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Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Class Slayer
Alignment True Neutral
Deity Norgorber
Background Mercenary
Ability Scores
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
18 16 14 13 12 10
Point buy equivalent 27

Greybor is a Companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with.


For crusaders, war is a calling and a sacred duty. For him, it is just a profession. The ruthless bounty hunter came to the Worldwound in search of new business. Who becomes his client and who his victim does not matter to him. The holiest zealot and the most evil demon are no different in his eyes — they are but the next target that he must eliminate.

The hunt for the dragon is at an end and the job is done, but Greybor is in no hurry to leave the Commander's party, since he/she pays handsomely for the heads of slain demons. Soon the crusaders will learn if this assassin is as good as his impeccable reputation suggests, or if he's just another venal opportunist lacking morals and honor.


Greybor Information

Greybor joins your party with the following statistics:

Class: Slayer 9

Skill Ranks: Athletics (9 ranks), Mobility (9 ranks), Perception (5 ranks), Stealth (9 ranks)
Background: Mercenary
Slayer Talents: Weakening Wound, Slow Reactions


How to Recruit Greybor

  • You can recruit Greybor in the beginning of Act 3 from The Half Measure tavern in Drezen. You must pay him 2500 gold to hire him to assist with the quest The Dragon Hunt. (after the quest, you need to pay him more to stay.)
  • You can meet Greybor at Estrod Tower if you visit there before the attack on Defender's Heart.


Greybor Related Quests


Greybor is a high level Slayer that can pump out some very high damage with two weapon fighting. You can also build him as an off-tank who utilizes shield bashing.  However, Greybor suffers from multiple problems that hold him back from being as useful as characters recruited earlier in the game. 

Because he joins at Level 9, he cannot be customized nearly as much as other companions. He is also a glass cannon, going down pretty fast to mythic-level enemies in Acts 4 and 5. He will have to take the Defensive Study mythic feat to have enough AC to stand up to these enemies. His reliance on armor means can't move as fast or have as many skills was Woljif on Seelah on her horse. 


Greybor is a consumate professional, attempting to keep most people at arm's length. His reputation is extremely important to him, due to his profession requiring  people to trust him enough to hire him and pay upfront. He is a follower of Norgobor,  praying for success in stealth and efficiency. Due to only working for the Commander under a mutually beneficial contract, he initially doesn't try to get friendly with the party, but this changes over time. 

He becomes protective of Ember due to resembling his estranged daughter. Greybor also develops an odd yet strong friendship with Regill as they bond over being professional killers. After his loyalty missions, he grows genuinely fond of the Commander, listening to their advice on what to do after their adventure: Either staying on the life of an assassin (Evil) or go back and makeup with his estranged wife and daughter (Good). 

Greybor Builds

Build 1

12 Slayer/ 2 Archaeologist/ 4 Dragon Disciple/ 2 Fighter

20 STR/ 16 DEX/ 14 CON/ 14 INT/ 12 WIS/ 10 CHA


Level Take
10 Slayer - Two-Weapon Combat => Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
11 Bard - Outflank
12 Bard - Opportunist
13 Dragon Disciple - Improved Critical: Dwarven Waraxe
14 Dragon Disciple - Improved Initiative
15 Dragon Disciple - Shield Bash
16 Dragon Disciple
17 Slayer - Shield Master
18 Slayer - Crippling Strikes
19 Fighter - Dazzling Display // Shatter Defenses
20 Fighter - Dodge

Build 2


Build 3



Greybor Tips and Notes

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