Ineluctable Prison

ineluctable prison map pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide
Location Worldwound
Sub-Areas ??
NPC's ??
Merchants ??
Quests Your Bones will Join the Myriad Others
Alderpash's Phylactery
Dawnflower's Kiss (Quest)

Ineluctable Prison is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Ineluctable Prison can be found at Worldwound. A portal to the heart of Baphomet's realm — the Ineluctable Prison. This is the place where Asmodeus imprisoned the future demon lord, the same place that Baphomet stole when he transported the entire realm, including himself, to the Abyss.


 Ineluctable Prison Information

  • The puzzle near blood pool can be solved by following order: Circle, Triangle, Pentagon (5 Sides), Hexagon (6 Sides). This will reveal a hidden chest. (Tested 21/09/2021)
    ineluctable prison2 pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide
  • You can disable the AOE debuff by destorying the obelisks.
  • The puzzle in a top left room can be solved by following order: Hexagon (6 Sides), Circle, Pentagon (5 Sides), Square. Reveals a hidden chest with scrolls.
    ineluctable prison1 pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide
  • On top-left area outside the maze, you will need to pass some mobility and athletics checks to reach an open field. Defeat a giant purple worm to gain some loot.
  • The puzzle in a torture chamber can be solved by following order: Square, Triangle, Hexagon (6 Sides), Pentagon (5 Sides). The chest contain a mask for Nenio's quest (More than nothing)
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  • There's an errand in the prison, defeat the warden and deliver Dawnflower to a ghost of prisoner (Cessily Mantiel) on top-right area for blessing.
  • The angel's heart can be found on bottom area of the prison, you need to pass the corridor of rolling boulder to reach there.
  • An ancient lich, Alderpash, is also in bottom-right area. He gives you a small errand Alderpash's Phylactery. (The Phylactery is hidden in the liquid pool in his cell.) You can give him a special scroll and the warden key so he can try to escape, but it won't work. But you get additional experience.
  • Once you defeat the warden and get her key, you can unlock the path to the center of the prison. Defeat Baphomet's statues and reach the center platform. You will have to fight the hand of inheritor there.
  • After you deal the Hand of Inheritor, go back the tunnel to purple worm. This time go north, pass a Mobility check to find Hepzamirah's Ghost. Talk to her to learn the secret that the Archpriest of Demon lords can summon demon lords. (Required for secret ending.)
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NPCs at Ineluctable Prison

  • ???


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Ineluctable Prison Map

ineluctable prison map pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide


Ineluctable Prison Notes & Tips

  • A midnight bolt can be found on bottom side of the prison, on a statue.
  • Puzzle Solutions (the numbers indicate the number of sides of the icon on the button): 0356, for linnorm puzzle room, 4365 for nenio quest mask puzzle, 6054 for the one near the worm
  • The Devil Mythic Path can attempt to reclaim the prison in the name of Asmodeus. In an event, it says that treasures come spewing from the walls, but so far no treasures have been found.
    • It seems that doing this automatically solves all of the puzzles and reveals all of the hidden doors in the dungeon. So far, no novel items have been found.
  • The Azata Mythic Path can destroy the prison. This will immedeately leave the map, so finish everything else first.
  • Other notes...



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    • Anonymous

      Looks like the warden changes based on your decision about what to do with the wardstone way back in Act 1. In my first run I destroyed it and the warden was a maralith. In my second run the warden was a drow and she commented on the fact that the original warden was killed in drezen

      • Anonymous

        Cessily will change the staff of the extinguished flame to a Staff of the smoldering flame, it has no combat value, just an interaction not written in the wiki

        • Anonymous

          The insane prisoner gives you the solution to one of the puzzle rooms (6 thieves entered prison, now there are none. Five found easy deaths, I am bound to four torments -> 6054, hexagon circle pentagon square)

          • Anonymous

            "The Ashen Lady is in the far upper right room, behind a DC 40 trap, a DC 43 (on normal) Knowledge Arcana check, and a DC 43 locked door." If you opened her door before you fight the Hand of Inheritor, she will spawn right when you fight him and try to kill you( you can loots her body after you dealt with the fight, 2 short sword +5)

            • Anonymous

              In a cell next to Cessily there is a "Insane Prisoner" mumbling in Qadiron tongue--I opened their cell, nothing happened immediate but who knows :D

              • Anonymous

                I cant acces the purple worm? Is there any other qay? My dumb ass closed the door will escaping (last quest regarding this place)

                • Anonymous

                  The Ashen Lady is in the far upper right room, behind a DC 40 trap, a DC 43 (on normal) Knowledge Arcana check, and a DC 43 locked door.

                  • Anonymous

                    Cessily Mantiel is in the room at the top right of the map. It's easy to forget where she is to complete her quest.

                    • Anonymous

                      What would be really helpful in all your guides is if you put numbers on the map that correlated to your bulleted tips. Otherwise everything is a bit haphazard.

                      • Anonymous

                        "The Devil Mythic Path can attempt to reclaim the prison in the name of Asmodeus. In an event, it says that treasures come spewing from the walls, but so far no treasures have been found."

                        It completes all the puzzles for you. Treasures do indeed appear in the walls.

                        • Anonymous

                          If you decide to kill Alderpash, dont worry about not being able to reach his body if he dies on the platform. When you go to leave the map, the auto loot popup will have the option of grabbing his gear.

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