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Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral


Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel

Favored Weapon


Desna is a Deity in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Deities are beings or forces of incredible power capable of granting its power to their mortal followers through divine magic. Each Deity is strongly associated with a specific alignment, some domains and a plane. Deities may limit the of your alignment and once a deity is chosen it cannot be changed.


Desna Description

Desna, also known as "The Great Dreamer", "Lady Luck" and "Mother Moon", the godess of dreams, luck, stars, and travelers, is among the most ancient of deities. While her peers burdened themselves with the tastk of creating Golarion, she spent her time building the heavers. She knew that there would be plenty of time for her and her followers to explore the many wonders of the world later. She's changed little since those earlier days, and she and her followerws delight in exploring the world.


Desna Associated Alignments

Desna is associated with the following Alignments:


Desna Domains

Desna is associated with the following Domains:

  • Chaos
  • Good
  • Liberation
  • Luck
  • Travel


Desna Favored Weapon

  • Starknife


Desna Tips & Notes

Desna has one the highest number of deity-specific interactions in the game. These include:

  • During Starward Gaze, you have the option to intimidate an inquisitor trying to bring in Thall by saying that not all Desnans are weak dreamers. The player tells the inquisitor to leave their brother in faith alone or they will see how Desnans protect their own. 
  • A unique dialogue option with Ramien, saying that he and his acolytes did the right thing, but need to act in order to make their own luck. 
  • If you choose the Evil option and attack the Ramien and the other Desnans, then the goddess curses the player with an Exhausted debuff called Desna's Curse. 
  • When recruiting Arushalae and singing the Song of Elysium, a Desnan Commander will see a small blue butterfly fluttering up to them, a sign of Desna's favor. 
  • In Drezen, after recruiting Arushalae, additional dialogue says that the Commander believes that, since Desna always sees the best in people, she saw Arushalae could genuinely be redeemed and saw there was good in her deep down. 
  • When first entering the Midnight Isles, the Commander recalls how Desna once ventured into the Abyss herself to wreak vengence (likely referring to her slaying of the Demon Lord ). They also feel just how twisted and corrupt the Abyss is compared to the green fields of Elysium, and how far they are from their goddess. 
  • During one of Arushalae's dreams, when she is beset on all sides by nightmare shadows, one among them speaks kindly and sagely, acknowledging what Arushalae must do to achieve her dreams. A Desnan Commander recognizes the stars in this particular shadow's eyes, but the shadow simply raises her finger to her lips. This implies that the shadow is actually an Azata who serves Desna, or perhaps even is the goddess herself in disguise. 


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