Nexus is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Nexus can be found at the Midnight Isles in the plane of  Abyss


 Nexus Information

  • After clear the Midnight Fane, you can reach this location. You can use the coin you found on demon leader to open the Nexus portal here.
  • Enter the cave, there you can find Areelu's assistant Suture and the key to open the portal to Alushinyrra. There are 2 portal keys in the cave, one near Suture, the other one near the succubi. (Help Suture every time you see him is a requirement for secret ending.)
  • Return to Hand of the Inheritor and ask him to open the portal to Alushinyrra.
  • While exploring Alushinyrra, you can go back here for rest and healing, as well as changing party members. Resting place to remove corruption as well as personal chest can be found in the caves by the Midnight Fane portal after the Commander has visited Alushinyrra.
  • You can send multiple NPCs to this location, some of them (Gladiators, Aasimars, Xorges) will help you defend the camp later. While some others (Pleasure slaves etc.) may cause troubles.
  • During quest The Art of Making Friends, you need to explore the southeast part of Nexus cave to find Nahyndrian crystal.


NPCs at Nexus


On surface
In the caves


  • Aasimar
  • Golarian Slave
  • Golarian Salves Leader

Quests related to Nexus

Nexus Map



Nexus Dialogue

Other NPCs

  • "We will never forget how you saved us! You're a true hero, an arbiter of mercy, sent to us by radiant Sarenrae herself!"
Golarian Slave
  • "I'd rather die than go back to the demons' captivity. May Iomedae protect you, [Commander_Name], in this evil place!"
  • "It looked like we were doomed to death! But you saved us! Glory to the crusaders!"
Skilled Gladiator
  • "We've been training to fight in the arena! And now we are forced to sit here! Our master wastes our talent and wrecks our future!"

Nexus Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Another NPC you can find here is a shadow demon guard. When playing the demon mythic path and having completed the job yozz gave you, you can claim the shadow demon lords title. Afterwards when you go back to their hideout you can request for them to guard the nexus, leading to that guard NPC being there. For me they only have one voiceline at the moment: "We guard the heard, Master/Mistress."

      • Anonymous

        Suture is not showing up in the cave.
        Initially i thought it was due to stealth on my main character as this caused issues before with the "dream" stair in the lab.
        Though no difference without stealth.

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