arueshalae medium
arueshalae medium corrupted
Ascending Succubus
Gender Female
Class Ranger (Espionage Expert)
Chaotic Neutral
Chaotic Evil
Background Bounty Hunter
Ability Scores
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
16 18 14
Point buy  Over 69*

Arueshalae is a Companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with.


A Demon's Heresy: A rare specimen: a turncoat demoness. A succubus who has betrayed the forces of evil, hoping to change her own vicious nature. The crusaders don't trust her - and for good reason, since even she can't fully trust herself. Will a monster who has stepped on the thorny path of redemption travel it to the end?"


Normal Arueshalae
Corrupted Arueshalae

Arueshalae Information

Arueshalae joins your party with the following statistics:

Class: Ranger (Espionage Expert) 8

Skill Ranks: Persuasion (8 ranks), Knowledge Arcana (8 ranks), Mobility (8 ranks), Perception (8 ranks), Stealth (8 ranks), Trickery (8 ranks)
Background: Bounty Hunter
Racial Ability: Airborne (Immunity to trip)
Racial Resistances: Resist Acid 5, Resist Cold 5, Resist Fire 10, Resist Electricity 10, DR 5 / Cold Iron or Good
Ranger Favored Enemy: Humans, Demons of Magic

Corrupted Arueshalae joins your party with the following statistics:

Class: Ranger (Espionage Expert) 15

Skill Ranks: Persuasion (15 ranks), Knowledge Arcana (15 ranks), Mobility (15 ranks), Perception (15 ranks), Stealth (15 ranks), Trickery (15 ranks)
Background: Bounty Hunter
Racial Ability: Airborne (Immunity to trip), Wings
Racial Resistances: Resist Acid 5, Resist Cold 5, Resist Fire 10, Resist Electricity 10, DR 5 / Cold Iron or Good
Ranger Favored Enemy: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings

Mythic Abilities & Feats:

Rank 1 - Always a Chance
Rank 2 - Deadly Aim (Mythic)
Rank 3 - Expose Vulnerability
Rank 4 - Rapid Shot (Mythic)
Rank 5 - Cleaving Shot


* Arueshalae's ability scores are higher than what is possible to achieve using the Pathfinder point buy rules.


How to Recruit Arueshalae

  • Arueshalae can be first found in the Drezen prison in Act 2 during the siege of Drezen, where she can be recruited early if you have completed the following prerequisites:
  • If you have completed both of these prerequisites, sing the song of Elysium when you meet her in the Drezen prison in Act 2 and you will be able to recruit her early.

  • Otherwise Arueshalae can join your party in Greengates in Act 3, at the end of the quest Demon's Heresy.


Corrupting Arueshalae

During the course of the story you will have the opportunity to corrupt Arueshalae. If you do, she will revert back to her old succubus ways.

  • During the end of the quest Dreams in Ruin, Arueshalae will ask you to enter her dream with her. Follow her in, and in the ensuing conversation, select the (Evil) option and tell her "Here is the answer to Desna's riddle. You dream of the same things that demons desire because you're a demon too, and there's no escaping that."

  • Doing this will corrupt Arueshalae and cause her to fall. She will immediately leave your party.

  • You can later re-recruit Arueshalae in Act 5 by visiting the Place of Execution. Corrupted Arueshalae will be there and you can ask her to rejoin you. If you are a Legend, Demon, Lich, or Trickster, she will do so. Otherwise, she will attack you and you will have to kill her.

  • Note that when you corrupt Arueshalae and she leaves your party, she will take all currently equipped items with her. When you re-recruit her later, those items will be gone. If you wish to keep any of those items, you must remove them from her before following her into her dream.


Arueshalae Related Quests



Arushalae joins the party with stats that are far higher than typical party members, which makes her one of the more useful party members in both combat and in terms of skills. Her high Intelligence stat and number of skill points from the Ranger class means she can provide plenty of out-of-combat utility. Her high charisma means she can pass high Persuasion checks easily. She also has high Trickery to disable traps, Stealth to get surprise rounds for the party, and Knowledge Arcana to identify magic items. 

In combat, her 22 Dexterity and numerous starting archery feats means she can dish out plenty of damage at a range. Thanks to her Favored Enemy class feature, she competes with Lann for strongest ranged damage dealer against demons. Lann will likely outpace her in places with fewer demons like Blackwater, while Arushalae is superior in places like Alushinyrra where there are almost exclusively demon opponents. But regardless of location, Arushalae's sheer amount of skill points allows her to be a very versatile party member, useful in a variety of situations. 

Note that if you pick consistently pick Evil dialogue options, Arushalae's redemption will fail and she will return to being a full succubus. This will lead to a drastic drop in her combat abilities, as her Favored Enemy will change to exclusively mortal races like humans and dwarves, making her far less deadly against the game's main opponents: demons. 


In the past, Arushalae was a cunning and sadistic succubus who delighted in manipulation and cruelty. Several demons on the Midnight Isles share memories of her famously ruthless and evil acts. Now, after being blessed by Desna, she is desperate to leave her old life behind and become a better person. She is typically very polite to her fellow party members, even those who do not trust her like Regill, always attempting to keep a cool and level head to avoid emotional outbursts. Arushalae acts quite shy around those who wish to be her friend because, as a succubus, she has never experienced true friendship or emotional attachment before, and fears that such attachment could lead her back to her old ways. Her attempts at understanding mortal customs sometimes lead to humorous misunderstandings, but are always genuine. She acts loyally to a good or neutral commander, particularly if the Azata path is chosen, but if the player choses the Demon or Swarm-That-Walks path, she will eventually not be able to tolerate their evil and chooses to leave the party. 

As she endeavors to learn more about what it is like to be mortal, as well as contemplates the question that Desna herself asked when she began her ascension ("And what do you dream of?"), Arushalae eventually trusts the commander enough to help her build her own dream. While initially starting off as a patchwork of numerous people's ideals, she will eventually create her own dream of a peaceful life without war or strife for her and all her companions. In her Good ending, she retires to a quiet life in a cabin near Drezen, offering sage advice to any who visit. In her Evil ending, she becomes a succubus again and continues killing. 

Romance: Arushalae will initially not respect any attempts to romance her, not trusting herself and not seeing the Commander's advances as genuine. Attempts to kiss her in her in the real world or the dream world will only frustrate her, as the Commander is not respecting her wishes or boundaries. It is only after helping Arushalae build her own dream and conquer her inner demons that the player can begin a romance with her in Act 4. 

Arueshalae Builds

Build 1

15 Espionage Expert/ 4 Sanctified Slayer/ 1 Arcane Enforcer

14 STR/ 24 DEX/ 16 CON/ 18 INT/ 14 WIS/ 21 CHA


Level Take
9 Ranger - Snap Shot
10 Ranger - Improved Critical: Longbow // Demons of Slaughter // Demons of Magic
11 Ranger - Improved Snap Shot
12 Ranger
13 Inquisitor - Greater Snap Shot // Domain: Travel
14 Inquisitor
15 Inquisitor - Combat Reflexes // Seize the Moment
16 Inquisitor
17 Ranger - Accomplished Sneak Attacker // Abyss
18 Ranger - Point-Blank Master: Longbow
19 Ranger - Weapon Focus: Longbow // Any // Demons of Magic
20 Slayer - Dimensional Slide

Build 2


Build 3



Arueshalae Tips and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Turning Aruashalea into an Eldritch Archer (Ranger12/Magus8) turned out exceedingly well for me. I highly recommend it for anyone interested. Snowball + Bolster spell + Heighten Spell, etc, etc. The addition of the Magus buffs to her bag of tricks made her an core part of any of my parties.

      • Anonymous

        Her point buy is in the negatives. the "le funny 69" joke is good and all, but her minor bonuses to str and dex don't counteract the fact her con and Cha is technically lower than what would be possible for an NPC succubus. Succubi just have obscene racial bonuses

        • Anonymous

          Arueshalae is not exactly balanced compared to the rest of the party, even after being heavily nerfed from her tabletop incarnation. Her stats are the equivalent of a ninety-three point build when the default is 25 and most party members live in 20 to 30. She has (minor) innate energy and spell resistance and damage reduction 5/good and cold iron which is more-or-less equivalent to 5/- given the lack of good-aligned enemies, and most importantly her wings make her immune to ground effects so she ignores things like Web and Grease and pits. She is held back by a relatively weak class but that can be built around, especially if you get her as early as possible. Game Mods that allow for a full character respec can turn her into an immensely powerful Charisma-based character due to that specific stat being ridiculously high.

          in the WotR CRPG, she starts with 13 STR, 22 DEX, 16 CON, 18 INT, 14 WIS, 21 CHA
          In the original WotR tabletop AP, she had 20 STR, 23 DEX, 26 CON, 18 INT, 12 WIS, 29 CHA

          • Anonymous

            I did everything correct AFAIK and still no romance option came along. Very upset about that. I dono if it's because I went Gold Dragon or did I miss some obscure dialogue option. I solved her dream problem and led her to Good. No romance option. Nadda.

            • Anonymous

              anime character
              shes a sex demon (but good!!)
              zzz wouldn't put up with her if her ability scores weren't insane

              • Anonymous

                Can you Actually romance her as a Demon ? We just had an Event at Dreven where she was telling me that in the Afterlife she wants to go to Elysium and not the Abyss, which is where my Character currently wants to go to. She also mentioned Leaving. Can the Main character "corrupt" her redemption or is she better than that and goes to Elysium what so ever and leaves a Demon heartbroken ?

                • Anonymous

                  On her build you shouldn't take improved critical because she has a spell that does that, Aspect of the Falcon, and sadly it doesn't stack.

                  • Anonymous

                    Cant started quest "Time to think" nothing happens after 10 days of waiting and all others plot quests in act 4 are completed

                    • Anonymous

                      Having an issue interacting with the Desnan shrine! I've sided with them over the Inquisitor at the start of the game, cleared Lost Chapel & everything inbetween. Have the book, sextant and harp- and I'm getting no option to interact with it. Any idea what's up?

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