nenio companion human pathfinder wotr wiki guide
nenio companion kitsune pathfinder wotr wiki guide
Gender Female
Class Wizard (Scroll Savant)
Alignment True Neutral
Deity Nethys
Background Scholar - Arcane
Ability Scores
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
5 15 12 20 12 10
Point buy equivalent 20

Nenio is a Companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and starting equipment.


The line between fascination and obsession cannot be seen up close, only from a distance. Nenio considers herself a great scholar, master of all the sciences, and an unparalleled experimenter. But most others see her as a lunatic in thrall of knowledge.


Nenio Information


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Nenio joins your party with the following build as a 3rd level character:

Class: Wizard 3 (Scroll Savant)

Skill Ranks: Knowledge Arcana (3 ranks), Knowledge World (3 ranks), Lore Nature (3 ranks), Lore Religion (2 ranks), Use Magic Device (3 ranks)
Wizard School Specialization: Illusion
Wizard Opposition Schools: Abjuration, Necromancy
Background: Scholar - Arcane


How to Recruit Nenio

  • You will encounter Nenio as a random encounter on the Kenabres world map after visiting Market Square for the first time. She wishes to conduct an experiment and ask a camp of cultists some questions. Once the encounter has concluded, regardless of its resolution, you will have a chance to ask Nenio to join your party.


Nenio Related Quests


Nenio is the party's primary arcane caster, with a focus on Illusion spells. This focus lets her use spells like Grease and Phantasmal Web for crowd control, and Phantasmal Killer to deal lethal amounts of damage. With the Spell Penetration line of feats and the Abundant Casting line, Nenio's wide variety of effective spells makes her useful in most combat situations. Shadow Conjuration gives her even greater versatility, so long as one remembers to give her the Powerful Shadows mythic ability to make them more effective. Her archetype, Scroll Savant, means that scrolls become even more effective in her hands, particularly at level 10 when she can replace the scroll's caster level with her own. 

Nenio is also very useful as a 'skill monkey,' a character whose primary purpose is to pass skill checks. Her huge Intelligence stat and number of skill points from the Wizard class means that she potentially can have a very high score in any skill she is proficient with. 


Nenio is defined by her great intelligence, ignorance of social norms, and brash recklessness. Despite having a goal of writing a great encyclopedia on Golarion, she  seemingly has no problem placing herself in life-threatening situations when there is potential for new knowledge to be gained. She constantly rushes to gain new knowledge, even if it is comically insignificant, such as asking Woljif Jefto to balance mud-balls on his head, just because she wanted to see how many could be balanced on a Tiefling's head. She also does not appear to have a sense of shame or modesty, nor any sense of attraction or romance, shown when she casually asks the Commander to have sex with her for purely academic purposes. Her ability to induce amnesia in herself is explained as merely getting rid of information she deems "unnecessary," even if it is something others would normally deem important, like her homeland, family, or her own race. This ability is typically played for comedy, such as when she drank a whole bottle of liquor, and then promptly 'forgot' what being drunk was like, causing her to become spontaneously sober. Overall, Nenio can be seen as the 'comic relief' of the party, with relatively little in the way of personal growth and whose antics typically aren't meant to be taken seriously. 

Nenio Builds

Nenio Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Companion Build Guide, I’m going to break down the best Attributes, Skills, Feats, Spells, Mythic Path and Equipment you should take for Nenio to deal effective Ranged and AoE Damage. With this Companion, we’ll go for the pure and straightforward Scroll Savant Wizard Build. If you’re looking for a DPS Build that employs crowd control techniques to confuse enemies, followed by powerful Spells to kill them, then this Nenio Build Guide is for you!


Build 1

10 Scroll Savant/ 2 Vivisectionist/ 8 Arcane Trickster

7 STR/ 18 DEX/ 12 CON/ 22 INT/ 9 WIS/ 13 CHA


Level Take
4 Wizard
5 Wizard - Metamagic (Heighten Spell)
6 Wizard
7 Wizard - Point-Blank Shot
8 Wizard
9 Wizard - Precise Shot
10 Wizard
11 Alchemist - Accomplished Sneak Attacker
12 Arcane Trickster
13 Arcane Trickster - Spell Penetration
14 Arcane Trickster
15 Arcane Trickster - Greater Spell Penetration
16 Arcane Trickster
17 Arcane Trickster - Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
18 Arcane Trickster
19 Arcane Trickster - Improved Critical: Ray
20 Alchemist - Cognatogen

Build 2



Build 3




Nenio Tips and Notes

  • Nenio is an Esperanto word that means "nothing".
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia
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    • Anonymous

      It isn't very often that I just... ignore a companion character, but this one? This one I hard passed on. Holy ****** is she annoying.

      • Anonymous

        Kill on spot, annoying char, even more annoying quests, joke class and, as if it wasnt enough, she's a furry.

        • I love about her the fact, that her mind is so unhinged sometimes, that even high ranking demons get the creeps from her statements. Her knows-it-all skill setup make her useful party member, but i advise a heavy illusion-strenghtening build for her, plus the Expanded Arsenal Mythic Feat - Conjuration, Enchantment and/or Transmutation schools can improve her support role. Personally i avoid Evocation with her (for that, i found Ember was better), and the Opposition schools are out of question... Abundant spellcasting all the way up as well.
          Her talking isn't that annoying, if you can ignore how incoherent sometimes, but you should remember, that she is a follower of Nethys - a literally insane "God of Knowledge". Sometimes she just represents him too well...

          • Anonymous

            I can't believe there's a character more unsufferable than Neera. Stabbed her as soon as the prompt came up.

            • Anonymous

              At first, I thought she was a fun character, her eccentricity was interesting to be around. I remember first encountering her "first experiment", it was entertaining. I thought, "sure, she seems like fun!" But after awhile, her character comes off more and more as contrived and entirely one-dimensional, the way she's written is just... eh, no thanks. But if you love her character, more power to you. Aside from that, her utility as a wizard is outstanding (PK is mad OP).

              • Anonymous

                .....god ****ing damnit if I knew the spoiler I wouldnt have filled her with crossbow bolts after insulting me... BALLS

                • Anonymous

                  Ahhh, I see the build you stole from me is the out of date one, it's been updated, may want to go steal the new one because this site is unable to figure out their own builds :D

                  • Anonymous

                    The build part would be more useful if it showed the skills to take, as well. Also, Sneak Attack is not available by "Alchemist", alone.
                    Need to take Vivisectionist.
                    Not sure when this was made, but Trickery and Mobility need to be skilled up to 4 before Arcane Trickster can be selected (in addition to the sneak attack skill).

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