Estrod Tower

Location Kenabres
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The Final Dagger
Spies Amidst Our Ranks

Estrod Tower is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Estrod Tower can be found in Kenabres. This fortified tower of gray stone has long served as the city's museum, archive, and research center. Its upper floors have been completely destroyed during the demonic invasion, and a squat stump surrounded by heaps of debris is all that's left of this once dignified building.


 Estrod Tower Information

  • When you enter the tower the first time, some memories of past crusaders and angels will appear. Regardless of your alignment, they may cast Bless spell on you, or try to fight you. This depends on whether you've made Angel or Demon mythic choices during your encounters with either Savamelekh in the Shield Maze or Minagho in the Gray Garrison. The vision of Yaniel will attack you if you've made at least one Demon Mythic path choice. If you've made only Angel Mythic path choices the Vision of Targona will cast Angelic Aspect on your party.

  • After finding the disorganization in cultist ranks, you can report to Irabeth for the quest The Final Dagger.

  • If you insist on assaulting this demon bastion, you can try to send one of your teammates to sneak to the left or right side of the tower, pushing a pillar into the ranks of the cultists and damaging/killing some. This will require a Mobility check for either side.

  • Once you clear the cultists here, you can proceed to the basement for a conversation with a cultist, and the custodian of the tower. 


NPCs at Estrod Tower


  • Vision of Targona
  • Vision of the Herald
  • Vision of Eliandra
  • Vision of Yaniel

 Other NPCs:

  • Greybor
  • Telmer (Basement)
  • Teldon (Basement)

Notable enemies:

  • Kilas
  • Faxon

Quests related to Estrod Tower



Estrod Tower Map

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Estrod Tower Notes & Tips

  • If you kill Teldon (Evil action) you get a Wand of Magic Missiles
  • Other notes...



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