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Lost Chapel is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Lost Chapel can be found at World Map. A well-fortified chapel that was once a stronghold of faith in the good deities and a refuge for crusader forces. After it was abandoned, the chapel fell into ruin and became a den for monsters.


Lost Chapel Information

A little bit north of the crusader's camp, you can find Ember and Daeran.

If you spared Yaker at Reliable Redoubt, and let Hell Knights join the crusader. You will meet him at the top side of this map, helping crusaders to escape.

Sosiel is at the top right of the map, finding him progress his personal quest A Veil of Silence.

Not far from Sosiel, you will meet a wounded crusader and some ghouls pretending to be corpses trying to ambush you. Prepare to attack not warn them so you can save that crusader.

Further down the road, Regill is fighting some gargoyles with his units. You can let him join your team or send him to the foot of the mountain. 

Keep moving forward, you can save a crusader from the pile of bodies is you passed the mobility check.

The gate of the lost chapel is guarded by ghouls, cultists, and succubus. Inside you will find the ghouls are trying to execute the prisoners. Defeat them and loot for Amulet of Agile Fists +2 and a +2 light shield of magical retribution.

If you search the basement, you will meet Zacharius, a legendary hero of crusade. However, he turns out to be a lich forced into the crusade, if you refuse to return his wand to him, you will need to fight him. (It's a very difficult battle. However, as a Lich, he is vulnerable to positive energy. Use protection from evil and protection from chaos on your team, and use the summoned creatures to tank for you. Also, Zacharius is easily cheesed with Reflex-based disables such as Grease or Trip. Once defeated, Zacharius drop Dried hand of Martyr, CHA+2 headband, Natural Armor +1 amulet and ring of protection +1, a cloak of resistance +1) If you give back wand to him, he will be freed with the promise to meet you again in the future. (Lich Mythic path)

Zacharius can be kited with some creative teamwork. If you have haste, enlarge person and a glaive (the reach makes it easier to get out of range of his aoe) and some skellies, you can keep everyone away until he targets the skellies with his aoe, then rush your main damage dealer(s) in to do some damage until he's getting ready to use his AoE again. If he targets someone that's not a skelly (on harder difficulties), run for your life to get out of range before he casts, then once he does you can run back in. 

Captured crusaders can be found across the Lost Chapel, if you managed to pass the stealth check and kill the ghoul tormentors you can free them. Irabeth is in one of the rooms in the chapel, free her to progress quest A Blow from the Sky.

Prepare your team before further exploring the chapel, Nulkineth waits right next to Irabeth's cell. Defeat him will unlock the second level of Mythic Hero class.

The foothill of the mountain area becomes accessible after defeating Nulkineth. You will find the Altar of Desna here, as well as much more enemies including a few tougher ones, so come prepared.

After you cleared this location, you can challenge Nurah if you found her perfume and suspicious activity during Gargoyle attack. Turns out she's a spy of demon army, however, if you pick trickster Mythic Path, you can try to recruit her..


Altar of Desna Walkthrough

  • To complete the second half of the Voice from Your Dreams achievement and enable you to be able to recruit Arueshalae early during the siege of Drezen, you must play the song of Elysium at the Altar of Desna located at the southern edge of the map. The southern edge of the Lost Chapel can be reached by completing one of several skill checks along the main path to descend the mountain.

  • The song requires three items, one of which is already at the altar. You will need to find the Small Sextant, which is northeast of the altar, and the Small Harp, which is in a cave in the northeast corner of the map.

  • Once you have acquired both the Small Sextant and the Small Harp, return to the altar and place both items in the altar's inventory, along with the Map of Unknown Lands, which should already be in the altar's inventory.

  • With all three items in the altar, you are now ready to play the song of Elysium. The correct order to play the instruments in is the Middle, Right, Left, and Middle again.
  • After the scene, open the altar's inventory again to find a Throwing Axe of Silence along with the items you've previously placed. 



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Lost Chapel Maps

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Lost Chapel Notes & Tips

  • You can find an Elven Note on this location.
  • You can use the church to cleanse your corruption if you need additional rests. This mechanic will return again in other levels.
  • Use difficult terrain or spells like web or grease to deal with the golems. Then pick them off at range.
  • The Kabriri Cultists have low reflex saves. Drop them in a pit and deal with the other enemies first. Otherwise their spells can be absolutely devastating. 
  • For WHATEVER reason, the door to the boss fight can consistently trap your party. Make sure they are fully through before the scene starts.. For ranged characters this is only a minor obstacle, so having your ranged and supports in the back will be fine. Just prepare to form a cuddle puddle near the door if necessary. 
  • Most encounters here are relatively simple. However, the boss fight can be absolutely heinous. If you did not accept the Lich's help, be prepared to deal with a Mass Hold Person spell. Bad saves can wipe your party before they have had a chance to fight back.



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    • Anonymous

      HOW exactly do I GET TO this location from the world map? There are too many blocked squiggles that don't actually tell me the direction I am suppose to take to even get to this place - and I have to get here before I can find Dresen. I REALLY wish Owlcat would bugger off with anything even remotely resembling a time limit if they're going to keep obsfuscating things like this. IF I can't see 90% of the map, it's NOT a map.

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        Here's a tip that may help if you're having problems killing the lich. Drop the wand by the door, then walk 5/6 of your party members right up next to him. After that have the sixth go get the wand and walk up to trigger the conversation. Starting the fight in melee with him made it effortless for me.

        • Anonymous

          Zacharius is easily cheesed with Reflex-based disables such as Grease or Trip.
          Seriously, if you have a wolf, just put Trip on autocast and Zacharius will spend like 90% of the fight getting off the ground.

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