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Leper's Smile is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Leper's Smile can be found at World Map, north to Nameless Ruins. This canyon cuts through the ground like an open sore. The uneven stones of its cliffs are covered with pits and outcroppings, like the cankered skin of a leper. In the depths of the crevice there are dark burrows leading somewhere deep into the earth.


Leper's Smile Information

This location is visited as part of the main story quest, The Music of the Abyss. Your army cannot pass over this location on the world map until this area is completed. To see the outcomes of the distraction party, see The Music of the Abyss.

Leper's Smile is divided into two main areas: the main canyon, and the caves.



This area is rife with vescavor swarms. Come prepared to deal with swarms and acid damage, as you will face both here.


You will encounter three types of enemies in the canyon. Vescavor Swarms, Vescavor Royal Guards, and the Vescavor Queen.

  • Vescavor Swarms have resist fire and electricity 10 and spell resistance 16. Slashing and Piercing damage types deal half to them, and they are immune to single target spells. Area of effect spells deal +50% damage to them, however. Area of effect spells and weapons with bludgeoning damage are recommended. Kinetic Blasts also deal full damage to them.
  • Vescavor Royal Guards have spell resistance 19 and ranged acid attacks.
  • The Vescavor Queen has a sizable spell resistance of 25, fast healing 5, ranged acid attacks, and any creature within 15 feet of her will have to make a DC 20 Will save each round to avoid becoming confused for that round. You may have a hard time hitting her with spells unless you have taken the Spell Penetration feats on your casters.


Leper's Smile has four loot caches distributed across the map, and a lost traveler you can optionally help. Each cache you loot will reduce your army morale by -5 and deal damage to all of your troops in your most powerful army. Helping the traveler will do the same. You'll start getting quest updates after your second action (looting a cache or helping the traveler), but you'll still incur a cost for the first action (-5 morale, -5% troops). Looting all four caches and helping the traveler will result in substantial damage to your armies, possibly destroying them outright, and total -25 army morale. 

 leper's smile loot caches

Loot Caches  & Lost Traveler

Each cache contains a number of valuables, scrolls, and the following notable items or characters:

  1. Naturalist Armor
  2. Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x2, Green Quartz, Jade, Silver Spoon, 6 gold
  3. Ring of Stitches
  4. Keen Shortspear +2
  5. Lost Traveler

You can find the Silky Veil in a box near cache #2.  It doesn't trigger the penalty and can be looted without damaging your armies. 

If you help the lost traveler, he will later appear in ACT IV (in the Bad Luck Tavern) and reward you with Ashmaker. You will need to succeed on an Athletics check and have a healing consumable in your inventory or a party member capable of casting healing spells in order to help him. 

You can grab the Silky Veil and one other item/save the traveler with fairly minimal losses.  

North of the lost traveler is the swarm queen, the objective of The Music of the Abyss. After defeating her, you can loot Hunter's Assurance from a corpse behind her.

Note: Once you defeat the swarm queen, all four of the loot caches and the lost traveler will disappear. If you wish to loot them or save the traveler, you must do so before fighting the queen.


Swarm that Walks Mythic Path

During the dialogue that occurs after defeating the swarm queen, you will be presented with a choice. You must select the (Evil) dialogue option to gather the queen's slime if you wish to later unlock the Swarm that Walks mythic path.



The left path of the cave is filled with wights that can inflict negative levels. They will be constantly resurrected after you defeat them until you interact with the Wand of Zacahrius, which will be glowing with a green glow a little further up.

The right path leads to traps, swarms, and more vescavor. If you pass an Athletics check, you encounter a mini-boss called Hunter Retriever. Defeating it will yield Retriever's Claw and Amulet of Apothecary.


Lich Mythic Path

The cave contains an item required to unlock the Lich mythic path. When interacting with the Wand of Zacharius in the western half of the cave, you must take the wand and not destroy it. Destroying the wand will lock you out of the Lich mythic path and will also prevent you from accessing the Lost Chapel basement later.


Gold Dragon Mythic Path

The cave contains an item required to unlock the Gold Dragon mythic path. In the western half of the cave by the ghouls is a broken cart. Interact with the cart to obtain Terendelev's Claw. Unlocking the Gold Dragon mythic path requires you to obtain this claw and take it to the Storyteller and complete the quest Dragon's Fate.


NPCs at Leper's Smile

  • Lost traveler


Quests related to Leper's Smile


Leper's Smile Maps

leper's smile pathfinder wiki guide3
Leper's Smile Canyon


lepers smile
Leper's Smile Cave


Leper's Smile Notes & Tips

  • If your character is the follower of Lamashtu, then it send you a vision, after you reach the vescavor caves - a hint towards the Swarm that Walks mythic path. If you choose the Evil option after defeating the Vescavor Queen, you got one more line: "Several ugly warts sprout on your hands. This is an excellent sign - Lamashtu is pleased with your decision!"
  • If you have access to Ice Storm, it affects the Vescavor Swarms and has a very large area.



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    • Anonymous

      Okay, so Morale is in Canon, a pointless system to add. You have the knight commander - who is your best shot in literally a century to actually GET SOMEWHERE with any given army; and you are going to PENALIZE the player for not doing things fast enough??? Come on Owlcat. That's dumb and you know it.

      All Morale even does is give you an enforced TIME LIMIT to a game they promised would NOT have one. In an RPG. Which as a staple of the GENRE in general is meant to be about Exploring the World and GAINING POWER - At. Your. Own. Bloody. Pace! Two games now you've screwed the pooch on that point. There's not going to be a third strike from me. I don't trust you won't pull this same trick with Warhammer and that's not even a system I know as well as I do D&D.

      Putting a morale counter in Leper's Smile? Fire whoever made that decision. It's the ONE time I know about that ends up costing you morale for a time factor - and it ONLY applies to loot taken. When every pile of corpses it applies to has at least three possible selections to screw you over. Yet some people call this brilliantly written?!? Oy Vei. *** Also which of you genius' decided to make Act 4's WHOLE Map a blasted Rubix Cube? Because if I ever find you...

      • Anonymous

        If Gozeh is your main character's deity, you'll be given an extra option of dialogue to select from Anevia cursing them for ruining the land. It gives your team a Very Nice buff called Gozeh's Blessing. (Enemies that strike you with a melee attack take 3d12 cold damage on each successful hit. All ranged attacks against you have a 50% miss chance.)

        • Anonymous

          Is healing the traveler affecting with the Queen recruitment in your party? because it will drop your morale by 5

          • Anonymous

            It is really good idea to not destroy the wand you find in the caves. Doing so locks you out of a side area almost immediately after this, which by itself would not be the worst thing in the world if it did not also keep you from picking up the Duality of Conjuring and Summoning, one of the best items that you can get at this point in the game because it trivializes basically any fight you decide to use it in. For any new player going through the game semi-blind looking for ways to make it easier, using that item is one of the good ways of going about it. Even better, it's just an item so you don't have to feel gross following build guides that turn all of your characters into disfigured chimeras.

            • Anonymous

              Aside from shenanigans with army splitting, you can also loot any one additional item without incurring losses by opening the loot window and never closing it (until you run into the queen or the lost traveler). Army events are triggered only when you close the loot window (by taking all or just closing it manually).

              • Anonymous

                It's actually only looting the bodies and rescuing the halfling that advances the quest counter. So you can rescue the halfling and grab the Silky Veil (which is in a box) at the first nook in the left, while still keeping it at the base quest counter and not losing troops. There's also a body that contains crap items that will advance the counter. If you want to test it out, save the traveler first, then do a quicksave before looting any item.

                • Anonymous

                  So, what's up with "A boulder covering a secret tunnel." (down in the cave, right at the intersection that leads to Zacharius' wand)?
                  Does this lead anywhere, or is it a red herring?

                  • Anonymous

                    As a heads up you can avoid most of the army losses by splitting the bulk of your force away from Lepers Smile and leaving 1 unit (I chose the shieldbearers in my run) wit hthe general at Lepers Smile and moving the rest away (I moved them back just across the east side of the river and they were fine). Loot everything and I had no losses on the 2 armies made up of my normal forces. The shieldbearers went from 15 or so down to 7. Morale still takes a hit so be aware of that in case it's a problem for you.

                    • Anonymous

                      Notable loot you'll miss by running straight to the Swarm Queen includes: Silky Veil (+1 AC monk shirt) at southern destroyed camp, (Naturalist Armor (+2 studded leather) marked by the easternmost drop on the top map, Keen shortspear +2 at the far west dead-end, and the Ring of Stitches (immune to bleed) in the far west southern dead-end. After fighting the swarm queen, Hunter's Assurance (+3 composite shortbow) can be looted from a nearby body, and you can backtrack for gems and standard items, but the magic items will have all been eaten.

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