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Hand of the Inheritor is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players.


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In Nexus
  • "I hope your body and mind are in good health, Champion?"
    • "What is our next step?"
      • "In Alushinyrra there is no one as powerful as Shamira, the right hand of Nocticula herself. It is she who rules the city while her inscrutable mistress is away. As sad as it is for me to admin, we must try to gain her favor if we want Alushinyrra to take us seriously."
    • "How well known am I among the denizens of Alushinyrra?"
      • "Many know that a Golarian has arrived in Alushinyrra and that he possesses some special powers and talents."
    • "Tell me honestly, what do you think of the one you call the Champion of Golarion?"
      • "My trust in you is as strong as it was the day we first met. Stronger, even. Your deeds prove it is no coincidence that we have all placed our hopes in you."
    • "I have a question about our mission."
      • "Then ask away. You must have a lot of questions."
        • "What can you tell me about the Abyss and demons in general?"
          • "Demons..." The Hand of the Inheritor speaks slowly and heavily, as if trying to break through some inner resistance. "They are the youngest race of the Outer Planes. And the wildest in origin. Once, entirely different creatures used to rule the Abyss - those were qlippoth, the embodiments of chaos. They were much less... human-like. But then one entity conjured up the idea that primordial chaos could be mixed with an evil mortal soul, and that is how the first demon was created. No one remembers the name of the creator now, but the creations still live and prosper. They overthrew the qlippoth and became the essence, the soul of the Abyss. And I honestly cannot say which was worse - before humanity was added to it, or now."
        • "What do you know about Alushinyrra?"
          • "Chaos has many faces. When chaos decided to manifest itself in the form of a city, Alushinyrra was born. There are places in the Abyss that are darker, bloodier, more dangerous and deceiving, but I cannot imagine a place whose significance would eclipse that of Alushinyrra. When Nocticula built the city, she employed everything of the essence that ever existed in the Abyss. Demons of all kinds from every corner of this gloomy plane live there. And what is more, the Lady in Shadow opened the city's gates to visitors from other planes, and strangers swarmed the city."
          • "Merchants and travelers, mercenaries and explorers, mages and bards - creatures of all planes, those daring enough to visit the Abyss, chose Alushinyrra as their destination. The city is divided by two sets of walls, between which lie the quarters open to outsiders. One set of walls protects Nocticula's guests from the rabble and the poor, who are desperate enough to violate their ruler's orders for a chance to get a coin or two. The other set of walls protects outsiders from the city's nobility, who can flout Nocticula's recommendations without any reason at all, merely on a whim. But do not think that there is a single place in Alushinyrra that is safe, for danger lurks around every corner there."
        • "Tell me more about Nocticula."
        • "I'd like to know more about Shamira."
          • "Shamira the Ardent Dream... The name once rang with purity and glory, but today it is tarnished with shame and treachery. Born in the Upper Planes, she was granted the high honor of kindling the flame of dreams in mortals, to fan it and protect it from the frigid chills of sorrow and cynicism. Shamira performed her duties faithfully until she made one single mistake."
          • "I will spare you the details, but all I will say is that the grandeur of the dream she fostered was equal only to the bloody price of its realization. It was a majestic, but somber dream, and Shamira let it come true. Then she fled - either cowardice or certainty of her rectitude kept her from standing in front of her superiors and answering for her actions."
          • "She kid in the Abyss, where Nocticula the Lady of Shadow embraced her ardent light and darkened it with her blackness. A few centuries passed and we heard her name again... Now she was called the mistress of Alushinyrra, Nocticula's loyal companion and favorite. That is how we knew for certain that we were right on that fateful day when we condemned Shamira. Our only regret is that we failed to foresee her fall."
        • "What is so dangerous about Hepzamirah?"
          • "She is the worst of all Baphomet's offspring. She gained this grim title in the bloody conflict with her own brothers and sisters, and she brutally wiped out everyone who stood in her way. She did not even show mercy for her own mother and doomed her to cruel execution. As a reward for her eagerness and loyalty, Baphomet granted her use of his most cherished tool - the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth."
          • "However, now an even greater threat has arisen under Hepzamirah's rule - unusually powerful demons, the source of whose strength is unknown and most dangerous to us. The crusaders have encountered such demons only a scant few times, but should an entire army of such fiends appear. Drezen would fall, Nerosyan would fall, then all of Avistan would follow, and even Golarion would not stand a chance against them. Putting an end to Hepzamirah's machinations - that is our mission."
        • "I see you've blessed the rocks of this cavern."
          • "Indeed I have. If even on Golarion, the Abyss's harmful influence can unsettle mortals and disturb their rest, what then can be said of the Abyss itself, the very heart of pain and sin? But worry not, Champion! By the power granted to me by Iomedae, I have consecrated these dark caves. You can find respite here and recover your strength should the need arise."
        • "Everything is clear to me now."
          • "Our mission is extremely important, so I am loath to withhold any information that may help you."
    • "I'd like to ask you a personal question."
      • "There shouldn't be any secrets between us, Champion. The very instant that Queen Galfrey sent you to this dark place, I swore to myself that I would do everything within my power to ease your burden."
        • "Why did you follow me to the Abyss?"
          • "Because my duty and my honor demanded that I do so. You were facing a great mission and a colossal challenge, while those who remained behind merely had the honor of protecting what you had already liberated from the demon hordes. My heart told me that my help would be needed here more."
        • "How does it feel for you to be in a place like this?"
          • "This is not my first foray into the Abyss, though it is the first time I have come here to watch and talk rather than do battle. On more than one occasion, I and other warriors of Heaven have descended to this evil and corrupted place to bring retribution to the vile and grant salvation to their victims. For better or worse, Heaven and the Abyss cannot engage in open war, though I can recall some moments when we seemed teeter n the precipice of just that. All we can permit ourselves are raids and skirmishes along the border."
        • "Is ultimate victory over the demons even possible?"
          • "It is... But it's not the kind of victory you dream of." The Hand of the Inheritor remains silent for a while before speaking in a heavy, hollow voice. "The Abyss lives while evil lives in the hearts of mortals. Demons don't just appear from nothing, most of them originate from the souls of people who committed themselves to evil while still living. That's why the war with the Abyss, should it ever start, may be never-ending."
          • "The place of each fallen demon will be immediately taken by a new one. That's why our only true chance to secure ultimate victory will emerge only after we exterminate all evil in the world. We must achieve a situation where not a single soul would voluntarily resort to evil deeds, when mortals themselves by their own free will, turn to the light all at once. But no one in the universe knows how to achieve that. And many who have tried ended up as tyrants and false prophets. May Heaven guard me against such a fall."
        • "What are your thoughts on Galfrey's latest order?"
          • "Iomedae has never striven to rule over mortals, she has only guided and helped them, so I should follow her example and never try to interfere with your way of life or question it. What I will say is that I am certain of the necessity of our mission as I am the sharpness of my blade. What surprises me - and, truth to be told, unsettled me, too - is the cruelty with which my noble sister-in-arms Galfrey dispatched you here. The Queen has every right to give orders to her commander... But a right without righteousness is worth little."
        • "Is there anything you can help me with?"
          • "I will follow you everywhere, remaining invisible so our enemies will have not the slightest suspicion of my presence. When you need advice, I will give it to you, and when you are stricken by disease, I will come to your aid and dispel it. No matter how long you may have to travel through the Abyss, you can always be sure that I am near and Heaven has not forsaken you."
        • "How do you hide yourself from the demons?"
          • "This magic spell turns me into an invisible spirit, hidden from the eyes of everyone who was born in the Abyss and whose heart has been blackened by evil. Those who hail from other planes are capable of seeing me if they use magical sight of some kind, as well as those few whose woeful fate has to be born and raised here while carrying light and purity in their souls. But my protection from demons is very effective and will work until I myself decide to appear in my true form to join the battle or help someone in need."
        • "I have no more questions."
          • "Sincerity between the two of us is very important."
    • "I want you to stop offering me advice."
    • "Can you heal me?"
    • "I have to go."
      • "You will face great challenged in this cursed place. Stay strong and remember that the fate of Golarion depends on you."


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