Midnight Fane

midnight fane2 wrath of the righteous wiki guide
Location Drezen
Sub-Areas The Abyss
NPC's Hand of the Inheritor
Queen Galfrey
Quests On the Cusp of Abyss
The Way Back

Midnight Fane is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Midnight Fane can be found under Drezen


 Midnight Fane Information

The entrance to the Midnight Fane is hidden in Drezen. You can discover its location by visiting the Ivory Sanctum. The Midnight Fane is also protected by a demonic seal. You can learn how to remove the demonic seal in Areelu's Lab.

  • Queen Galfrey will reach you when the prepare is done, before you enter the Midnight Fane, make sure your team is combat ready and the time-sensitive quests are done.
  • Midnight Fane is built as a gateway between the Abyssal realm of Midnight Isles and Golarion. During your exploration there. You will need to travel between the planes multiple times.
  • Three keys are needed to open the gate to the center of Midnight Fane. You can find them on cultist priests (the Deskari and Baphomet priests are next to their statues. The Nocticula priest is in abyss), however if you passed the will check you can get the Nocticula key without fight.
  • The real Yaniel can be found in Minago's torture chambers. If you chose to free her, she will empower the longsword Radiance (the one you found in ACT 1). If you're a Lich and Staunton Vhane is with you, she will turn hostile, and die through dialogue option in which you kill her with radiance and it becomes an evil version with bane living. You can also chose to kill her with Radience, but if Seelah is in your group, she will stop you.
  • Near the single Deskari statue there is a hidden portal leads to a secret Desna altar. (Perception [DC:35 on Normal] and Knowledge: Arcane [DC:42 on Normal] checks required. The portal is trapped, when activates, Plague Storm:Blinding Sickness and Plague Storm: Bubonic Plague casted on your team, and teleport into a large pool of enemies.)
  • You need to go back to the entrance once you hear your allies' horn, otherwise Queen Galfrey will accuse you later.
  • After you clear the location, you will gain 5th mythic level and access to Abyss. (don't forget to loot the bodies, the coin can be used to activate portal at Nexus.)
  • When you are returning from the Abyss (quest The Way Back), you can remove the seal near Deskari Statue to reveal a path to Drezen.
  • In the Abyss portion of the map there is a very powerful enemy (likely the hardest fight up till this point in the game) called Playful Darkness. Be very prepared as it can easily wipe your entire party in a single round. It has 68 AC on Core (53 on medium), lots of very powerful level draining and strength draining attacks and powerful regeneration (you need positive energy damage or lucky roll on Coup De Grace - with Seelah a simple Smite Evil can help to finish it off). Killing it rewards 313,344 XP (52,224 on medium). A good strategy is to summon monsters and keep it busy attacking them and your party using ranged touch attacks or magics that deal damage no matter the save (1 summon undead every turn is enough for this strategy). Also great help, if you has a spontaneous caster in your team with Dispel Magic and high spell penetration, as it can tremendously decrease it's defense power. Make sure to protect it well, as after a successful Dispel Magic, it will target the caster for the next attacks! Mirror Image also can help to neutralize most of it's attacks against said caster. Good luck! After the fight you can find two important items: a book, Manual of Quickness of Action +2, which gaves you +2 Dex permanently (usable item), and the Helmet of Weakening Torture (you can find with a DC:28 Perception at a "hidden" skeleton).
  • In Act V, people on the Aeon mythic path will have to return to Midnight Fane to examine a distortion.  The entrance remains where you exited from the Midnight Fane in Act IV - in the barracks, on the main floor.


Secret of Secrets Puzzle Solution

The Midnight Fane contains a secret area that can only be accessed by having the wall switches throughout the Midnight Fane set in a specific combination. Accessing this area will unlock the Secret of Secrets achievement. The below map indicates the wall switch locations and their required positions.

An "X" indicates that the switch must be closed (the nearby wall door must be closed) and an "O" indicates that the switch must be open.

secret of secrets solution

Once the switches are in the required positions, you can descend down the stairs at the area marked "Entrance". Inside you will find a trapped sarcophagus (DC 47 Perception check on Core difficulty to notice). It has a very high DC 58 Trickery check (on Core) to disable it. The trap triggers a room-wide acid trap if triggered. Either way, once the sarcophagus is opened, several Enraged Vescavor Swarms will spawn and attack (even on normal they have an AC of 50). They use their gibber ability to target your party's Will saves and render them unusable. They also immune to every single target spell, normal meele and ranged attacks. You need buff your party defenses (protection to elements and a corresponding element AoE can help greatly), or with a constant aura-heal, while under the effects of AoE spells, as likely you will be unable to avoid the hurt of your own team, while the Vescavors only hurt you.

Once defeated, you can collect a Manual of Bodily Health +2, Earth Unleashed, 327x Diamond Dust, and a Wand of Acid Arrow.


NPCs at Midnight Fane


Quests related to Midnight Fane


Midnight Fane Map

midnight fane2 wrath of the righteous wiki guide

midnight fane  lower level

mid fane abyss


Midnight Fane Notes & Tips

  • You can find a great leather armor for stealth, the Mantle of the Night (Enchantment+3, Stealth +10 competence bonus), near Gresilla, Priestess of Nocticula.
  • Playful Darkness is very hard to kill.  It is immune to cold and negative energy, has very high AC and spell resistance.  It has debilitating attacks that drain levels and dispel buffs.
  • At the first northeast passage there is a trap unpasssable on real time mode (deactivation plate across the trap), use arcane trickster ranged legerdemain, or while in turn based combat have you trap disabling character walk around the east side.
  • Near the Playful Darkness, there is a wall, where it has a sign for 'Loot' - if you has a normal, mundane Rope within your backpack, you can use it create a passway, which can help to solve the Secret of Secrets puzzle.


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