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Mythic Trick  is a Mythic Ability unlocked exclusively by progressing through the Trickster Mythic Path in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Mythic Abilities are unique abilities bestowed upon Mystic Heroes when they ascend to certain levels on the respective Mythic Path. These powerful abilities are a crucial component to crafting Builds, as they provide benefits that synergize with specific Spells, Feats, Traits, and Classes. You may find the relevant information of the Mythic Trick mythic ability on this page.


Mythic Trick Effects

Mythic Tricksters can find creative uses for their skills.

Note that in order to earn subsequent ranks of a Mythic Trick, you need to have acquired the previous rank.


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Rank 1 bonus
(Mythic Trick)

Rank 2 bonus
(Improved Mythic Trick)

Rank 3 bonus
(Greate Mythic Trick)

Athletics Any character can break free from entangling effects by succeeding on Athletics check. But if you are strong enough - there is no actual difference between being entangled and suffering from any other delibitating condition. Every round you attempt an Athletics check to remove one negative condition affecting you. The DC of this check is equal to the effect's original save DC + 15. You already can break free from continuous conditions. But if you are strong enough - there is little difference between continuous and instantaneous. Every time you fail a saving throw, you can make an athletics check against DC equal to the original save DC +20. If you succeed, you automatically pass the saving throw. Now, at last you can call yourself really strong. The most athletic athlete in the world! And, as such, your base attack bonus can't be low - not lower than your ranks in Athletics. And if your base attack bonus is equal to your character level, it becomes not less than your ranks in Athletics plus 5.
Knowledge (Arcana) You can now understand how to use magical items even better. Every item with an enhancement bonus that you identify has this enhancement bonus increased by 1. You can reveal hidden effects that can be used by wearer of magical equipment. Every item you identify gets an additional random minor effects. You can reveal item properties that aren't even there and couldn't possibly be there. Every item you identify gets an additional random major effect.
Knowledge (World) You know so much trivia that you know how to do almost anything better, and can give helpful advice to others. Whenever you, or anyone within 50 feet from you, make a skill check other than Knowledge: World, add half your mythic rank to the original check. You now know so much about the world that you understand that everything in this world is decided by dice. And you are good at dice. You have some very special dice that you will use from now on. Every time a memeber of your party would roll a 1 on a d20 roll the result of the roll instead becomes 20. You now know that whole world is just a game. But that is ultimately in your favor, because you are good at games, and at changing rules in your favor. You and members of your party can now ignore requirements of feats when leveling up.
Lore (Nature) Even in the Worldwound you can find yourself a healthy meal and some useful items. Every time you rest you search the surrounding area, finding a random potion or a random scroll and enough food to cook a common meal that will give some benefits to all your companions. You know nature so well that you know that it is natural to find gold and valuables in the wield. Every time you hunt you get some gold, potions, scrolls and other valuables. You know nature so well that you know that it is perfectly natural to find powerful magical items in the wild. Maybe they do grow on the trees after all? You return from your hunts with random magical items.
Lore (Religion) You learned how to heal not only the body, but the soul as well. Your Treat Affliction removes not only poisons and diseases, but any negative conditions affecting the target. You now know religion so well that you can use abilities usually reserved for clerics. You can select two domains. You gain abilities of those domains and can use spells from those domains once per day as long as the level of those spells is lower than your mythic rank. You now know enough about religion to start your own. You can select two additional domains.
Mobility Acrobatic movement to avoid attack of opportunity reduces you movement speed despite the fact that the skill is called mobility. With this unlock this confusing problem is removed - acrobatic movement now instead increases you movement speed by half. Instead of just avoiding attacks of opportunity by your acrobatic movements, you can instead make them yourself every time you avoid one. Enemies count as flat-footed against those attacks - this is unexpected, after all. Instead of avoiding just attacks of opportunity, you can now avoid normal attacks too. Every time you are hit by an attack you can attempt a mobility check with a -10 penalty. If the result is higher than the attacker's result, the attack misses.
Perception You see more than other people. You are under a constant effect of see invisibility and can now find hidden items in unexpected places. Nothing can escape your notice. You automatically detect creatures who attempt to use Stealth. You also notice more about yourself and your companions, allowing both them and you from now on to take feats from a special trickster list. At last, you notice the most important thing — problems within yourself. And to negate those problems, you learn to quickly find ways to use other mythic tricks. You can now use up to two wandering rank one mythic tricks, that you can change every day.
Persuasion You are so good at demoralizing enemies that just entering combat against you is enough to demoralize them. Any enemy that begins combat against you is immediately affected by your demoralize ability. You are so good at demoralizing your enemies that they lose the will to fight completely. Enemies affected by your demoralize ability must succeed at a Will saving throw with a DC of 10 + your ranks in Persuasion, or become paralyzed and completely helpless. They may make another saving throw against this condition every round. You are so good at demoralizing your enemies that they lose the will to live. Enemies that fail their saving throw against your demoralize ability must spend their first round making a Coup de Grace against themselves.
Stealth You can easily slip into shadow at any time. You can enter stealth during combat as a move action. This stealth is not broken by a single enemy detecting you - instead it acts similar to the invisibility spell, giving you total concealment against all creatures that did not succeed on a Perception check against you. You exceed at stealth, fading from sight with your every move. Your stealth in combat now works more akin to greater invisibility spell effect. You exceed at stealth so much that you can avoid spells targeting you. You gain spell resistance equal to your Stealth bonus - 10.
Infuse Magic Device/Reuse Magic Device/Use Magic Device You have learned of a way to improve the efficiency of used magical items. Caster level of all abilities from magical items you use is increased by your mythic rank. You have learned of a way to use items so delicately that the use is completely unnoticed. Wands you use no longer lose charges for use and you can equip any magical items possible, regardless of requirements. You have learned that there is a very unconventional and effective way to use scrolls. Apparently, there are those guys called "Wizards" and they use scrolls in a very original way — instead of using magic from scroll outright they copy it into this thing they call "Spellbook", and then use the spell every day. You now have one of those spellbooks, and can copy spells into it from scrolls as if you were a wizard of your character level.
Trickery Magical effects do not differ much from magical traps, and can be disabled just like any device. You can, as a standard action, attempt a Trickery check to dispel any effects on target or on the ground. Treat this as the dispel magic spell, only with a caster level check replaced by a Trickery skill check with a -10 penalty. Multiple magical effects do not differ much from complex magical traps, and can be disabled together just like any device. You can, as a standard action, attempt to dispel all magic effects on the target or on the ground. Treat this a the greater dispel magic spell, only with a caster level check replaced by a Trickery skill check with a -20 penalty. Living creatures are also just complex devices and can also be easily disabled. You can try to disable them, forcing them to make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 15 + your ranks in Trickery). If the target fails it, it dies.


Special Trickster Feats

 The following feats are unlocked through the Improved Mythic Trick (Perception rank 2) ability (see the table above). They are exclusive to the Trickster mythic path.

 Feat Name Feat Description Feat Prerequisites

Improved Improved Critical

Choose one type of weapon for which you have the Improved Critical feat. When using the weapon you selected, its critical threat range is increased by one. Improved Critical, Improved Mythic Trick (Rank 2 Perception)

Improved Improved Improved Critical

Choose one type of weapon that has the Improved Improved Critical feat. When using the weapon you selected, your threat range is increased by one. Again. Base Attack Bonus +8, Improved Improved Critical, Improved Mythic Trick (Rank 2 Perception)

Improved Improved Improved Critical Improved

Choose one type of weapon that has the Improved Improved Improved Critical feat. When using the weapon you selected, your critical multiplier is increased by one. Base Attack Bonus +8, Improved Improved Improved Critical, Improved Mythic Trick (Rank 2 Perception)

Metamagic (Completely Normal Spell)

You can make your Spell a bit less magical.

Level decrease: 1 (a completely normal spell uses up a spell slot one level lower than the spell's actual level)



Where to Find Mythic Trick

  • Mythic Trick is a mythic ability that can be found under the Trickster Mythic Path.


Mythic Trick Tips & Notes

  • Knowledge (World) rank 1 mythic trick originally required the trickster to make a successful Knowledge (World) check to provide the mythic bonus to other skill checks, but as of Feb 2023 the tooltip and implementation now seem to just grant the mythic skill bonus without needing a Knowledge (World) check.
  • For the domains granted by Lore(Religion) ranks 2 and 3:
    • As of Feb 2023, gaining domains from the Lore(Religion) mythic trick does not allow you to get the Domain Zealots mythic ability.
    • The domain powers granted this way do not use your character level; they use your mythic level * 2 for level-dependent effects. However, any domain effects that rely on Wisdom still rely on your Wisdom as normal, so certain domains or this mythic trick may not be very useful for characters with low Wisdom.
    • Relatedly, the animal companion from the Animal domain uses levels granted by your mythic level, which stack with any existing levels being used for an animal companion. As a result, picking up the Animal domain from a mythic trick when you already have an animal companion can, in certain builds, let you skip the need for the Boon Companion feat, and can even let you max out your animal companion level even when the class granting you the animal companion is far behind your character level. (For example, picking up Animal domain as a mythic rank 5 mythic trick will essentially add 6 additional levels (mythic rank * 2 minus the 4 level penalty mentioned in the domain power) for determining what level your animal companion should be, if you already have one.)
  • There is a subtle distinction in ranks 2 and 3 of the Persuasion mythic trick. While the second rank mythic trick depends on the actual ranks in Persuasion, the third rank is simply a normal demoralization roll. This means that a proper build can get the save DC from the third rank Persuasion mythic trick to be extremely high, much higher than possible with the second rank Persuasion mythic trick.
  • The rank 1 stealth mythic trick grants you a new ability to use that lets you stealth during combat, you don't use the normal stealth button on the UI.
    • However, the rank 2 stealth mythic trick doesn't give you a different ability, it enhances the functionality of the ability granted by the rank 1 stealth mythic trick.
  • The wizard spellbook granted by the rank 3 Use Magic Device mythic trick still uses Intelligence as a casting stat, both for DCs and also to fulfill minimum stat requirements to cast a spell (so you need a 19 Intelligence to cast a level 9 spell).
    • A wizard can take the rank 3 Use Magic Device mythic trick and doing so grants them a second (blank) spellbook, essentially doubling their spells/day.


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    • Anonymous

      Persuasion Rank 3 is probably the best among all of them.

      Athletics, Stealth are the next best in my opinion, followed by a combination of Arcana and Nature, giving you a lot of powerful items randomly.

      Everything else is a neat feature, but since you can get only so many to rank 3.... you'd have to get toybox to get them all.

      • Anonymous

        religion rank 2 and 3, greater enduring spells doesn't seem to have any interactivity with the spells acquired from these domains. haven't tested many of them, as most are instantaneous or less than 5 minutes. communal stone skin seemed like a bargain, making sure to get your value out of the diamond dust required to use the spell, but the duration is the original 10 minutes. can't say for sure if it's the spell itself or the way in which you acquire the spell, but it doesn't work regardless.

        • Anonymous

          perception rank 2 special feats, mainly improved improved critical and so on don't work reliably. it could be that the critical system is buggy in general so you never notice, otherwise. after extensive testing, it seems that critical hit confirmation is random. as though there is an invisible and undocumented fortification effect on enemies. with regular rolling, random attacks in the critical range will not roll the required confirmation rolls. they auto-fail. using the trickster's all 20's magic spell, which gives 20's on every d20 roll, resulted in attacks prompting to be confirmed every time, but not confirming with 20's. the minimum amount of failures i've seen with natural 20's was 1. the maximum was all 6 attacks from my merc rogue. roll = 20. confirm roll = 20: "critical not confirmed." after reloading the area multiple times and quitting to desktop to ensure it wasn't a loading error, i tested it lots of times. no effect happens to make it stop confirming at a certain point. attacks fail to confirm on the first hit and confirm on later hits. also they confirm on the first, fail to confirm in the middle, and ends with another confirmation. it's completely random. long story short, don't waste the feats. no mods ever used.

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