"Know Thy Enemy! A Crusader's Brief"

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This book grants a +1 insight bonus on Perception and Stealth skill checks.

"Know Thy Enemy! A Crusader's Brief" is a Miscellaneous Item in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.


"Know Thy Enemy! A Crusader's Brief" Information

This book grants a +1 insight bonus on Perception and Stealth skill checks.


Publishing funded by the Brotherhood of Crusader Adherents

"Remember, crusader, your foes are many, and each one is devious in its own way. In the lands of the Worldwound, two demonic masters rule; learn to distinguish their influence and their followers.

Deskari is a demon lord who commands locusts and other crawling pests. It is an all-devouring wave that sweeps away all that is bright, majestic, and pure, leaving behind nothing but decay and ashes. For a hundred years, this evil fiend and his lackeys have been sowing death and suffering all across Golarion, sending one horde after another through the Worldwound and onto our plane. Deskari's visage is hideous, for his essence is a horrid crossbreed of humanoid and insect, and behind his back are fluttering wings woven from swarms of insects. Born of two demons, Deskari despises both his brethren that were once mortal and his own human followers. Knowing of this disdain, the cleverest of his cultists seek ways to transform themselves into full-blooded demons, and to this end, they attempt some of the vilest experiments on their own flesh.

Deskari has been behind the horrors of the Worldwound ever since its creation. However, the other demon lord, Baphomet, joined him only at the onset of the Third Crusade. The goat-headed demon lord is cunning and slippery, and where his unholy kin makes his way through brute force, Baphomet prefers deceit, corruption, and backstabbing. Many noble houses trying to preserve their veneer of exalted dynasties keep to the worship of Baphomet as a family tradition. In truth, the cultists who call themselves 'templars of the Ivory Labyrinth' are searching day and night for weaknesses in the crusader ranks — a doubtful mind to corrupt, a wavering heart to break, an ember of cowardice to fan. Beware of the cultists of Baphomet, for they might be standing next to you, looking over your shoulder and laughing at what you are reading."

  • Cost: 13 gold icon pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide 20px
  • Weightweight icon pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide 20px 2 lbs


"Know Thy Enemy! A Crusader's Brief" Notes & Tips

  • "Know Thy Enemy! A Crusader's Brief" can be found in the Lost Chapel, in the library located in the basement. It can also be found in the Drezen Barracks after completing the siege of Drezen. Its bonus can only be obtained once.

  • This item's bonus is obtained by reading it.

  • Only the player character can gain the benefit of this item.

  • You do not lose this item's bonus if you respec your character.



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