Morevet Honeyed Tongue


Location Ten Thousand Delights

Morevet Honeyed Tongue is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players. Morevet is a succubus working in the ghts" href="/Ten+Thousand+Delights">Ten Thousand Delights.


Morevet Honeyed Tongue Information

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Dialogue Options

  • The succubus in the corner bites her full lips and throws pleading glances at you, but it doesn't look like she's pleading for love. A demon guard stands nearby. "You, sir, have such a martial look about you, and that body! I immediately picked you out from the crowd. Please spare me at least a moment of your time. I am Morevet Honeyed Tongue, and I have been waiting for you."
    • "You wanted to talk about something?"
      • "Oh, yes! Zerieks... I don't know what to do!" The succubus hides her face in her hands. "He'll either kill me or get me kicked out of here. And I don't know which is worse!"
        • "What happened? Who is Zerieks?"
          • The succubus clutches her hands to her chest. "Zerieks is a powerful demon, and I was so flattered when he noticed me! But then he grew jealous - he complained that I spent too much time with other guests, and then he started killing them! Oh, I'm so afraid he'll kill me out of jealousy!"
          • [Failed a Perception check] The succubus looks at you beseechingly, her lops trembling. "I see such courage and determination in your eyes... I knew it wasn't  a mistake to talk to you."
            • [If Lann is in the party] Lann: "Another succubus trying to convince us to kill some awful beast. Now what does this remind me of? Is it going to turn out that this one isn't telling us the full story either?"
        • "How can I help you?"
          • "Murder is forbidden in the Ten Thousand Delights, so I set up a date with Zerieks on the roof, not far from here. I beg you to kill him, and I will repay you with such pleasure that you will never again be tempted by anyone else. Bring me his ring and you'll learn what my honeyed tongue can do. Thought this will not be your only reward."
        • "Fine, I'll teach Zerieks some manners."
          • The succubus takes a deep breath, her chest heaving. "Oh, yeah... It feels so good! You'll find him nearby, on the rooftop where he likes to look for new victims. There is a place to the left of the Upper City fates where you can climb to his perch with ease. But I beg you, as soon as you get rid of him, please bring me his ring, or I will never feel safe ever again!"
        • "I want to ask something else."
    • "I like you. What can you do?"
      • The succubus shows her long, narrow tongue, wriggling like a snake. "My tongue will make you feel as sweet as if honey were dripping from it. It can penetrate, entwine, and slide. I would have given you a taste of my honey for a reasonable price, but it just isn't possible..."
    • [Attack] "We'll see how good you are at sweet-talking after I rip out your honeyed tongue!"
    • "When I have a spare moment, I'll return to you."
      • The succubus meets your eyes. "I am willing to wait for you until the end of time."


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