugged and does not give the option to interact with the victims of the mugging)
    • Skill Check - Frada (Intimidate 15, quest complete, no damage on failure), Inai (Bluff 16, quest complete), Brodie (Athletics 22)
    • Failure - Inai (Quest incomplete)
    • Critical Failure - Frada (Quest incomplete), Langrat (Quest incomplete)
    • On success
      • [Give them a potion of restoration and tools] ...shared their possessions with the poor souls. (Heal all survivors 1, and gain a +1 Dagger)
      • ...let the innocents be and wished them luck in making it out alive. (Heal all survivors 1)
      • ...promptly went through their bags, taking anything of value. (Gold and "valuables")
  • ...find out who was lurking near the altar. (Cold Iron Longsword +1)
    • Auto-Success - Inai
    • Skill Check - Frada (Diplomacy 21, quest complete), Bemir (Athletics 16), Langrat (Persuasion 16)
    • Critical Failure - Frada (Quest incomplete), Brodie
  • ...help the townsfolk fortify the church that had given them refuge. (Scroll of Restoration)
    • Auto-Success - Frada (Quest complete) with tools, Bemir with tools, Inai (Quest complete) with tools , Brodie
    • Skill Check - Frada (Diplomacy 16, quest complete), Bemir (World 23), Inai (Athletics 16, quest complete)
    • Failure - Frada (Quest incomplete), Langrat, Inai (Quest incomplete)
  • ...go on their way.
  • (If saved people from mugging) Attacked by muggers
    • ...comply with their request. (Lose 400 gold)
    • ...start a fight without fear.
      • No negative effects if church is fortified
      • If church is not fortified an Athletics 16 check, on failure lose 186 gold and a Potion of Restoration if you have them and party members gain a -2 to reflex saves
    • ...make a run for it.
      • No negative effects if church is fortified
      • If church is not fortified, Mobility 21 check, on failure survivors take 1 damage


Stage 2

  • ...help the ranger in distress. (Composite Longbow +1 and enables use of Injured Ranger to distract archer)
    • Auto-Success - Bemir (Bow only)
    • Skill Check - Frada (Mobility 21), Inai (Athletics 16), Brodie (Athletics 17)
    • Failure - Langrat
  • ...distract the demon archer and make a dash for the other side of the street.
    • Auto-Success - Frada (Dead), Bemir, Injured Ranger (Dead, but no advantage to keeping alive)
    • Skill Check (Death on failure) - Langrat (Mobility 15), Inai (Bluff 16), Brodie (Mobility 22)
  • ...dash to the other side, relying on their quick feet.
    • If sniper not distracted, PC gains -2 reflex debuff


Abyss in the Streets important NPCs



Abyss in the Streets Completed quest information

The inquisitors covered the small party's retreat, bravely bringing the fight to... who? Or, rather, what? These monsters are clearly demonic in nature, but their appearance makes the blood of even veteran crusaders run cold. And, what's worse, it appears they are pursuing our ragtag group of escapees.


Abyss in the Streets Tips & Tricks

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