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Nosferatu-Born (Ancient-Born) is a Heritage in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Heritages consist of the different sub-races or variations of the specific Races. Selecting a heritage provides various bonuses to , Ability Scores, Skill Checks, and many more. Choosing a heritage for certain races such as the TieflingOreadDhampir, and Kitsune occurs during the Character Creation sequence of the game.



Nosferatu-Born (Ancient-Born) Race

Nosferatu-Born (Ancient-Born) is a heritage that is associated with the Dhampir Race:


Nosferatu-Born (Ancient-Born) Information

The union that results in an ancient-born is too horrific for most to imagine. Even in relative youth a nosferatu is so terrible to behold that any such coupling must be the result of arcane manipulation or insanity. Ancient-born's hatred for humanity is reflected in their appearance; from birth they are misshapen, sallow, and painfully thin. Abuse from their disgusted peers wears deep on ancient-born's skin thanks to their physical weakness. Lacking the gift of immortality to offset the wasting effect of the curse they are born with, their chalky complexion scars easily and bruises like an overripe peach.


Nosferatu-Born (Ancient-Born) Ability Score

  • Nosferatu-Born have a +2 racial bonus to Strength and Wisdom, a -2 penalty to Constitution, and a +2 racial bonus on Athletics and Lore (Nature) checks.


Nosferatu-Born (Ancient-Born) Tips & Notes

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