Forgotten Secrets

Location Worldwound
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The Secrets of Creation

Forgotten Secrets is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Forgotten Secrets can be found at Worldwound. Ancient ruins that Sarkoris inherited from the unknown builders of the Earthfall times. The Sarkorians dubbed this place the Forgotten Secrets — scattered all over the walls of the ruins are numerous pressure plates, buttons, and levers, the purpose of which one can only guess.

 The portal leads to Heart of Mystery.

 Forgotten Secrets Information

  • Puzzle room with green Tiles.  Requires the Green tiles set from "Shrine of Sacrilege".
  • Solution to the puzzle : 
    forgotten secrets solution


NPCs at Forgotten Secrets

  • N/A


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Forgotten Secrets Map

forgotten secrets map


Forgotten Secrets Notes & Tips

  • Must visit Heart of Mystery first to continue the quest.  If you complete a puzzle room before going to the Heart of Mystery, simply return to the completed room to progress the quest.



Abyss  ♦  Alodae Theatre  ♦  Alushinyrra  ♦  Ancientries and Wonders Shop  ♦  Areelu's Lab  ♦  Arendae Party House  ♦  Artisan's Tower  ♦  Artisan's Tower (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Ashen Grotto  ♦  AXIS  ♦  Bad Luck Tavern  ♦  Baphomet's Shrine  ♦  Bastion of Justice  ♦  Battlebliss Arena  ♦  Bear's Maw Shrine  ♦  Befouled Barrows  ♦  Blackwater  ♦  Blackwing Library  ♦  Bladesmith Workshop  ♦  Blooming Meadow  ♦  Bone Hills  ♦  Catacombs  ♦  Chilly Creek  ♦  City in the Wasteland  ♦  Colyphyr Mines  ♦  Conundrum Unsolved  ♦  Crimson Dust  ♦  Crusader's Camp  ♦  Defender's Heart  ♦  Desolate Hovel  ♦  Desolate Hovel (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Desolate Thicket  ♦  Dragon Burial Ground  ♦  Drezen  ♦  Estrod Tower  ♦  Extirpator's Camp  ♦  Final Veil  ♦  Free Crusader’s Camp  ♦  Golarion  ♦  Gravestone Rock  ♦  Graveyard  ♦  Gray Garrison  ♦  Greengates  ♦  Grimwood  ♦  Gwerm's Mansion  ♦  Heaven's Edge  ♦  Hellknights Outpost  ♦  Hidden Abode  ♦  Houndheart Campsite  ♦  Inconspicuous Camp  ♦  Ineluctable Prison  ♦  Ivory Sanctum  ♦  Iz  ♦  Iz (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Kenabres  ♦  Lair of the Echo of Deskari  ♦  Laughing Caves  ♦  Legacy of the Ancients  ♦  Leper's Smile  ♦  Lost Chapel  ♦  Lower City  ♦  Market Square  ♦  Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery  ♦  Middle City  ♦  Midnight Fane  ♦  Midnight Isles  ♦  Minagho's Hideout  ♦  Molten Scar  ♦  Moondance Meadow  ♦  Mutasafen's Lab  ♦  Nameless Ruins  ♦  Neathholm  ♦  Nexus  ♦  Nightingale Grove  ♦  Nondescript Pier  ♦  Old Sarkorian Mines  ♦  Other Side of Threshold  ♦  Pitaxian Wine Cellar  ♦  Place of Calling  ♦  Place of Execution  ♦  Pulura's Fall  ♦  Rasping Rifts  ♦  Ravaged Long House  ♦  Reliable Redoubt  ♦  Rotten Guttery  ♦  Ruins of Ashberry Hamlet  ♦  Sacred Lands  ♦  Scrubland by a Bend in the River  ♦  Sevalros's Lair  ♦  Shadow World  ♦  Shield Maze  ♦  Shrine of Sacrilege  ♦  Shrine of the Three  ♦  Silken Thread Atelier  ♦  Spinner of Nightmare's Den  ♦  Temple of the Good Hunt  ♦  Ten Thousand Delights  ♦  Terendelev's Lair  ♦  The Enigma  ♦  Thieflings Hideout  ♦  Threshold  ♦  Threshold (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Tirabade Residence  ♦  Topaz Solutions  ♦  Trap for the Other  ♦  Underground Caves of Kenabres  ♦  Underground Floor of the Chief's House  ♦  Underground Hideout  ♦  Upper City  ♦  Valley of Temples  ♦  Vicinity of the Defender's Heart  ♦  wedding meadow  ♦  Wintersun  ♦  Worldwound



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    • Anonymous

      There are 2 slots on bottom left for outer symbols. But those tablets were lost and you have to guess which symbols were there. That's why there are 2 "solves" but only one really works.

      • Anonymous

        i solved the puzzle with all the symbols lining up against the wall and against themselves as intended, but it wasn't a configuration they programmed in. as always, the game is just lazily programmed. infuriating. don't bother doing the puzzles because even if you solve them by all rules of the game, it simply wont recognize that all edges and walls match up. worst game design ever. when i didn't know the rules and was just starting out before looking up how to solve it, one combination wasn't even programmed to show up. if you flipped a piece, it simply disappeared. shameful. lol.

        • Anonymous

          The "solution" on this page is wrong - either that, or there are multiple solutions as I've cleared the puzzle with different slabs placement

          • Anonymous

            How the **** am I meant to see the symbols does this game come with a magnifying glass to zoom in on the stupid inventory view

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