blackwater map pathfinder wrath of the righteous
Location Worldwound
Quests The Last Gift of a Brilliant Mind

Blackwater is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Blackwater can be found at Worldwound. 


 Blackwater Information

  • Blackwater is located in the west region of the worldwound. (Northwest to Ivory Sanctum). Once enter you will be locked in unless you can pass a high Use magic device check roll - be warned.
  • The closer to the end of Act III you do this, the better. You can get here at about level 10, but it will be extremely challenging on most difficulty levels before about level 13.
  • The guardians here use tesla coil as defence. Use protection from lightning spell to protect your team. (can be disabled with trickery.)
  • Most of the enemies here have regeneration. This also means they won't die easily. You need to hit them with lightning damage to stop this, there are some call lightning wands as well as shock longswords to help with this. Alternatively, coupe de grace while they are knocked out will kill them. Interestingly, natural attacks (such as animal companion bite attacks) also seems to kill them (once they reach their Constitution value in negative hit points, there is no regen for them). All the enemies in this area have high AC and low Will - using spells, touch attacks, or ways to mitigate their AC (like Ember using the Evil Eye hex, or sleep spells) are highly recommended. Your archers will love you if saved some of those Shock Composite Longbow +1 from killing succubi before this dungeon. With the Ascended Element Mythic ability almost all spellcaster can destroy a large amount of them easily.
  • The correct combination to open the front gate is Triangle, Rhombus, Circle with dot. (You can find a note, wich state, that the last symbol is base, not a cycle - then the description, that the base is the circle WITH a dot. Also by a DC 24 Perception check you can see an almost faded bloody fingerprint on the symbol of the rhombus, suggesting, it was used in the combination too. You can find one Wounded Spellcaster on the ground, near the room, where you can found the Numerian bomb. You can get some information about him - also the fact, that the first symbol is "pyramid".)
  • In westmost hall, you can find a key that unlock most doors in this location. The other locked doors require flaming lockpick fuel to open, however, you can use dimensional door spell to by pass them.
  • The final boss Hundred-Face is at the northwest corner of the location. To reach him, you need to send one of your team members across the bridge and disable the arcane emitter first.
  • Disable the four crystal devices near the Hundred-face to defeat him. If you keep the machine, you will get a special crusade project later, to transform your troops to cyborg.
  • You can craft Psionic Protection Crown if you collect all the materials (Hundred-Face circlet, and Hundred-Face gear). Currently you must have all items in your inventory BEFORE interacting with the machine with the paladin resisting control. You can find the component north of the lava pit (in the room with the augmented salamanders) . You need the key from Chief Khara to access it. The circlet meanwhile can be found on the very right side of the map, just below the entrance. You need the key from Chief Khara for that door as well.
  • There is a room with a PC that has 3 symbols: hand, wind and fire. You need to first press the hand symbol and the wind symbol after that. Do NOT press the fire symbol as it will destroy everything. After you've done this, you can lockpick 2 doors to get Certainty of Death (Two-handed axe).


NPCs at Blackwater

  • Augmented Worker - not hostile unless you do something to them (includes accidental area effect hits, including auras). This also means, that if an enemy Area of effect hits them, they will attack it (but they posses so low stats, that's near impossible to do any damage to the guards).
  • Augmented Salamander - all the fun of a salamander plus all the electricity bonuses of everything in here


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Blackwater Map

blackwater map pathfinder wrath of the righteous


Blackwater Notes & Tips

  • You can use dimensional door spell to by pass some of the locked doors.
  • Stormlord's Resolve bracer can be found in southeast room. (Chief Khara's Key is needed.)
  • Using Repurpose on Chief Khara will prevent you from getting the key!
  • Blackwater is balanced as a late Act III quest, even though you can get there very early - enemies in this area will be very tough if you're behind on levels. Try doing other quests first, and even afterwards be prepared for a tough area with lots of high AC enemies.
  • There is a Numerian Greatsword in a chest behind closed doors, southwest from the lava pit (west from the south door, which requires Khara's key). You can only open that door after you get the codes from Hundred-Face.



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    • Anonymous

      this place is a gold mine. in the boss fight, enemies will continue to spawn endlessly. unlike some other places where they spawn endlessly, these give experience for every kill. set it on ez mode and wait for the boss to use up his magic. then set it to auto pilot and when the framerate gets dangerously low, deactivate the barriers and finish him. i always leave here a few levels higher than when i came in. loot the 100 or so rapiers from the incubi or succubi on the lower left side and you're set with a decent little gold pile too, after selling the swords. having access to lesser restoration is useful if you get fatigued by the sirocco spell that many-faces casts.

      • Anonymous

        It's hard but fun. Don't forget you can always make custom companions if the story-ones aren't cutting it.

        • Anonymous

          43 ****ing AC on several Kalavakus in the same encounter, 47 as soon as they cast Haste, with fast healing 10, on a "slightly weaker enemies" difficulty. Such a complete bullshit of a location.

          • Anonymous

            Currently doing this at level 12/13 (leveled inside of it). The only enemies that are truly annoying are the defenders with 42AC (Core), but they hit like a wet noodle so I pretty much ignore them for last. I was able to use Dazzling Display to good effect with Shatter Defenses, and with tried & true Selective Web my two archers (Arue pure ranger, Lann as Zen Slayer) could do well enough. Anything else that got into melee was eaten up by animal companions (horse and dog) or my 2h paladin MC.

            The comment about animal companions getting killing blows is likely because they have the Mythical Beast mythic ability to allow them to bypass DR.

            • Anonymous

              Such a good board for Ember. Lots of low Will enemies for Slumber and so many high AC targets for Evil Eye.

              • Anonymous

                A lot of the very high AC enemies have terrible Will saves and are very susceptible to the sleep hex that ignores spell resistance.

                • Anonymous

                  Actually, if you press 1. Hand, 2. Wind, 3. Fire the 2 doors open without anything getting destroyed and no need for lockpicking either.

                  • Anonymous

                    I hate this place. Not because of the difficulty but because I always absolutely despise it when medieval-esque fantasy settings have remnants of super advanced civilisations or technology. You see it so often in so many IPs and it always makes the story and lore worse for me.

                    I know that there are other planets in the dnd universe that are capable of space travel and have huge planets spanning empires, and I dislike those as well.

                    • Anonymous

                      I hate this mission. The other enemies I can take out no problem but those bloody demons take 15 years to kill bc of the ridiculous AC.

                      • Anonymous

                        Looks like in order to craft the Psionic Protection Crown you need to have the two parts (gear and circlet) before you interact with the machine in the room before last boss, otherwise you cant craft it and cant open a few doors. Sucks cause theres some cool items behind those doors

                        • Anonymous

                          there is a little room that i kept missing just before Hundred-Face (u can see it on the map on this page, with a single loot marker before the lava in the northwest corner of the map) the crafting station is there

                          • Anonymous

                            After i explored everything, and dealt with hundred-face, there's still 2 doors that i couldn't manage to open. One with a purple forcefield and another on the most southern part of the map.
                            Does anybody knows how to open them?

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