Engraved Lucky Bracers

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These bracers grant the wearer a +1 Luck bonus to AC and a +1 Luck to Reflex, Will, and Fortitude saving throws.





Engraved Lucky Bracers is a Bracers armor piece in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Bracers is an armor piece where the player's characters can wear on their wrists or arms. Each pair of bracers contain its unique defensive stats, effects, bonuses, skill checks, and more when they are equipped. Helms are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, crafted, or are dropped by enemies and bosses.



Engraved Lucky Bracers Information


  • These bracers grant the wearer a +1 Luck bonus to AC and a +1 Luck to Reflex, Will, and Fortitude saving throws.

Item Information:

  • Weight: 1
  • Sell Value: 250


Where to Find Engraved Lucky Bracers

  • You begin the game with Engraved Lucky Bracers equipped.


Engraved Lucky Bracers Tips & Builds

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  • Notes, Tips, and other Trivia



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    • Anonymous

      thanks for the tip, i'm about to sell them. i can do without areelu's praise, but 250 gold is something i can use.

      • Anonymous

        If you wear them while talking to Areelu in chapter V she gives a special dialogue.

        Areelu's eyes drop to your bracers, the ones inscribed with your name. "I am pleased that you still wear them. I enchanted them specially to protect you from danger. I am glad you found my gift useful."

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