Camp information in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is covered on this page.  Your characters can perform different activities during camping, such cooking, camp camouflage...

Camping Information

When out of a safe zone (sanctified zone) your party can attempt to camp in any area allowed by the terrain, so long as enemies are not nearby. This will, depending on difficulty, allow your party to reset to full health, remove buffs, debuffs, diseases and other effects (either by time passed or rest) and, if you rest for more than 24hs, reset spells and abilities limited by a once a day condition. Once the camping gear has been situated your party can open the camping menu (by clicking any part of the gear) to make several decitions, listed below, before you camp effectively.

Abyssal Corruption

When camping out of a safe zone the party will suffer the effects of the Abyssal Corruption in the region that will reduce certain stats up to three levels of intensity.

Divine Services

Any characters assinged (up to 2) can make spiritual rituals to attempt to counter the increase in corruption the region can inflict upon your party. Based on a Lore (religion) skill check the assigned character or characters make a roll against the area's corruption DC shown on the right. Success in the Protective Rituals will reduce the corruption increase by a percentage (usually two thirds) witch depends on several other modifiers such as relics and abilities. The amount of current and increased corruption will be shown in the camp's menu near the bottom.


Any characters assinged (up to 2) can attempt to camouflage against the region's DC for enemies to spot your party. Based on a stealth skill check the assigned character or characters make a roll against the area's DC shown on the right. Successfull camouflage will avoid enemies attacking your party during rest. Failure will then incurr in your party being attacked in conditions dependant on the Night's Watch assinged. Note: while resting characters are unable to wear any armor.

Night Watch

Any characters assinged (up to 4) can take turns to attempt to watch for enemies during the resting time. Based on a Perception skill check the assinged character or characters in the current turn make a roll against the enemy's Stealth DC to determine the factors of the attack, such as position of the enemies or readiness of your characters. Once the attack has ended your party may continue to camp and rest the remaning time.

Alchemy - Cooking

Your characters attempt to prepare a nourishing meal for the party, granting lasting beneficial effects. The Main Cook makes a roll against the area DC to figure out the outcome. Each additional character helps the main cook by increasing the roll value.  In Wrath of the Righteous, anyone who is Brewing Potions will also be the Main Cook.

Alchemy - Brew Potions

One character with the feat or feature Brew Potions.  Another character can assist.

Scroll Scribing

One character with the feat or feature Scribe Scrolls.  Another character can assist.


Before resting, if this option remains set on, characters will use their healing spells and abilities.  If not, characters heal 1 HP per level after the rest.
This is not an active role, but rather an option below that can be toggled off/on. 


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    • Anonymous

      Protective Rituals - Religion
      Camouflage - Stealth
      Cooking - Knowledge world
      Alchemy - Knowledge Nature
      Scroll Scribling - Knowledge Arcana/Religion (depending on the type of scroll, must also know the spells to scribe)
      Night Watch - Perception

      As you can tell, you need 2 guards - try to have at least 3 chars with high Perception (other than animal companions), because usually the char with high stealth has it, but it's better used for camouflage.

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