Lower City is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Lower City can be found at Alushinyrra


Lower City Information

  • Like Middle City and Upper City, you need to rotate the camera to a certain angle to move certain bridges and buildings. (Alternatively, use Dimension Door (Mass) for fast travel or exploring rooftops.)
  • This location connects to Nexus, Middle City, Bad Luck Tavern, Rotten Guttery, Minagho's Hideout, and Battlebliss Arena
  • You can go to Middle City either through the Gate (with Bluff/Intimidation checks), or go the southwest part of the area and climb to Middle City.
  • After you exit Bad Luck Tavern, you will meet an assassin sent by Minagho. Successfully pass the Intimidation check you can avoid the fight and learn the location of Minagho's Hideout.
  • Chivarro (quest Grudges to Settle) can be found at the east part of the area, below Rotten Guttery.
  • After you talk to Shamira at Harem of Radiant Dreams, you can ask about the secrets of Nahyndrian crystals from beggars here.
  • In the Battlebliss Arena, the Commander and Nenio can receive Demongraft from the Arena Healer. You must pick Nenio first if you want to receive the Demongraft buff for both characters.
  • The beggar at southeast region knows some rumors about Ziforian (The Art of Making Friends), and the beggar leader can be found to the north of him, south of Rotten Guttery.
  • The Thanatotic Titan's Minor Rune you found at Middle City (on a Demodand leader near Ten Thousand Delights) can be inserted in a rune slot near the gateway to Middle City. This requires a high Lore Religion check. It will summon waves of demons to attack you (completing all 4 rune slots will unlock the portal to Hidden Abode).
  • On the rooftops east of the Bad Luck Tavern you can meet a powerful Deathsnatcher. Killing it will get you reputation for the The Conquest of Alushinyrra quest. This is a tough fight, in many aspects a repeat of Playful Darkness fight, although this Deathsnatcher is slightly easier (with Oracle levels instead of Alchemist/Barbarian, so it hits for slightly less).


NPCs at Lower City



  • Alushinyrra Guest
  • Beggar
  • Citizen
  • Commoner
  • Guard
  • Senior Guard
  • Slave


Quests related to Lower City


Lower City Map

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lower city pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide


Lower City Notes & Tips

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Abyss  ♦  Alodae Theatre  ♦  Alushinyrra  ♦  Ancientries and Wonders Shop  ♦  Areelu's Lab  ♦  Arendae Party House  ♦  Artisan's Tower  ♦  Artisan's Tower (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Ashen Grotto  ♦  AXIS  ♦  Bad Luck Tavern  ♦  Baphomet's Shrine  ♦  Bastion of Justice  ♦  Battlebliss Arena  ♦  Bear's Maw Shrine  ♦  Befouled Barrows  ♦  Blackwater  ♦  Blackwing Library  ♦  Bladesmith Workshop  ♦  Blooming Meadow  ♦  Bone Hills  ♦  Catacombs  ♦  Chilly Creek  ♦  City in the Wasteland  ♦  Colyphyr Mines  ♦  Conundrum Unsolved  ♦  Crimson Dust  ♦  Crusader's Camp  ♦  Defender's Heart  ♦  Desolate Hovel  ♦  Desolate Hovel (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Desolate Thicket  ♦  Dragon Burial Ground  ♦  Drezen  ♦  Estrod Tower  ♦  Extirpator's Camp  ♦  Final Veil  ♦  Forgotten Secrets  ♦  Free Crusader’s Camp  ♦  Golarion  ♦  Gravestone Rock  ♦  Graveyard  ♦  Gray Garrison  ♦  Greengates  ♦  Grimwood  ♦  Gwerm's Mansion  ♦  Heaven's Edge  ♦  Hellknights Outpost  ♦  Hidden Abode  ♦  Houndheart Campsite  ♦  Inconspicuous Camp  ♦  Ineluctable Prison  ♦  Ivory Sanctum  ♦  Iz  ♦  Iz (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Kenabres  ♦  Lair of the Echo of Deskari  ♦  Laughing Caves  ♦  Legacy of the Ancients  ♦  Leper's Smile  ♦  Lost Chapel  ♦  Market Square  ♦  Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery  ♦  Middle City  ♦  Midnight Fane  ♦  Midnight Isles  ♦  Minagho's Hideout  ♦  Molten Scar  ♦  Moondance Meadow  ♦  Mutasafen's Lab  ♦  Nameless Ruins  ♦  Neathholm  ♦  Nexus  ♦  Nightingale Grove  ♦  Nondescript Pier  ♦  Old Sarkorian Mines  ♦  Other Side of Threshold  ♦  Pitaxian Wine Cellar  ♦  Place of Calling  ♦  Place of Execution  ♦  Pulura's Fall  ♦  Rasping Rifts  ♦  Ravaged Long House  ♦  Reliable Redoubt  ♦  Rotten Guttery  ♦  Ruins of Ashberry Hamlet  ♦  Sacred Lands  ♦  Scrubland by a Bend in the River  ♦  Sevalros's Lair  ♦  Shield Maze  ♦  Shrine of Sacrilege  ♦  Shrine of the Three  ♦  Silken Thread Atelier  ♦  Spinner of Nightmare's Den  ♦  Temple of the Good Hunt  ♦  Ten Thousand Delights  ♦  Terendelev's Lair  ♦  The Enigma  ♦  Thieflings Hideout  ♦  Threshold  ♦  Threshold (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Tirabade Residence  ♦  Topaz Solutions  ♦  Trap for the Other  ♦  Underground Caves of Kenabres  ♦  Underground Floor of the Chief's House  ♦  Underground Hideout  ♦  Upper City  ♦  Valley of Temples  ♦  Vicinity of the Defender's Heart  ♦  wedding meadow  ♦  Wintersun  ♦  Worldwound



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