Angel Halo

Mythic Path Angel
Mythic Angel gains a celestial halo. Each ally within 50 feet of the Angel gains a bonus equal to half Angel's mythic rank plus 1 to AC and saving throws against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures

Angel Halo is a Mythic Ability unlocked exclusively by progressing through the Angel Mythic Path in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Mythic Abilities are unique abilities bestowed upon Mystic Heroes when they ascend to certain levels on the respective Mythic Path. These powerful abilities are a crucial component to crafting Builds, as they provide benefits that synergize with specific Spells, Feats, Traits, and Classes. You may find the relevant information of the Angel Halo mythic ability on this page.


Angel Halo Effects

Mythic Angel gains a celestial halo. Each ally within 50 feet of the Angel gains a bonus equal to half Angel's mythic rank plus 1 to AC and saving throws against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures. At 5th, 7th, and 9th mythic rank, an Angel can select an improvement to the Angelic Halo ability.


Improved Angelic Halo

Blinding Light

Whenever Angelic Halo is active, an enemy that attacks the Angel first time in a round must pass a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 10 + twice the Angel's mythic rank) or be blinded for 1d4+1 rounds. On a successful saving throw, the enemy becomes dazzled for 1 minute.


Burning Bright

Whenever Angelic Halo is active, all demons and undead creatures in the 50-feet area suffer (2d6 + mythic rank) points of holy damage each round.


Flame of Life

While Angelic Halo is active, whenever an ally suffers damage, they receive fast healing equal to Angel's mythic rank for 1 round.


Piercing Rays

Whenever Angelic Halo is active, all enemies in 50 feet area suffer a penalty to Spell Resistance equal to 1 + half the Angel's mythic rank, as well as a penalty to all saving throws equal to half the penalty to Spell Resistance.


Solar Winds

Whenever Angelic Halo is active, all allies in the 50 feet area get a bonus to fire, cold, acid, and electricity resistances equal to 5 per Angel's mythic rank, and a bonus to sonic and negative energy resistance equal to 3 per Angel's mythic rank, as well as a bonus to force, unholy, holy, and divine resistance equal to Angel's mythic rank.


Unfailing Beacon

Whenever Angelic Halo is active, the Angel doesn't suffer any damage from the allies' spells that have an area of effect. If Angel is the main target of such a spell, it becomes empowered, as though using the Empower Spell feat, and the DC of the saving throw against it is increased by 2. 


Where to Find Angel Halo

  • Angel Halo is a mythic ability that can be found under the Angel Mythic Path. It is unlocked at Mythic Rank level 3


Angel Halo Tips & Notes

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