Other Side of Threshold

Location Inevitable Excess DLC
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Quests A Threat to This World

Other Side of Threshold is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Other Side of Threshold is available in DLC Inevitable Excess.


 Other Side of Threshold Information

  • You need to use Unusual Gear found on Marhevok to unlock this location.


NPCs at Other Side of Threshold

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Other Side of Threshold Map

other threshold dlc map wrath of the righteous wiki guide



Other Side of Threshold Notes & Tips

  • Be careful of the traps in this location.
  • The Mechanism Lever can be found in Abyss-style house. The other house on another platfrom provides you a place to rest.
  • In one of the chest near the house platform, there's a Flawless Bracer of Armor +9.
  • After the first fight in Other Side of Threshold, you gain a unique Dimensional Door - Mass ability, you can use it to travel between different platforms. (Sometimes, you need to pull levers to remove obstacles. Also beware of the traps.) You can also use it to explore Marhevok's hideout in Iz.
  • clockpuzzle part dlc map wrath of the righteous wiki guide

    You can explore the map counter clockwise, at the southwest corner you can find a Mechanism Component. Use it on the mechanism at northwest corner. You can now pull the lever of the platform on east to activate giant clock, it shows the combination of wheel puzzle.

    axis clockpuzzle dlc map wrath of the righteous wiki guide

    Use the combination, then pull the lever removes the obstacles to the a nearby platform. You will find Unbending Kolyarut, the guardian of Keystone here. Use paradox to trick and defeat him gives you a Gloves of Entropy

  • Once you reached the keystone, defeat the enemies there and Ssila’meshnik will show up and tells you the situation. Agree to work with him gives He Whos Sows Chaos, work with Valmallo gives Upholding Order. (Or you can cheat both and work with Areelu, quest Paradox)
  • The chest near Ssila’meshnik contains ring The Unveiler.
  • Other notes...



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