Colyphyr Mines

colyphyr mines pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide
Location Abyss
NPCs Fulsome Queen
Quests Strike Back

Colyphyr Mines is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Colyphyr Mines can be found in Abyss. 


 Colyphyr Mines Information

  • You learn that the daughter of Baphomet, Hepzamirah, is hiding in this place after you talk to Nocticula.
  • You can reach this location by accepting Nocticula's help, or by finding an airship captain on your own (Kerz in Fleshmarkets or Mielarah in Bad Luck Tavern). Either way, once you depart from Alushinyrra, you'll need to complete a series of storybook decisions and skill checks on your airship journey to the mines.
  • If you kill the dragon (Quest Fulsome Queen's Request), the demons on the lower level will be alerted. However, you can use the tunnel in the Fulsome Queen's cave to reach the lower mines and ambush - or avoid - the Balor near the elevator on the west side of the map.
  • In the Kitchen of the lower mines, there's a demon called Xuneki begging for his life. If you initially agree to let him live, he will reveal a hidden chest (contains the Elemental Protector ring). Once the chest is revealed, you can then kill Xuneki. If you spared his life, he will ambush you after you open the chest.
  • In one of the digging sites, Areelu Vorlesh will suddenly appear and help Suture escape (only if you did not already rescue him from the slavers in Middle City).
  • There is one Midnight Bolt in lower level of the mines, in a torture room.
  • Hepzamirah and her guards are in a sealed room on the lower level. To remove the seal, you need to obtain the key from Mutasafen. 
  • You may want to hold on to some extra party buffs before fighting Hepzamirah. Once she is defeated, you will immediately face Baphomet himself, and he opens combat with Word of Baphomet, which unavoidably dispels all your buffs. (Remember to use a Midnight Bolt on Baphomet to get a New Nahyndrian Crystal, which is required for the secret Ending.)
  • If you accept Nocticula's gift, you will receive Profane Ascension (As a swift action while in an act of passion with a willing mortal, Nocticula may grant a profane ascension. The target's name appears in glowing Abyssal runes on Nocticula's wings, and a crimson mark manifests somewhere on the target's body. The target immediately gains a +6 profane bonus to any one ability score of its choice, a +4 profane bonus to any other ability score of its choice, and the Darkvision ability). However, if you decide to betray her later, Nocticula will try to mind control you with this gift. You have to pass a Will check to overcome it.
  • If you used the Midnight Bolt on Baphomet, Nocticula will want the crystal for herself. If you accepted her gift, you will have to pass a Will check to take the crystal instead of her. This will also break Profane Ascension and remove the benefits.
  • After killing Hepzamirah, return to the Fulsome Queen. If you kneel before her, she will grant you her Unclean Gift (You gain a +2 profane bonus to Constitution, +2 bonus to natural armor, immunity to diseases and have a 50% chance to treat any critical hit or sneak attack as a normal hit. Due to an unpleasant stench and appearance your Charisma permanently decreases by 4). This gift will stack with Nocticula's gift.
  • North of the last fight, there is an Athletics check. Complete it and you'll fight an abyssal salamander for some small loot, including a Dimension Door (Mass) scroll; this is a hint. Use Dimension Door (Mass) to reach another island just to the north, across the lava river. You'll fight the Scorcher of Souls, a Wizard 20 Abyssal Salamander, with some more abyssal salamanders midway through its 700+ hp. If you kill it, you'll get some magic loot and a Manual of Gainful Exercise +2, for an inherent +2 Strength.
  • When you leave the Mines to return to the Nexus, be ready for a battle, as several demons have attacked the camp.


NPCs at Colyphyr Mines

  • Fulsome Queen


Quests related to Colyphyr Mines


Colyphyr Mines Map

Upper Mines

colyphyr mines pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide

Lower Mines

colyphyr mines3 pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide


Colyphyr Mines Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      I just did the fight against the dragon on hard mode. The first time I fought it on normal it took about 3 hours. 1 encounter, locked in combat unable to die, praying for a natural 20 to deal 8 damage.

      This time I got Sosiel all prepped to dispel magic with a natural 20, and the DC was still 1 too low. I groan.
      My paladin's mount, who has been turned into a silmadon, has +48 to attacks, misses all 7 attacks. I see that the AC is 78, yikes.
      Nenio's turn, my enduring spells buffer, who didn't have anything better to do with feats so I took a few metamagic, weapon focused ray attacks, found a magic item that gives a + to ranged touch attacks, got some decent spell penetration going, and just for fun, after Sosiel's dispel failure, touch of luck as a bonus action. Nenio deals 150 damage with 4 beams. All 4 hits are vs a 2.
      I did not expect this, realization that this won't take 3 hours sets in!
      To hell with your 78 AC and the horse it rode in on
      2h scythe war takes a 5 ft shift, rolls a natural 20 on the 3rd attack, rolls a natural 20 to confirm, 304 damage
      299 physical
      5 force
      Dragon dies
      well, that just happened
      This game is nonsense. It's pretty fun though.

      • Anonymous

        If you insult the fulsome queen about being ugly, instead of giving you her gift she will instead betray you and drop Bracers of Harmful Conversion (dc 29 fortitude check on enemy when you strike with a crit, if they fail they become afflicted by one thing and immune another out of the following list):

        • Anonymous

          If you are doing the Lich path, this mission is a bit easier. If you manage to use "Repurpose" before killing the dragon in the upper level/mine, it will follow you to the lower level. It's kind of a cakewalk to win even against Baphomet, the dragon single handily defeats Hepza and Baphomet, but you have to be CAREFUL. The dragon's AoE at the start of its turn can screw your party (frightened debuff), it will always start at the back of the party and use his dragon breath attack first HITTING your team. Try using speels to resist his attack and/or split your party.
          And since I mention the dragon, I defeat it by summoning skeletons, elementals. doing damage and CC with Nenio and using evil eye as well, my character did damage with my lich spells also. Everything was chip damage, but as mentioned in other comments, the dragon doesn't have too much HP.

          • Anonymous

            Was going to post same post! Good job +1 Can’t believe a lot of people probably missed it thinking it was all there is looking at this map!

            • Anonymous

              North of the last fight, there is an Athletic check, do it and you'll fight a pair of abyssal salamanders, for some small loot, including a Dimension Door(Mass) scroll. this is an hint. Use dimension door(mass) to reach an unreachable island just to the nord, across the lava river. You'll fight the Scorcher of Souls, a Wizard 20 Abyssal Salamander, with some more abyssal salamanders midway through it's 700+ hp. If you kill it, you'll get some magic loot and a Manual of Gainful Exercise +2, for an inherent +2 strenght.

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