Alchemist's Kit

This kit allows you to create potions of 1 level spells
Cost 100 gold_icon_pathfinder_wrath_of_the_righteous_wiki_guide_20px
Weight weight_icon_pathfinder_wrath_of_the_righteous_wiki_guide_20px 0

Alchemist's Kit is an Ingredient in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous__name__ weights weight_icon_pathfinder_wrath_of_the_righteous_wiki_guide_20px __weight__ and costs __costs__ gold_icon_pathfinder_wrath_of_the_righteous_wiki_guide_20px. Ingredients in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous can be used to create Potions and other consumable Items


Alchemist's Kit Information

  • Characters with the Brew potion feat, a spellbook and the right ingredients can create a potion of a spell they know during resting
  • Characters must pass a Knowledge (World) difficulty check to succeed in crafting. A secondary character can assist with the DC


 Alchemist's Kit Tips & Notes

  • Can be bought from Vissaliy Rathimus in Defender's Heart Inn
  • Can be bought from medical tent in Crusades camp



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