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Hidden Abode is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Hidden Abode can be found in the Middle City


 Hidden Abode Information

The Hidden Abode is an optional side area that can be found in the Middle City of Alushinyrra. Completing this area unlocks the Abyssal Conspiracy achievement and rewards the following notable items: Headband of Subjugator, Tome of Leadership and Influence +2, Nemarius's Burning Brand, and Calming Warden.

Unlocking this area is a multistep process. You must find a Thanatotic Titan's Minor Rune, fully upgrade it, and then place it in a wall slot to open a portal to the conspirators and then defeat them.







Finding the Thanatotic Rune

In the Middle City you will find a Demodand Mob Leader. You must defeat them and their henchmen. You will be able to loot a Thanatotic Titan's Minor Rune from them.

hidden abode guide 1
Demodand Mob Leader Location


Upgrading the Rune to a Thanatotic Titan's Enchanted Rune

Next, you must take the rune to the Lower City. In the wall of one building is a slot that the rune can be placed in. You must succeed at a difficult Lore (Religion) check before you can place the rune inside. Note that if you fail the check, you will not get another chance and you cannot complete this optional side area. Once you have placed the rune inside the slot and begun charging it, you will be attacked by several waves of demons. Prepare accordingly. Once you have defeated the demons, loot your upgraded rune.

hidden abode guide 2
Lower City Rune Upgrade Location

Upgrading the Rune to a Thanatotic Titan's Great Rune

You must upgrade the rune again. This time, in the Middle City. Like before, you must succeed at a difficult Lore (Religion) check and charge the rune in a wall slot. You will be attacked again once you have placed the rune into the slot. Once you have defeated the demons, loot your upgraded rune.

hidden abode guide 3
Middle City Rune Upgrade Location

Upgrading the Rune to a Thanatotic Titan's True Rune

You must upgrade the rune one last time, in the Upper City. Like before, there is a difficult Lore (Religion) check and a wall slot locked behind it. Once you have begun charging your rune for the last time you will be attacked by several waves of demons again. This fight is more difficult than the previous two. After you have defeated your attackers, claim your True Rune.

hidden abode guide 4
Upper City Rune Upgrade Location

Opening the Portal to the Hidden Abode

With your True Rune, return to the Middle City. Near the Harem of Ardent Dreams you'll find one last wall slot to place your rune in. This one is also locked behind a difficult Lore (Religion) check. Unlike before, you will not be attacked. Instead, when you place the rune inside a portal will open in front of you. This portal leads to the Hidden Abode. Inside is an extremely difficult fight against a large number of demons that attack you in a tight hallway. Some demon archers will attack you from a high ground area inaccessible to ground units.

hidden abode guide 5
Middle City Portal Location

Once you have defeated the conspirators, you will unlock the Abyssal Conspiracy achievement and be able to loot a Headband of Subjugator, Tome of Leadership and Influence +2, Nemarius's Burning Brand, and Calming Warden.

portal to hidden abode pathfinder wiki guide
Portal to the Hidden Abode


Hidden Abode Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      This was a tough one, but what worked for me was: First, Mass dimension door to the cutscene wall. First turn in combat, mass dimension door into the nook, out of LoS of the archers, who can't move to see you. Dazzling display everyone in there and gang up on the alchemists first. Demodands will stream into the room, but the only really dangerous mobs were the alchemists and the archers.

      • Anonymous

        Alright, so the fights in this quest are some of the worst in the game just in terms of exemplifying the worst trends of its design encounters, and I am writing this to give advice for whatever poor soul is trying to get it in 2023. You get ODST shock-dropped into the middle of packs of enemies who will gun for random characters off rip, and the best you can do is pray they decide to go after your tank or kill them fast enough for it not to matter, which is kind of an ask because the third fight has three vavakia spawn on top of you and use their 20d6 unholy breath attack (50 foot cone too so good luck dodging it in the tiny roof top you're fighting on) that drains 1d8 wisdom if you fail a throw, and yes, a drained ability score is different from from a damaged ability score, lesser restoration is not going to help it but normal restoration will. Also there are some omoks who drop acid fog on you in the same fight, giving your ranged characters -8 to hit, so having a few teleports ready to get out of it is a good idea. The two fights before this are just a matter of save-scumming until you figure out where the enemies spawn so your casters don't get insta-killed.

        Then there's the final encounter in this quest, and it is just insulting. I highly recommend turning down the amount of damage enemies do in this fight if you just want the achievement, because if the game can't be bothered to come up with a good means of difficulty beside this, then you shouldn't be bothered to try to muscle your way through it. I did it on core because I had nothing better to do with my Saturday.

        The good news is that you have about four feet of space once inside the Hidden Abode to prep, so that's enough to summon literally everything you have in the hallway right in front of you, clogging it and hopefully distracting some of the enemies for a round or two, and then separate your tank a bit from the party before teleporting up onto a nearby balcony. It will just make things easier, because the moment you get further into the room a cutscene plays and ten enemies spawn in front of you. Four archers on either side of the hallway (+30-something to attack, six attacks, and 300 HP, but honestly that's not something you can't deal with at this stage in the game), but you should be right on top of two of them and can kill them quick, two of those dog things whose greatest feat is annoying you with tick damage, three kineticists who are oddly the least difficult enemies in the room, and then the main alchemist who you want to murder as soon as possible, because like every mini boss he can wipe out about half of your party in one turn if things go wrong, and then perma-kill them with splash damage because this dude does throw six force bombs (they do force damage, so you can't pre-buff to negate it) every turn. Don't even try to snipe him unless you have a really stupid build, he's got 60 AC and saves to rival God himself, 500 HP, and buffs himself with mirror image and invisibility as soon as the fight starts. But you're dedicated Hellfire Ray caster is going to be able to wipe him out in 2-3 turns if you have the right metamagic and can cast the spell as level 19, along with Ascendant Element (Electricity) and Stormlord's Resolve. After that it's clean up, focus the archers first because they're the only threatening things left in the room then whittle down everything else. Keep in mind ads will be spawning at the door you entered from (yes, right on top of you if you didn't teleport up to the balcony, yes they have 300 HP, yes they only exist to annoy you and are not really a threat or add anything to the encounter. God knows if they even give xp I didn't check).

        And then congratulations champ, you got the achievement, a pretty meh hat, a +2 charisma book for your paladin, and a sense of pride and accomplishment. I'm proud of you.

        • Anonymous

          Also, you get an achievement, but the rewards are very much blah, after you have the achievement, skip this...it's not worth the pain and agony of the fight no matter how fast you are at it (You can get 'Calming Warden' a shirt that gives you +4 Save vs. Necromancy and Immunity to Fear...*shrug*)

          • Anonymous

            All of the guides I came across were like "You'll have to kill a few mobs in the room". Don't be deceived...this is probably the hardest fight you will have faced up to this part in the game, including if you went for any of the special mobs.

            Among everything in here there's 3 - 5000 hp worth of Mobs + adds (on Normal). Everything in here attacks 4 - 8 times and will hit AC's of 40+ consistently. The alchemist in the room has over 500 hp and throws 8 AOE alchemical bombs a turn. The archers (6 attacks each, hitting AC 40+ 70% of the time) seem to focus fire anything that can cast a spell or anything with a ranged weapon...you can expect to lose one archer or caster a turn and they will remain focused till dead (if you Mass heal the party the same person will get focused and go right back down till they actually die in which the AI will focus a different target)...oh, and everything but the back room starts blurred so a ~50% chance to miss with ranged attacks.

            • Anonymous

              "To the West of ten thousand delights, you....." should say East not West.
              "Then put it into the slot on top right area of Middle City (near Latverk's mansion), defeat the enemies there." Is missleading it should say its on the right (or eastern to avoid confusions) part of Middle City on the north most building right around the corner past Latvk's Mansion, best way to get there is to go back to where u killed the mob leader go down tru the portal, all the way to the bottom of the ramp and wait for the land mass to shift near you and its just straight ahead.

              • Anonymous

                Warning: If you fail the initial Religion checks on the rune slots then you will be permanently locked from being able to interact with them to charge the runes. Make sure to save before trying.

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