Pickpocket adds Trickery and Stealth to the list of her class skills. She also gains +2 bonus on Initiative rolls.

Pickpocket is a Background in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Backgrounds represent the Lore of the past previous to the start of the game, of the playable protagonist. Backgrounds not only tell a story, this story usually comes with a certain Feat, Stat of Buff, or some kind of Bonus, for the character according to the chosen background. These bonuses are more noticeable at the very beginning of the game.  


Pickpocket Description

Pickpocket adds Trickery and Stealth to the list of her class skills. She also gains a +2 bonus on Initiative rolls.

If the character already has the class skill, weapon proficiency or armor proficiency granted by the selected background from her class during character creation, then the corresponding bonuses from background change to a +1 competence bonus in case of skills, a +1 enhancement bonus in case of weapon proficiency and a -1 Armor Check Penalty reduction in case of armor proficiency.


Pickpocket Tips & Notes

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