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Molten Scar is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Molten Scar can be found at World Map. This is where the skin of the wounded Golarion burst, exposing a flow of boiling magma. The incinerating heat emanating from under the ground did not prevent demons from setting up a base here to assault Drezen time and again.


 Molten Scar Information

  • Seelah's friend Jannah can be rescued here.
  • If you have Lann in your team, he will propose to transfer the victims to the mongrel tribe for care. Wenduag also accepts them as her soldiers.
  • If you either pass a bluff or intimidation check, you can trick the Vrock sorcerer to leave and read Xanthir's letter. If you are Azata Path, halflings kill the sorcerer anyways.
  • With a DC 25 Perception check you can find Gloves of Arcane Eradication (+4 bonus to ranged touch attacks, +5 competence bonus on Use Magic Device checks) and a Magic Essence on a body.
  • Commanders on Aeon or Demon Mythic Path have one more dialogue option on what to do with the transformed crusaders.
  • If you were able to get Xanthir's letter (bloodstained page), you can give the letter to the Storyteller in Drezen. He will need you to remember what you saw in the cave.
     - When he asks you what the central point of the ritual was, what you saw there, the right answer is: "The center of the magic shape was a prisoner."
     - For the question of "What did you see during the ritual?" the right answer is: "It looked like a small rift was opened to the Abyss."
     - The answer for the third question "Those performing the ritual - did they utter some incantations?" the answer is: "They repeated the word 'Ravukh'."

    This step is necessary to help the Storyteller remembering his past.


NPCs at Molten Scar

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Molten Scar Notes & Tips

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