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Location Worldwound
Sub-Areas ??
NPC's Areelu
Merchants ??
Quests Heart of the Fallen Land

Iz is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Iz can be found at Worldwound. The main city of ancient Sarkoris and the place where the clans' chiefs used to gather. Located near rich ore mines, Iz was famous for its artisan blacksmiths. Nowadays the city balances on the edge of a cliff overhanging the rift, seemingly unable to decide whether to stay on Golarion or to collapse into the Abyss.


 Iz Information

  • Once you entered this place, Areelu will show up, telling you this is a trap set Deskari, and queen Galfrey is in danger. However, if you go save the queen, you will lose the chance to find Areelu's old note and key. (the crystal can be found in a room on top, the glass key is in a hidden chamber  near the entrance). Perception DC 42 (Standard Difficulty) to spot the hidden chamber. 
  • These keys are critical to the secret ending, after you defeated Deskari, you need to go back to Areelu's Lab and explore the secret Area.  It's important to find the research Areelu's note, and gain her approval if you want to become a god.
  • If you go the the Temple of Stone Manuscript first, the queen will still survive, but Irabeth will be killed and you lose the opportunity to romance Galfrey.
  • If you give the first part of the Lexicon to the queen, she will return it here and will aim for the library rather than Terendelev.
  • If Hulrun is alive and supportive, he will hold the camp and banner, even if you went to the library and queen first.
    • Similarly, if Staunton Vhane is alive, he will hold the camp as well. 
  • There is another midnight bolt in one of the ruined houses. The entrance is in the crusader camp.
  • Be careful, the battle with deskari will completely change the map of Iz, make sure you have explored the whole area before facing it.
  • While fighting Deskari, use Midnight bolt to acquire another New Nahyndrian Crystal.  Make sure to pick up the crystal before finishing off Deskari, as you may not have a chance to loot it later..


NPCs at Iz

  • ???

Unique items at Iz

  • Greatclub of Sacred Cinders
  • Gore Feaster
  • Animalistic Perseverance
  • Royal Guard's Barding
  • Devitalizer
  • Wrath of the Creator

Quests related to Iz


Iz Map

temple of stone map pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide

iz camp map pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide

iz map pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide


Iz Notes & Tips

  • A midnight bolt can be found in the second level of ruins. (entered from crusader camp)
  • Other notes...



Abyss  ♦  Alodae Theatre  ♦  Alushinyrra  ♦  Ancientries and Wonders Shop  ♦  Areelu's Lab  ♦  Arendae Party House  ♦  Artisan's Tower  ♦  Artisan's Tower (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Ashen Grotto  ♦  AXIS  ♦  Bad Luck Tavern  ♦  Baphomet's Shrine  ♦  Bastion of Justice  ♦  Battlebliss Arena  ♦  Bear's Maw Shrine  ♦  Befouled Barrows  ♦  Blackwater  ♦  Blackwing Library  ♦  Bladesmith Workshop  ♦  Blooming Meadow  ♦  Bone Hills  ♦  Catacombs  ♦  Chilly Creek  ♦  City in the Wasteland  ♦  Colyphyr Mines  ♦  Conundrum Unsolved  ♦  Crimson Dust  ♦  Crusader's Camp  ♦  Defender's Heart  ♦  Desolate Hovel  ♦  Desolate Hovel (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Desolate Thicket  ♦  Dragon Burial Ground  ♦  Drezen  ♦  Estrod Tower  ♦  Extirpator's Camp  ♦  Final Veil  ♦  Forgotten Secrets  ♦  Free Crusader’s Camp  ♦  Golarion  ♦  Gravestone Rock  ♦  Graveyard  ♦  Gray Garrison  ♦  Greengates  ♦  Grimwood  ♦  Gwerm's Mansion  ♦  Heaven's Edge  ♦  Hellknights Outpost  ♦  Hidden Abode  ♦  Houndheart Campsite  ♦  Inconspicuous Camp  ♦  Ineluctable Prison  ♦  Ivory Sanctum  ♦  Iz (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Kenabres  ♦  Lair of the Echo of Deskari  ♦  Laughing Caves  ♦  Legacy of the Ancients  ♦  Leper's Smile  ♦  Lost Chapel  ♦  Lower City  ♦  Market Square  ♦  Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery  ♦  Middle City  ♦  Midnight Fane  ♦  Midnight Isles  ♦  Minagho's Hideout  ♦  Molten Scar  ♦  Moondance Meadow  ♦  Mutasafen's Lab  ♦  Nameless Ruins  ♦  Neathholm  ♦  Nexus  ♦  Nightingale Grove  ♦  Nondescript Pier  ♦  Old Sarkorian Mines  ♦  Other Side of Threshold  ♦  Pitaxian Wine Cellar  ♦  Place of Calling  ♦  Place of Execution  ♦  Pulura's Fall  ♦  Rasping Rifts  ♦  Ravaged Long House  ♦  Reliable Redoubt  ♦  Rotten Guttery  ♦  Ruins of Ashberry Hamlet  ♦  Sacred Lands  ♦  Scrubland by a Bend in the River  ♦  Sevalros's Lair  ♦  Shield Maze  ♦  Shrine of Sacrilege  ♦  Shrine of the Three  ♦  Silken Thread Atelier  ♦  Spinner of Nightmare's Den  ♦  Temple of the Good Hunt  ♦  Ten Thousand Delights  ♦  Terendelev's Lair  ♦  The Enigma  ♦  Thieflings Hideout  ♦  Threshold  ♦  Threshold (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Tirabade Residence  ♦  Topaz Solutions  ♦  Trap for the Other  ♦  Underground Caves of Kenabres  ♦  Underground Floor of the Chief's House  ♦  Underground Hideout  ♦  Upper City  ♦  Valley of Temples  ♦  Vicinity of the Defender's Heart  ♦  wedding meadow  ♦  Wintersun  ♦  Worldwound



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    • Anonymous

      maps are incomplete here.

      First, there are several missing. on the far left edge of the map, halfway up, you see a star entrance. that is "to the basement" for a rest spot, loot, and golems. map of area not shown.

      second, "into the house" from the camp, and those 4 stars on the outer map. listed here as "iz_camp". this house has multiple floors. only the basement is shown.
      ALSO, there is another entrance from the roof, that black hole that is noticeable on the outermap. mobility check to jump down. and that takes you to a secret room, on the "iz camp" map, that is not shown. top left corner that is kindof visible. the house itself is mazelike. you need to go in and out all the various entrances to open it all up.

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