Laughing Caves

Location Worldwound
Sub-Areas --
Quests The Secrets of Creation

Laughing Caves is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Laughing Caves can be found east of Cave Citadel. A network of caves, the type that can be found in abundance in the wastes of the Worldwound. If you stand still and listen very carefully, you can hear a woman's cheerful laughter rising from its depths. Or is it just the wind?


Laughing Caves Information

  • There's a Demon Fort blocking access to this location. You have to defeat it first.
  • If you are playing on the Crusade Automode, you have to skip time until the fort falls. Hover your mouse over the fort to see how many days remain until the fort will fall.
  • Contains three sets of four containers: One-Third Full Container x4, Two-Thirds Full Container x4, Full Container x4. (quest The Secrets of Creation)
  • To get them, you have to fight some tough enemies in narrow hallways. Ranged attacks and crowd control are recommended.


NPCs at Laughing Caves

  • ???


Quests related to Laughing Caves

  • ???


Laughing Caves Map

laughing caves 1

laughing caves 2

 Laughing Caves Notes & Tips

  • This location is only accessible in Act 5.
  • Drops +5 oversized dragonbane longspear Fabled Hero's Lance.
  • Other notes...


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    • Anonymous

      I am a playing as a Cleric of Cayden Cailean (Azata) and not an overly munchkin type character. I did need to reload once just because of the sheer volume of threats here, but on my next go, switched to targeted greater dispel magic for the assassin and enervation/energy drain for the big baddies. Also, Seelah is in my party and she was buffed with eagle soul, and aura of greater courage, which eliminates the fear effect. Nenio with Icy Prison Mass froze at least two of the combatants. Of note, my main character is wearing a cloak of resist+5 that also forces a DC 33 Will vs. Fear within line of sight up to 60-feet, which was huge in getting the balor to flee for the opening rounds.

      • Anonymous

        Yea, this is rediculous. 4 enemies with 1100 Health, 900 health, 800 health, and 500 health (on core). The 1100 respawns (and gets to attack on the same turn, how wonderful) with a breath weapon that will cause a 2 minute fear (looks basically unavoidable) and 100+ damage to all party members. The 900 is a balor with standard balor abilities, so level drain, buffs, high number of attacks and damage, spells, etc. The 800 is an assassin and attacks approximately 10 - 12 times a round, guaranteed hit on any party member under 60 ac. The final 500 is a Succubus archer that fires 6 - 7 times, again guaranteed hit on anything under 60 ac.

        Oh, the 1100 health guy has a 78 AC, The 900 health was over 50, The assassin is pre-buffed with greater invis and other "you can't hit me" spells, and both he and the archer start off screen and will enter round 1 after you've been affected by negative level drains and all the rest. It's a complete BS fight.

        • Anonymous

          How do you unlock the location? i have everything around it revealed but I cant seem to get Laughing caves to show up.

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