In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you will be able to manage your own crusader army. Armies in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is a crucial part of your adventure. You need to recruit different soldiers - Infantry, Archers, and Paladins and keep them paid. You need to maintain their morale, calculate their movement, and help them earn more experience to gain Army Power. Your dedication to army management decides whether you can successfully accomplish the crusade or not.

Your Mythic Path will also have a great influence on Crusade Army, depending on your actions and alignment, some allies might join or leave the Crusade, triggering various outcomes later in the game. Relationships with your companions, who are helping you by being your councilors in the Crusade, will be affected as well.




Pathfinder WOTR Army Management Tips

  • You can turn on Crusade Auto Mode if you want to skip this part of the game. In this mode, the strategic management of the crusade is carried out without the player. The inclusion of this mode is irreversible, it will not entail changes in the plot and makes the defeat of the crusader armies impossible. (This may block some quests and god ascend ending)
  • When you are on Strategy map mode, your army legions and players' movement are independent. Meaning you can send one of your legions to attack a city, another to hold your campsite, while your character visiting the third region.
  • When you recruit new units, they will form a new legion, appearing at Kenabres. (At Drezen after you retake that city.)
  •  If a road is blocked by a hostile fort, your character cannot pass it before sending an army to defeat it.
  • Occasionally, your army will find treasures after a victory.


Army Crusade Morale

Crusade morale affects recruitment growth, resource income, and morale of the crusader armies

  • Banner of Victories
    After defeating any demon army, the Banner of Victories will become green for 7 days, then yellow for 4 days, then red.
  • Banner of Conquest
    After capturing any demon fort, the Banner of Conquest will become green for 20 days, then yellow for 7 days, then red.
  • Banner of Defense
    As long as no crusader fort is under siege, the Banner of Defense is green. If any fort is under siege, the Banner of Defense turns yellow for 3 days, then red. As long as at least one crusader fort is captured by demons, the Banner of Defense remains red.


Pathfinder: WOTR Army Movement Points

Every legion of your army has a limited movement point (40 by default), which decides how far can they march. Each day, the movement points resets.

When you combine two different legions into one (Legions can be merged when they are at same location, but the units in a legion cant breach the unit cap), the merged legion will have the lower MP of the two. 

Army Morale

The morale of an army decides how eager they are to fight the enemies. When your units charge the enemy during combat, they will roll a d100 plus their current morale to determine how much additional damage they cause.

Estimated Army Power 

Each army, whether it belongs to the crusader faction or the demon faction, has an estimated army power score, this represents how powerful this army is. Generally speaking, you should avoid fighting an army with higher estimated army power than yours. Try to find another way to reach your destination.

Certain types of enemies may be more deadly than the Estimated Army Power shows. For example, gargoyles blocking the path to Reliable Redoubt has an estimated army power of 4. But they are flying units and your troops only do limited damage to them without the anti-air upgrade, so be careful when fighting armies of special units.

How to Recruit and Merge Units in Pathfinder: WOTR

You can spend financies to recruit more units. Finances generates with time and can be purchased by gold or rewarded by complete crusader quests. (Defeat demon armies and take demonic fortress, etc.) Later, you can build buildings to increase your Finances.  

Your newly recruited army appears at Kenabres/Drezen. Move it to one of your other armies to merge them. (Press Shift and drag the units.)  Note though that an army can have no more than 3 units as such (of any type).  This limit can be increased with Generals (army leaders) that have or obtain certain feats. 


What are Generals (Army Leader) in Pathfinder: WOTR?

You can buy and assigned a leader to any of your legions (called Generals). Army Leaders earn experience after each victory won, and can unlock useful traits (feats) to strengthen the army. Army leaders can cast spells to hurt the enemy or raise the fallen.

Leader Skills

Quick Search of All Leader Skills 

Click on the header to sort the table.



Leadership The morale of the army counts as 10 higher per rank during combat.
Pathfinding All units in the army get +1 to maneuver, and the army restores 10 more movement points every day. (Per Rank)
Traveler An army restores 10 additional movement points every day per level of this feat. (Per Rank)
Defensive Training All units in the army get a +1 bonus to defense. The army gets a +1 bonus to the situation roll during combat, significantly increasing a chance to take a more advantageous position. (Per Rank)
Intimidation All enemy units have their morale decreased by 10 per level of this specialization.
Offensive Training All units in the army get a +1 bonus to their attack per level of this specialization.
Bane Energy cost: 3
Effect: All units in the enemy army get a -1 penalty to their attack for (2 + 1/2 Power) rounds. Bane dispels bless.
Bless Energy cost: 3
Effect: All allied units gain a +1 bonus to their attack for (2 + 1/2 Power) rounds. Bless dispels Bane.
Cause Fear Energy cost: 3
Effect: Reduces target unit's morale by (20 + Power).
Cure Wounds Energy cost: 2
Effect: Restores (d8 [Power damage formula]) HP to the target unit. This can bring back dead creatures in the unit, but cannot target a destroyed unit.
Heroism Energy cost: 4
Effect: Target unit gains a +2 bonus to attack and restores (20 + 3×Power) morale
Shield of Faith Energy cost: 2
Effect: Target unit gains a +(2 + Power/6) bonus to AC for (2 + Power/2) rounds.


How Battles work in Pathfinder: WOTR


Pathfinder: WOTR Battle Mode

When your legion meets an army of hostile faction, the game will enter battle mode. (Heroes of Might and Magic style)

legion view pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide


How to use units in Pathfinder: WOTR?

You can place your melee units in the first line, and the ranged units at the second line for better protection.  If you have numerous units, you can split them into several smaller troops, so they don't overkill weaker opponents.

legion place pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide


 If you have high unit cap, you can split your cheapest melee unit into multiple 1 man troops. Use them as shields to protect the real valuable assets. You can also use these 1 man troops for hit & run tactics. Lure enemies into chasing your cheap cannon fodder, while your archers can have easy kills. (Most demon armies lack ranged units, the longer you stall them, the more damage your archer can deal.)

After the battle, some of your fallen units can be healed. (You can increase healing capabilities by Leader skills)

Important Note: Make sure you assign a leader to your main legion and learn the Cure Wounds ability as fast as possible for it can revive fallen units in the battle. Don't end the battle prematurely before you raised all your fallen units or used all the energies. Simply weaken the enemy to only a handful of units left, then chose to defend, revive all lost units. This way, you can defeat most demon army without losing a single unit.



 In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, your army consists of all types of units, each has its own strength, cost, and abilities. You must make your recruit plan carefully and use them wisely to defeat the demonic force at World Wounds. 

When you upgrade your Military Rank, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your units to more powerful troops.


Army Types in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Note: Each week you can only recruit a limited number of certain units.

Types Description Growth Rate Costs   CA  Ability Upgrade From Unlock
Barbarians Savage and fierce warriors bred in the Kellid tradition. These masters of bloody combat fight to the last.            
Duelists Agile and skilled fencers who prefer to rely on their honed skill rather than the weight of their armor.            
Golden Legionnaires Elite knights, defenders of Andoran's freedom. Their skills are undisputed, their loyalty to their comrades is absolute, and their impeccable reputation is as spotless as their glinting golden armor.            
Inquisitors Warriors who have dedicated their lives to serving their deity. They are proficient at dealing with sorcerers and other masters of arcane and divine magic.            
Mendevian Cavaliers Brilliant cavalrymen and worthy bearers of noble knightly traditions of fair combat.            
Rogues Cunning and lightly armed soldiers who prefer the underhand tactics of rear attacks to charging the enemy head-on.            
Sisters of the Golden Erinyes Female monks from Isger who worship Asmodeus. All of them were orphaned during the wars with goblins and raised in a convent. Their fighting style, known as Hamatulatsu, is inspired by the tactics of the barbed devils, guardians of Hell.            
Sorcerers Spellcasters who compensate for their lack of proper magical education with exceptional natural abilities.            
Arcanists Arcanists are masters of arcane magic who combine their accumulated knowledge of the laws behind the art of spellcasting with the power granted by their innate gift.            
Archers Ordinary folk armed with bows and arrows who are yet to learn that demon hunting is much harder than shooting down deer and pheasant.  +19 25 10/8/10    /  
Assassins Heartless and cynical masters of assassination, elite mercenaries who know how to sneak up to their victims and take their lives with a dagger or poison.            
Bandits These outlaws are proficient in the intricate art of dirty tricks and ambushes. Their arrows know no difference between demons, careless merchants or lazy guards.            
Bards By their very presence on the battlefield, bards disprove the idea that war is not a place for art. Their inspiring songs fill soldiers with new vigor.            
Bloodragers Warriors who have very special blood running through their veins. In the heat of battle, they can unleash its power, descending into a state of horrible blood rage.            
Champions These elite soldiers wear their heavy armor and carry their deadly blades with well-earned dignity. They can easily fend off even the most dangerous demons in close combat.            
Church Guards These warriors are bound by their oaths to the church. They march into battle to the sound of grim religious hymns, striking fear into the hearts of enemies and inspiring allies.            
Clerics Brave priests who seek to spread their faith through conviction, words, and in some cases, war. Their toughness and divine magic can save many soldiers' lives.            
Conscripts There is always a need for cheap and plentiful cannon fodder whose only purpose is to provide cover for more valuable war assets with their own bodies. Those who do not falter in the face of demonic onslaught might earn themselves promotion, but that is by no means guaranteed.            
Convicts Convicted criminals and apprehended deserters who fight at their taskmaster's will instead of being compelled by the call of duty. They are as hard as nails and very dangerous, yet they have absolutely no desire to die for Mendev.            
Cuirassiers Armored melee cavalry knights who have high defense and morale. They are the best the proper army has to offer.            
Dragonslayers Reckless daredevils who can single-handedly fight the most terrible monsters. They know the monsters' tricks, so they don't rush into close combat before they properly exhaust their foes with the help of projectiles shot from a distance.            
Footmen The basic infantry makes up the bulk of any army in Avistan.   15     Conscripts/Champions/Shield Bearers  
Hardened Veterans A single veteran is worth ten fresh recruits in battle. They have paid for their invaluable experience with copious amounts of shed blood.            
Headhunters These hired assassins earn their bread by tracking down and eliminating all kinds of sentient prey. They prefer not to waste their time on cannon fodder, instead focusing on enemy commanders, spellcasters, and other valuable soldiers.            
Hedge Knights None of these heavily armored horsemen hold any titles, but they surpass many actual noblemen when it comes to fighting prowess. Years of military campaigns have taught them to kill quickly and prudently and not to save gold on equipment.            
Honor Guards Magnificent guardians of the Mendevian throne, who descended from the best noble families and received an excellent military education. Their very presence on the battlefield inspires the army.            
Knights of Ozem Warriors of a legendary order dedicated to the goddess Iomedae. Breaking away from their vigil over the Whispering Tyrant's prison, they came to the aid of their brothers and sisters in Mendev in repelling the attack on Golarion.            
Light Cavalry Lightly armored horsemen who trade heavy weaponry for lightning-fast speed.            
Marksmen Exceptional archers who can pierce a target's heart through the smallest slit in their armor.            
Mongrel Sharpshooters These sure-handed sharpshooters are able to hit the target even in complete darkness. They hone their skills by hunting the horrific creatures of the caves.     14/10/12 Lust for Battle    
Monks Martial arts masters who have hardened themselves physically and spiritually with all kinds of trials. They need no weapons other than their own bodies.            
Mounted Scouts Mounted scouts can both warn the army about the approaching enemy force beforehand and support their allies in combat with swift flanking attacks.            
Paladins These knights pledged their allegiance to the gods and have been blessed with special powers to smite evil and protect themselves from the enemy evil tricks.            
Raiders These rugged nomads of the steppes draw their first and last breath in the saddle. Harsh living conditions and endless battles with neighboring tribes have honed their fighting skills to perfection and taught them not to leave any valuable loot behind.            
Rangers These seasoned wanderers are equally good at long-range and close-quarter combat.            
Shield Bearers Solid armor and huge shields help these soldiers to stop incoming enemies and to hold their ground while their comrades-in-arms flank the opposing forces and destroy them with well-aimed shots.  +16  40 17/16/7  DR 1/-    
Slingers These badly trained slingers are large in number and bombard the enemy lines with hail of stones. They are easy to recruit in large quantities and do not require any expensive training, which evens out any losses due to their lack of discipline.            
Spearmen The long and firm spears of these warriors can fend off even the largest of monsters. A phalanx of spearmen lined up for battle is not an easy target.            
Warpriests Clerics who dedicated their lives to military service and who are as much soldiers as they are priests. They can perform their duties within regular military units or serve as the militant wing of the church.            
Witches Spellcasters who draw their power from pacts signed with beings from beyond. Their horrible curses sow dread in many hearts.            


In order to gain more resources, you need to complete crusade Quests to increase the daily income. You can also spend your own money to buy resources. 



Enemy Army Types


Name Type
Skeleton Champions  
Cultists Melee
Cultist Warriors Melee
Light Cavalry  
Gargoyle Flying units
Ghoul Melee
Air Elemental  
Earth Elemental  
Fire Elemental  
Water Elemental  
Greater Apocalypse Locust  



In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you can build multiple buildings after you have taken the Drezen. They provide useful resources and troops to the crusade.


Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Buildings






Min Fort Level

Main Archery Range 1x1 The Main Archery Range allows recruitment of and provides weekly recruitment growth for Archers, Rangers, Bandits, Marksmen, Slingers, and Headhunters(if available). Only one Main Archery Range can be built in total. - Drezen Only
Main Barracks 1x1 The Main Barracks allow recruitment of and provide weekly recruitment growth for Conscripts, Footmen, Spearmen, Convicts, Champions, and Shield Bearers (if available). Only one Main Barracks can be built in total. - Drezen Only
Main Stables 1x1 Spacious stables meant to house battle horses and other mounts. The Main Stables allow recruitment of and provide weekly recruitment growth for Mounted Scouts, Paladins, Cuirassiers, Hedge Knights, Raiders, and Light Cavalry (if available). Only one Main Stables can be built in total. - Drezen Only
Alchemist's Laboratory 1x1 The wise alchemist stores magic in glass vials, so that it can be unleashed on the battlefield at the descive mooment. Alchemist's Laboratory provides a +10 bonus to Energy for all generals. - Lvl 1 Stronghold
Citadel 1x1 When the enemy storms the outer walls of the fort, its defenders retreat to the citadel, where they can maintain the defencse for many days more. A Citadel increases the time of the siege of the fort by 3 days. Only one Citadel can be built in each fort. - Lvl 1 Stronghold
Engineers' Workshop 1x1 Here is where educated engineers and architects make their necessary calculations so that construction projects progress quickly and on budget. An Engineers' Workshop reduces the cost of building construction by 10%. - Drezen Only
Garrison Archery Rang 1x1 A Garrison Archery Range increases recruitment growth for the Main Archery Range by 25%. Only one Garrison Archery Range can be built in each fort. - Lvl 1 Stronghold
Garrison Barracks 1x1

Garrison Barracks increase recruitment growth for the Main Barracks by 25%. Only one Garrison Barracks can be built in each fort.

- Lvl 1 Stronghold
Garrison Stables 1x1 Garrison Stables increase recruitment growth for the Main Stables by 25%. Only one Garrison Stables can be built in each fort. - Lvl 1 Stronghold
Hospital 1x1 The Hospital is where clerics and healers tend wounded soldiers so that their wounds will quickly heal and they can return to duty. A Hospital provides a +5% bonus to Infirmary size for all generals. - Lvl 1 Stronghold
Inn 1x1 An Inn increases Finance Points income by 200 if there are no buildings that provide recruitment growth in the fort. Only one Inn can be built in each fort. - Lvl 1 Stronghold
Supply Center 1x1 The advance of the crusade deeper into enemy territory lengthens supply routes and complicates logistics. The Supply Center is a citadel of scribes, clerics, and coachmen, whose job it is to see that the advancing army faces no shortages of medical supplies, ammunitions, or provisions. A Supply Center increases Materials Points income by 3. Only one Supply Center can be built in each fort. - Lvl 1 Stronghold
Watchtower 1x1 Vigilant watchmen can warn the garrison about advancing enemies and give their comrades time to prepare for battle. A Watchtower provides all allied units within the fort's area of control a +1 bonus to attack, AC, saving throws, and initiative. - Lvl 1 Stronghold
Apothecary 1x1 Medicines and invigorating potions prepared by the apothecary boost soilders' energy and heal their wounds. An Apothecary provides a +10% bonus to HP for all trainable units in adjacent buildings. Only one Apothecary can be built in each fort except Drezen. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Arsenal 1x1 A skilled master craftsmen makes sturdy armor here that not even demon blades can pierce. An Arsenal provides a +1 bonus to AC for all trainable units in adjacent buildings. Only one Arsenal can be built in each fort except Drezen. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Mercenary Guild 1x1 An institution where the soldiers of fortune gather in anticipation of new contracts. Membership of the Guild isn't cheap, but it provides many privileges atttracting the best mercenaries across the whole of Golarion. Mercenary Guild increases the number of available mercenary units by 1. Only one Mercenary Guild can be built in each fort. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Hall of Glory 1x1 Hall of Glory reduces the cost of recruiting mercenary units by 5%. Only one Hall of Glory can be built in each fort. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Sanctuary 1x1 An ancient sacred place of Sarkoris that was cleansed of demonic corruption and once again serves as a beacon of faith for mortals. A Sanctuary increases Energy Points income by 4. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Shelter 1x1 A Shelter allows the Commander's party to rest in the fort without increasing the effect of the Abyssal corruption. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Smithy 1x1 The armor that will see the crusaders to victory is crafted here to the sound of ringing hammers and roaring fires. Smithy provides a +1 bonus to attack for all trainable units in adjacent buildings. Only one Smithy can be built in each fort except Drezen. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Teleportation Circle 1x1 A network of teleportation circles connects the crusade's forts, allowing forces to be transported quickly to different sections of the front. A Teleportation Circle allows the Commander's party to teleport to this fort from anywhere on the map. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Training Grounds 1x1 Here fighters hone their combat skills, and recruits undergo rigorous trials set by experiencesd officers. Training Grounds provide a +10% bonus to damage for all trainable units in adjacent buildings. Only one Training Grounds can be built in each fort except Drezen. - Lvl 2 Bastion
Hall of Strategy 2x2 A Hall of Strategy provides a +1 bonus to Attack, Defense, and Power for all generals. - Lvl 3 Fotress
Military Academy 2x2 Here officers recive their military eduation, studying treatises on warfare written by generals of previous eras and honing their own tactics. Military Academy provides a +1 bonus to attack, AC and saving throws for all trainable units. - Lvl 3 Fotress
Pathfinder Society Lodge 2x2  A Pathfinder Society Lodge provides a +1 bonus to attack, AC, and saving throws for all trainable units. - Lvl 3 Fotress - Lvl 3 Fotress
Scouts' Headquarters   Scouts' Headquarters provide all allied units within the fort's area of control a +1 bonus to speed, a +10 bonus to combat morale, and a +4 bonus to initiative. The effects of multiple Scouts' Headquarters do not stack.    
Brewery   A Brewery provides a +10 bonus to crusade morale and a +1 bonus to maximum crusade morale, and also provides a +5 bonus to combat morale and DR 1/- to all units. All units receive a 5% chance to perform a random action instead of the one selected in battle. Only one Brewery can be built in each fort.    
Infernal Forge   An Infernal Forge increases Materials Points income by 3 and Finance Points by 100. Only one Infernal Forge can be built in each fort.    
Reliquary   A Reliquary provides a +3 bonus to attack, AC, saving throws and initiative for all mythic units. Only one Reliquary can be built in each fort.    
Saboteurs' Headquarters   Saboteurs' Headquarters give all enemy units within the fort's area of control a -1 penalty to speed (to a minimum of 2), a -10 penalty to combat morale, and a -4 penalty to initiative. The effects of multiple Saboteurs' Headquarters do not stack.    

Bulletin Board
1x1 A Bulletin Board provides all units with a +3% bonus to the chance to act twice due to positive combat morale and a -2% bonus to the chance to skip action due to negative combat morale. Staff Council Rank 5 (Harmatta) Lvl 2 Bastion
Gallows 1x1 Gallows decreases the chance to skip action due to negative combat morale by 3% for all units. Staff Council Rank 5 (Regill)  
Monumen 1x1 A Monument provides all units with a +5% bonus to the chance to act twice due to positive combat morale. Staff Council Rank 5 (Seelah)  
Tavern 1x1 A Tavern reduces all morale effects in combat by 10%. Staff Council Rank 5 (Daeran)  
Warehouse 1x1 A well guarded site where wares are housed and safeguarded by a unit of supply officers and home front workers. A Warehouse increases Finance Points income by 100, if it is built next to an Inn, Materials Points income by 1, if it is built next to a Supply Center, Energy Points income by 1, if it is built next to the Sanctuary. Logistics Council Rank 3 (Dorgelinda) Lvl 2 Bastion
Fighting Pit 1x1 Fighting Pit provides a +1 bonus to initiative for all trainable units in adjacent buildings. Logistics Council Rank 3 (Wenduag)  
Market 1x1 Market increases Finance Points income by 20 and Materials Points income by 1. Logistics Council Rank 3 (Woljif)  
Salvager's Post 1x1 Salvager's Post increases Materials and Energy Points income by 1. Logistics Council Rank 3 (Lann)  
Shrine 1x1 Shrine increases Energy Points income by 1 and Finance Points income by 10. Logistics Council Rank 3 (Arueshalae)  
Main Spellcasters' Lodge 1x1 A bastion of arcane and divine arts whose denizens are focused on constantly perfecting their skills away from uninitiated laymen. The Main Spellcasters' Lodge allows recruitment of and provides weekly recruitment growth for Church Guards, Warpriests, Monks, Assassins, Witches, and Bards (if available). Only one Main Spellcasters' Lodge can be built in total. Military Council Rank 4 Drezen Only
Garrison Spellcasters' Lodge 1x1 A Garrison Spellcasters' Lodge increases recruitment growth for the Main Spellcasters' Lodge by 25%. Only one Garrison Spellcasters' Lodge can be built in each fort. Military Council Rank 4 Lvl 1 Stronghold
Palace   A Palace increases Finance, Materials, and Energy Points by 25%. Only one Palace can be built in total. Act 5  
Stronghold   A Stronghold reduces the cost of recruiting mercenary units by 3%. Only one Stronghold can be built in total. Act 5  
Cathedral   Cathedral provides all units with a +15% bonus to HP, a +3 bonus to attack and AC and a +10% bonus to damage against demon units. Only one Cathedral can be built in total. Act 5  
Spiritual Garden   A Spiritual Garden provides a +25 bonus to combat morale of all units and increases generals' Energy recovery by 50%. Recruitment growth for mythic units increases by 20%. Only one Spiritual Garden can be built in total. Act 5  
Main Hall of Champions   The  allows recruitment of and provides weekly recruitment growth for Hardened Veterans, Knights of Ozem Arcanists, Dragonslayers, Bloodragers, and Honor Guards (if available). Only one Main Hall of Champions can be built in total. Act 5 Drezen Only
Garrison Hall of Champions   A  increases recruitment growth for the Main Halls of Champions by 25%. Only one Garrison Hall of Champions can be built in each fort. Act 5  



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    • Anonymous

      Took me way too long to see that hovering over the purple choice effects opens tooltips that show what the results will be. Had a meeting where I could choose between four options and the two most attractive options were recruiting paladins & clerics into the army or bringing in younger troops. I assumed this would upgrade my scouts to paladins or give a boost to recruitment but I luckily checked the tooltips. Recruiting paladins actually just increases infirmary by 10% but recruiting younger troops would permanently increase army size by one(!).

      • Anonymous

        I'm in act 3 now, and there have been a lot of updates at the time of writing, but crusade mode is not fun. you can disable it, but then you miss out on a lot of stuff for the main campaign. not to mention, this is a game purpose built for the kind of neurotic completionists that will be driven insane by leaving half of the game untouched.

        you have to have to reach a critical mass of a single unit before they are even slightly useful (~100-1000 units depending on unit 'strength'). each week of in game time you can recruit ~5-50 of each unit (once again depending on unit strength). you will get many one-off events which give you a handful of various types of units, but never enough that you can make a viable army from them. it's just a sample of the units which you can later upgrade your own fortresses to produce. the default 3-unit limit for an army without a general means that I've got ~7 armies floating around with completely worthless units.

        despite the tedium of building halfway competent armies, enemies can wipe out 100-400 of your units in a single attack. if the enemy has aoe, they can literally destroy a whole army it took months of in game time to build in the first turn of combat before you even get a chance to act. Also, enemies will often inflict status effects which prevent your units from acting at all, meaning that you are effectively stun-locked as they whittle down your forces over 300+ turns. This is true even for armies with a high-level general, as there are only a handful of commander skills which provide any impact to unit resilience or initiative.

        On top of all of this, there are a finite number of enemy armies in the early game, so if you've been barely scraping by with a poorly specced general, you will hit a wall where you can no longer save scum to defeat high level enemies, but there are no remaining low level enemies to grind up a new general with a different spec. it's not like you can reload to an earlier save point either, because you won't realize how completely screwed you are until it's 10+ hours too late to fix it.

        There is no strategy here. the only way to win is to cheese.

        get a general with scorching ray, then build the most defensive army possible. high ac, high hp. ignore unit damage. ignore buff spells. you can cast 1 spell per turn, so your army just has to survive long enough for your general to nuke down the enemy. just try to keep losses below what the infirmary can replenish, and wait long enough for you energy to recover between battles.

        as you level up your general, focus on increasing Power (the star), +% XP, +energy recovery, and spells with different element types (some enemies are immune to fire), and heal. in combat, keep all your units clustered in a corner, and just defend every turn. use your spells to nuke the enemies. if you build a vertical wall with your units, the enemies will line up next to them and you can aoe them every turn. if you've got the master of maneuver, which adds units to your formation, you can start mixing in ranged units, but if the enemy has a caster or any ranged, they'll one-shot your damage dealers in the first turn. every time. keep a reserve army near your main, and swap out ranged if the enemy has ranged or a general that can cast damage spells.

        you will have the opportunity to upgrade your base units as you increase your stats, issue research decrees, advance mythic path, and build new buildings. any researched upgrades will be applied to all your existing units, so if you upgrade footmen to shield bearers, then all the footmen you've already recruited will be upgraded to shield bearers as well.

        many of the decrees you will choose from can be issued repeatedly, so be careful in the selection. if it's not something you want to keep on cooldown, then it's just going to sit idle in your available decrees.

        i don't think the generals are randomly generated. i've got silverhill (worthless), and two casters. chief ageboya is my primary and setusna shy is my secondary. tried finding a third caster with firebolt, but it's just the same set of generals with the same starting abilities. it would be useful to see the skill tree for each general, if they are not randomized.

        hopefully they fix crusade, but it will likely be to late for me. the game as a whole is entertaining, but crusade is just too much of a slog to even consider replaying.

        • Anonymous

          How do you use the call to arms feature in act 5? I keep trying and it just tells me "unavailable" despite never using it before.

          • Anonymous

            I found the Special Forces leader ability which buffs "special purpose units". What are special purpose units?

            • Anonymous

              i wished they would have done this part of the game differently, I wouldn't not have minded battles emulate the first major fight in game at the inn (non spoiler). The might and magic style seems...out of place.

              • Anonymous

                If your banners are green then morale increases by a bit every day, how banners work is explained in the tutorial. On the map screen in army mode, there's a button next to the army name (on the map not in the bottom left) that looks like two arrows pointing left+right, pressing it allows you to swap units between armies (the button is only there if the armies are on the same tile). Armies regain movement points every day. The day begins at midnight, giving you your daily resources, restoring movement points, regenning some of your general's lost energy.

                • Anonymous

                  It also doesn't explain how to get your morale back up--- you'd think winning fights would mean high morale but apparently not...

                  • Anonymous

                    i understand like none of this system. i dont know how to add soldiers to the specific army i want, then just dont have enough people at all to fight any enemy

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