At 2nd level, a duelist learns to parry the attacks of other creatures, causing them to miss. Whenever the duelist takes a full attack action with a light or one-handed piercing weapon, she can elect not to take one of her attacks. At any time before her next turn, she can attempt to parry an attack against her or an adjacent ally as an immediate action.
To parry the attack, the duelist makes an attack roll, using the same bonuses as the attack she chose to forego during her previous action. If her attack roll is greater than the roll of the attacking creature, the attack automatically misses. For each size category that the attacking creature is larger than the duelist, the duelist takes a –4 penalty on her attack roll. The duelist also takes a –4 penalty when attempting to parry an attack made against an adjacent ally.

Parry is one of many Class Features available in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Class Features are generally passive benefits that characters gain based on their Class but can also sometimes be active Skills that you can use in combat. Abilities in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous can be used for both dealing damage to Enemies, inflict Status Ailments, buff characters or just protect you.


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Parry can be obtained by the following Classes:


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    • Anonymous

      Truly a terribly implemented ability. It could be useful, if the majority of enemies you came across didn't only have an attack far higher than yours but also didn't attack 4 to 6 times a turn.
      It'd be better if you could make as many parry attempts as your attacks, using the attack bonuses of each attack in descending order.

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