Mythic Path

legend mythic path

Initial Mythic Features

  • 40 Level cap 
  • +4 to all ability scores
  • Legend's Corruption Resistance
  • Lose most mythic abilities

Legend is a Mythic Path in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. One need not be a mythic creature, an outsider, or one of the goddesses's chosen to become a hero. Those who decline all mythic powers and purify their souls from any outside influence are capable of great deeds. This path may be a hard one, full of temptation, but if you tread it rightly, you'll earn the title: Mythic Legend.

"One doesn't need to be a mythic creature, an otherworldly being, or a deity's chosen to become a hero. This path may be grueling and full of temptation, but the mortal who treads it fully earns the right to call themselves  a true Legend."


Legend Information

  • How to unlock the Legend Path: Legend is always available at mythic rank 8. You must succeed on a difficult Will save to select this path if you accepted Nocticula's profane gift in Act 4.
  • Lose all mythic abilities and feats attained after mythic rank 2. You count as mythic rank 3 for the single feat and ability which you picked up at the first two ranks.
  • You continue to gain skill points, ability points, feats, base attack bonus, saves, and hit points as normal when taking levels past 20, with the following notable exceptions:
    • You cannot take more than 20 levels in a single class.
    • Your caster level cannot exceed 20.
      • (Note: it is possible to attain a caster level of up to 28 if up to 8 of the first 20 class levels are of a prestige class that grants spellcasting levels.)
  • Legend characters keep the spells known from merged mythic spellbooks from the Angel and Lich paths and can attain 10th level spells from those spellbooks if they manage to reach caster level 28.
  • Experience gained is dramatically increased.
  • Unlike you, your companions do not lose their existing mythic abilities and feats. However, they cannot gain any more.


Legend Features

  • Lose access to all mythic abilities and feats attained after mythic rank 2.
  • Gain a +4 bonus to all ability scores.
  • Increased level cap of 40.
  • Legend's Corruption Resistance: The legend's powers are beyond the abyssal corruption's reach. The Legend and all companions can rest up to 5 times after the legend had cleared all the corruption from themself at safe place.
Level Normal XP Legend XP
1 0 0
2 2 000 2 000
3 5 000 5 000
4 9 000 9 000
5 15 000 15 000
6 23 000 23 000
7 35 000 35 000
8 51 000 51 000
9 75 000 55 000
10 105 000 62 000
11 155 000 68 000
12 220 000 75 000
13 315 000 85 000
14 445 000 96 000
15 635 000 105 000
16 890 000 115 000
17 1 300 000 130 000
18 1 800 000 155 000
19 2 550 000 180 000
20 3 600 000 200 000
21   220 000
22   260 000
23   280 000
24   315 000
25   370 000
26   445 000
27   500 000
28   635 000
29   720 000
30   890 000
31   1 000 000
32   1 300 000
33   1 550 000
34   1 800 000
35   2 000 000
36   2 550 000
37   3 000 000
38   3 600 000
39   4 050 000
40   4 700 000

Path-specific Notes

  • Azata: The player loses their dragon companion and the ability to visit their court. Aivu will begin to shrink from her former size and share that the Free Crusaders will have to disband, that the island can no longer be used to create miracles, and that it can't fly anymore. She will give a heartfelt goodbyes, claiming that she and the commander will see eachother again someday. 
  • Lich: The player loses access to their undead companions. You will get the quest Revolt at the Ziggurat, seeing that Master Zacharius is displeased that his greatest chance of freedom has rejected the powers he helped cultivate. He will seize control of all of your undead companions, along with several skeletons, and attack the party. Once defeated, the Ziggurat will be destroyed and can no longer be entered. Attempting to leave Drezen will allow the player to retrieve all the gear his undead companions were equipped with. Alternatively, you can simply unequip them before the finale of the retaking of Drezen. 


Legend Video Guide



Legend Progression

Mythic Rank


8 Legend (Ability), Legend's Corruption Resistance
9 -
10 -


Legend Abilities

Legend (Ability)

The path to becoming a legend is a long and difficult one, but after you become one - you will be the pinnacle of what a mortal can become. All your ability scores will be increased by 4. Your Level cap will become 40 (you still can only get 20 levels in one character class), and the amount of XP needed to level up will be drastically decreased.

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Legend's Corruption Resistance

The legend's powers are beyond the abyssal corruption's reach. The Legend and all companions can rest up to 5 times after the legend had cleared all the corruption from themself at safe place.



Mythic Path
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    • Anonymous

      This path is the BIGGEST LETDOWN of all the paths. MECHANICALLY it needs some serious buffs. For instance as an idea Legendary should automatically allow you to gain caster levels all the way up to 30 and 30 might still be "too weak compared to what you are facing and what you can achieve with the other paths.
      Legend sucks for casters. Casters need higher caster levels on spells to deal more damage which means another good change would be to double the damage cap for spells. Like for example a level 3 fireball caps at 10d6 but with my idea it would instead cap at 20d6. Then with your higher level spells like Polar Ray instead of capping at 25 it would cap at 50.
      Finally and most importantly the Legend path needs more spell penetration. That is just a damn fact. For a caster you are typically needing to choose at least 1 ascendant element. So that is 1 of your 2 mythic choices that will stay with you. Your other pick should be last stand.

      Speaking of mythic choices. The legend path really should get another choice that sticks with them. Right now we only get 2. Yet the legend path shows its on Mythic rank 3. Yet you don't keep your mythic ability choice at level 3. So a good buff would be to at least allow them to keep that choice as well.

      Even better. It might be nice for them to have 7 levels of legendary feats to pick from for this path. Just new stuff. Like more spell penetration more Spell DC, etc. Obviously these would be Legendary choices and so only for this path. These could replace the 7 levels of mythic abilities you lose.

      • Anonymous

        My only complaint about this path is that you can't take it sooner. It retroactively eats all your mythic ranks past rank 2, but you can't take it until rank 8. I really wish I could just pick it at rank 3 like the other early game paths. I get why that's not an option in terms of the story beats, it's just kinda annoying from a mechanics perspective. Overall, Legend seems really weak if you wanna be a caster, and stupidly overpowered if you wanna just hit ****. If you wanna just full attack and kill everything, none of the other mythic paths have anything that can compete with 20 extra levels of fighter.

        • Anonymous

          No where does it say its a bug that you gain caster level 28 when going legend. Quite honestly we all should be pushing for it to normal as the legend path is really Underpowered and needs some buffs to make it worth while. Are there fun ideas and builds you can do with 20 more levels yes. But all of those options are still weak compared to just going with any other path and all your Legend builds especially spell caster builds seem really weak compared to going Lich or Angel or any mythic path.

          • Anonymous

            small discrepancy with the lore. after you ascend to full legend path, your wound is healed and that part of you is cut out. you are no longer a key to the abyss. however in the deskari fight, you still get the dialog that your wound opens and bleeds. it seems like an oversight, especially considering that every mythic path has its own option for dialogue at that moment.

            • Anonymous

              going from lich to legend, i ended up stuck with 3 levels of lich after 'completing' the transformation to legend. after returning to drezen to finish my fetch quest to become legendary, i did the quest to settle down my ziggurat. well, those last 3 levels of lich never disappeared allowing me to level up or take a second class, despite having over 4 million xp. i tried respeccing my character at the pathfinder, but after the first level, i noticed 3 mythic levels were required, so i guess - do the ziggurat cleanup before midnight fane or at least before finishing up in drezen. otherwise, you'll not get any benefit. iomedae DID trick me, nocticula was right. i passed about a week at the war-room table to see if a quest would pop up to finish off the last 3 levels. no dice. just bugged.

              • Anonymous

                Path that makes no sense in game where it is all about mythic power. Oh well i can get better results with mods rather than taking this path.

                • Anonymous

                  Well, I just discovered quest progression is lost after beating Deskari in Iz. Cutscene in midnight fane no longer activates, and I am left with leftovers of old Mythic path now...

                  • Anonymous

                    At least testing this in the inevitable excess DLC, the "Bug" regarding caster level doesn't work quite like they say.

                    I took 20 levels of arcanist, then 1 in fighter, then 10 in eldritch knight, then 9 in dragon disciple.

                    What happened was after i reached 28 caster level the game just weirdly rolled over and i had a 2nd separate spellbook for 6 levels. Now maybe thats just a weird interaction between dragon disciple and arcanist, but i didn't need to take it in the order this suggests at least.

                    Which i believe the cap at 28 is a hard cap, because at least from eldritch knight i should've had 29 (as 9 levels progress casting and i was already 20th level), and this rollover to a new spellbook didn't seem to occur until i took the dragon disciple levels.

                    • Anonymous

                      So, hypothetically, if I were a Magus lvl 20, that took the legend path and invested in a more focused caster, would I be able to be a magus that could lob around tier 9 spells? or is their a different combo that would work better, for a Magus main?

                      • Anonymous

                        it seems a hard coded 3.6 mil exp cap prevents you from getting 40 lvls {it caps out at 38} unless it is a cap for the act. when I got out of the abyss and switched to legend after the trails, I was at the max 20 rogue 18 aldori defender.

                        • I'll try to test this out, but it seems like the level 40 cap would allow a level 20 caster to select a casting prestige class and reach absurd effective caster levels (CL 32 for a level 20 Aranist/10 Arcane Trickster/1 Rogue, with Potent Magic, without accounting for items). While this is useful of overcoming Spell Resistance, it is extremely potent on spells like Battering Blast. If the game system caps the caster level gained from a class at level 20, it might not work, but it would be "rules as written".

                          • Anonymous

                            I picked legend path but I was presented with skill checks and I failed. Loaded a couple of times and it seems regardless of what you pick it fails. So I'm guessing there is a hidden prerequisite to be able to go with the legend path?

                            • Anonymous

                              Honestly some of the most fun I've had in this game has been theory crafting builds using this path. My Cult leader, Vivi, Zen Archer, Sorcerer, Dragon Disciple, Rangers been putting in work.

                              • Anonymous

                                You still gain skill points, ability points, feats and BAB when leveling 21+.
                                Attacks are capped at 4 however. Caster level is also capped at 20, even for combs like sorcerer + eldricht knight + dragon disciple.

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