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Release Date March 3, 2022

Inevitable Excess is a DLC for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. It launched March 3rd 2022. Named the Inevitable Excess, the DLC will take players on new adventures that await just before the moment of their greatest triumph: victory over the Worldwound. Players leave Golarion and use unparalleled mythic powers to defend the space-time continuum against imminent collapse.

Valmallos, the Answering Rite, is a primordial inevitable who understands all laws of magic, and regulates its usage to ensure it is inaccessible to those who fail to put sufficient practice and training to wield it responsibly. Scholars believe the complex array of spell components so prevalent in magic are at least partially Valmallos's responsibility.

The Answering Rite appears as a mechanical giant with an exposed, glowing heart. His form is also surrounded by serpentine scrolls.



What is the Inevitable Excess DLC?

The Architect of the Worldwound Areelu Vorlesh awaited the Commander in the heart of Threshold. Their confrontation seemed imminent, but an unexpected obstacle appeared in the Commander's path. Who would dare to postpone the inevitable?

Players leave Golarion and use unparalleled mythic powers to defend the space-time continuum against imminent collapse.


Inevitable Excess Features & Content

The Inevitable Excess DLC will take players on a new adventure set just before their triumphant victory over the Worldwound. The new story will require all the hero's high-level abilities and mythic powers to battle nigh on invincible opponents.

Players will answer the call of Valmallos, a powerful being from another plane of existence who is determined to stop an impending threat to the universe.

* Play a new story that complements the main campaign storyline and takes about 7–8 hours. Import your character from the main campaign with all their companions, or create a new one to find out what exactly has troubled the keeper of magic.

* At the beginning of the adventure, your character will have a high level — both standard and mythic. Fight new mythic opponents who threaten the peace of the planes. Use your entire arsenal of mythic abilities!

* Visit Axis — the birthplace and home of the inevitables, the machine aeons, exploring every corner of this plane and finding your way through a dungeon full of dangers.

* Export your achievements to the main campaign! After you complete this DLC, new powers will become available to your character in the main campaign right before the official start of the Fifth Crusade.

New opponents await you, ready to test your righteous wrath. But remember, not everything may be as it seems at first glance. Sometimes friends can betray you, and old enemies lend a helping hand.


New Locations


New Quests


Rewards in the main campaign

Once completed, Inevitable Excess adds several items and a new ability to subsequent playthroughs of the main campaign. After completing The Burning City, your main character learns the ability Inevitable Fate.

Inevitable Fate

  • You are imbued with mythic powers. Once per day you can activate this power to gain the following effects for 10 minutes:
  • You get a +1 mythic bonus to attack rolls per 3 mythic ranks. Your attacks deal additional 10% divine damage. All offensive spells you cast also deal additional 10% divine damage.
  • You get 10% fortification per 2 mythic ranks (as usual, this effect doesn't stack with fortification gained from other sources), DR 1/- per 2 mythic ranks, and resistance 2 per mythic rank against acid, fire, electricity, sonic and cold damage.
  • For every 3 mythic ranks, the save DC against spells you cast is increased by 1. You gain +1 per 3 mythic ranks bonus to caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance.
  • All healing spells you cast additionally heal 2 points of damage per mythic rank, and grant the target Fast Healing equal to your mythic rank for 5 rounds.



Furthermore, if the secret boss, Inevitable Darkness, is defeated on the completed Inevitable Excess save, several rifts will open up at various points in the main campaign which will drop Inevitable Excess items for your party. The higher the game difficulty that Inevitable Darkness is defeated on, the more rifts will open.

Inevitable Darkness defeated on Rift Item
Changes with Unfair Bonus Rift Location
Daring or higher Flawless Ring of Protection +7 Adds a Ring of Evasion Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery (Act 2)
Core or higher Belt of Physical Perfection +6 The Belt is replaced with a Belt of Physical Perfection +8 Midnight Fane (Near Playful Darkness, Act 3)
Hard or higher Flawless Headband of Mental Perfection +8 Adds a Flawless Cloak of Resistance +7 Colyphyr Mines (Near the scorcher of souls optional boss, Act 4)
Unfair Three additional items   One in each rift above


Finally, if Inevitable Excess is completed on a Lich, and Horns of Naraga is obtained on that playthrough, then Lich characters in the main campaign will receive this item from the Pillar of Skulls in their Ziggurat in Act 5.



Inevitable Excess DLC Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      I just wonder, is it enough to set the difficulty to unfair right before the battle?
      Because I'm trying to play it on unfair as Lich, and I'm just getting beaten up like nothing. The companions die even faster (feels like 1-3 hits).
      I believe I could manage to do that with one fight, but the whole adventure? Nah...

      I also played through it once and changed the setting right before, And I even got an achievement about beating it on unfair, but I didn#t get additional items at the rifts as we're supposed to.

      • Anonymous

        if you delete the save in which you defeated the inevitable darkness, the rifts no longer appear in new main campaign runs and also no inevitable fate skill.

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