Pulura's Fall

pularas fall  outside 2
Location Worldwound
Sub-Areas N/A
NPC's Gobblehoof
Merchants N/A
Quests The Fool King
Cascade of Fire

Pulura's Fall is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Pulura's Fall can be found at Worldwound.


 Pulura's Fall Information

  • In order to reach this location, you need to ask someone with wings to help you.
  • Go to your room, use the closet to reach council chamber and ask Gobblehoof for help. He will carry you to this location.
  • During the quest Cascade of Fire, you need to chose between saving survivors or stop Mutasafen. However, if you caught Nurah sabotaging you in Act 2, used the Trickster option to persuade her to join you, then spared her at Drezen, she will stop Mutasafen for you. Note that you can choose between stopping Mutasafen or saving the people of Pulura's Falls - she only helps you if you save the people, in which case she stops Mutasafen for you. If you stop Mutasafen, the people die. (Or, if you sided with Ramien against Hulrun, he'll save them for you and die himself instead.)
  • In the secret chamber opened by solving the puzzle there is a Mask for quest More than Nothing, and a book that +2 Int.
  • If you want the secret ending, you have to stop Mutasafen and loot his corpse. Then complete the crusade project to research the map.

Puzzle solution

  • Pulura's Fall puzzle can be solved by pressing the buttons in the following order: Newlyweds, daughter, rider, patriarch, pack, follower.

pulura's fall solution

NPCs at Pulura's Fall

  • NPCs go here...


Quests related to Pulura's Fall


Pulura's Fall Map

pularas fall  outside 2

 pularas fall  underground

Pulura's Fall Notes & Tips

  • Can find Summit Mask in this location
  • Other notes...
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    • Anonymous

      so a bag of holding is stuck in this place, huh. great. just sell them in shops, please. how the **** am i supposed to plan this buggy encounter?

      • Anonymous

        If you're following the angel mythic path (and possibly others), then the Hand of the Inheritor (standing in the plaza outside the Drezen Citadel) will approach you at some point, and offer to take you to this location. I have no idea who Gobblehoof is.

        • Anonymous

          I can't find Gobblehoof, I can't interact with any closet, he's not in my Council, and I can't progress any further in the game until I find him. Help?

          • Anonymous

            How are you meant to solve this puzzle without looking it up? The old Sarkorian book you find in the back has some of the star names in it and they're capitalized for no clear reason but they aren't the correct stars

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