aivu portrait

Race Havoc Dragon
Gender Female
Alignment Chaotic Good
Size Small
Ability Scores
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
21 16 17 16 15 20

Aivu is an NPC Dragon Animal Companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Aivu joins you upon reaching mythic rank 3 and selecting the Azata mythic path.


Aivu Information

  • Aivu joins you as an animal companion upon reaching mythic rank 3 and selecting the Azata mythic path.

  • Aivu, despite being an animal companion, is closer to a regular companion - you can talk to her and she often takes part in various conversations and is involved in some of the Azata mythic path quests.

  • Aivu's progression is based on your mythic rank. As your mythic rank increases, Aivu's stats increase, she gains new spells and abilities, and she grows in size.

  • Aivu is a spontaneous spellcaster that uses her Charisma score to determine her extra spell slots and spell DCs.


Associated Quests


Notes & Tips

  • Aivu counts as an animal companion for some effects that require or affect such, but she does not prevent you from having a normal animal companion. 
  • You can use Aivu as a mount as long as her size is at least one larger than yours.
  • Aivu leaves if you later change your mythic path. You must be on the Azata mythic path to have her in your party.


Aviu Mythic Progression

Mythic Rank Hit Dice Caster Level Highest level of spells known New Abilities
3 10 - -  -
4 15 - - +1 Charisma
5 20 5 2nd +2 Charisma, Careful Caster, Frightful Presence, Size Increase (Medium)
6 25 10 3rd +1 Charisma, Weapon Focus (Light Mace)
7 28 13 5th +1 Charisma, Improved Lightning Reflexes, Critical Focus, Tiring Critical, Quicken Spell, Heroic Aura, Size Increase (Large)
8 30 15 7th  -
9 32 17 7th +1 Charisma, Hammer the Gap, Blind Fight
10 35 20 8th  -


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    • Anonymous

      I don't suppose there's any way to unsummon here, is there? Or my familiar, for that matter; the ability to unsummon it has disappeared.

      • Anonymous

        It's really a shame we lose her, instead of keeping her when, for example, taking Legendary or Golden Dragon. I'd understand her leaving with taking Lich/Swarm/Devil though.

        • Anonymous

          in case anyone's curious, no, aivu cannot identify magic items even though she has 30+ levels put into knowledge (arcana).

          • Anonymous

            "Aivu counts as an animal companion for any effects that require or affect such, but she does not prevent you from having a normal animal companion." Except you cant use any hunter class features on her, so she doesnt really count as an animal companion at all.

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