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Early Sunset is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players.


Early Sunset Information

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Dialogue Options

In Nexus caves
  • "Do you know anything useful about Alushinyrra and its inhabitants?"
    • "I know that every being capable of speech is capable of deception. And those who cannot speak deceive with silence."
    • "If you want more practical advice - do not simply follow the paths laid out for you, you must forge your own. In most places where guards bar your way, there will be a secret path or a hidden teleportation route - the most natural method for a demon. It's rare for demons to rely on locks, as they prefer to kill intruders. But you should be ready for that."
  • "Do you recognize the name Hepzamirah?"
    • "Spawn of Baphomet." Early Sunset's lip curls with undisguised contempt. "She shares one trait with her disgusting father - she is a master at subverting expectations. Many consider Hepzamirah powerful but also think her outspoken and narrow-minded, and she is happy to maintain that reputation. In fact, she is cunning and resourceful and does not always act on impulse. Take care if you plan to more against her."
  • "What did you mean when you said Baphomet is a master of subverting expectations?"
    • "Enemies should be treated with an open mind. Therefore, I cannot fail to acknowledge Baphomet's ingenuity. Do you know how his ascent began? He was the favorite plaything of Lamashtu, but he conceived a bold plan to seal the scepter of the Prince of Darkness. He failed. Baphomet was captured, subjected to brutal punishment, and imprisoned in the Ivory Labyrinth, a prison designed to be impossible to escape by its powerful creator, Asmodeus."
    • "But a thief is a thief. Baphomet found an ingenious way to escape - he stole his prison from Hell and took it to the Abyss. The Ivory Labyrinth went from being his prison to his possession, his Abyssal realm. From it, he rules hordes of minotaurs and secret societies of cultists. This is what I was meant when I said Baphomet knows how to subvert expectations."
  • "What are you planning to do in the Abyss?"
    • "I could accompany you and give you advice, as I did in Drezen, but I see that the role of mentor and bodyguard has already been taken over by the Hand of the Inheritor. It is not a good idea to take two otherworldly creatures hostile to demons with you. Even if I were disguised, the chances of attracting unnecessary attention would be doubled."
    • "I will stay and watch over the camp. If an emergency arises, I will naturally intervene, but until then, I prefer to conceal my presence in the Abyss." 
  • "I have to go."
During Where's my Dragon?
  • "[Commander_Name], finally. I've had time to think everything over, and I know exactly what we need to do to find what's been lost. Though, the situation is difficult beyond belief. When you lose something in Alushinyrra, you rarely find it again."
    • "What can we do to save Aivu?"
      • "First, we need to find her. Under no circumstances should you conduct inquiries within the city or otherwise draw attention to yourself. The kidnappers will know you by sight. No, I will have to conduct this search myself."
      • "Of course, I cannot appear in my true form in Alushinyrra. It would create..." Early Sunset chuckles. "...excessive agitation among the demons. But I am skilled enough at transformation magic to disguise myself as an inhabitant of the Abyss."
        • "How are you going to search?"
          • "In the most simple and elegant manner. I will got to the Fleshmarkets disguised as a powerful demon and declare that I want to buy a dragon. Many threads of influence and information converge at the Fleshmarkets. Even if the denizens of that place know nothing about Aivu's disappearance, they will stop at nothing to find out where she is, steal her away from her kidnappers, and deliver her to a waiting buyer. We may not even have to lift a finger."
        • "What should I do?"
          • "Stay close at hand in case things go sour. The demons may recognize me, or try to trick me, or even attack me. So be there and be on full alert."
        • "Everything seems clear to me."
          • "Tell me when you are ready to go to the city, and then I will begin my mission."
          • Arueshalae: Arueshalae, who has been listening to the conversation with some excitement, suddenly looks up. Without shifting her gaze from Early Sunset, she quietly sings the tune of Starward Gaze.
          • "A very... sweet song, child."
          • Arushalae: "Thank you, Master Early Sunset." Arueshalae smiles at him. "My heart hurts because of Aivu, and I just wanted to... express my concern in some way. Songs are good for this." Arueshalae waits another moment, glances at you, then falls silent.
    • "I'm ready to start looking for Aivu!"


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