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Crusader's Camp,
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Queen Galfrey is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs in WotR can issue quests, provide information and background lore, or trade with players.


Queen Galfrey Information

  • To Romance Galfrey, you need:
  • In ACT 2, take her with you on the crusade. Do Leper's Smile with no casualties (don't loot anything until you've killed the vescavor queen) and reach Drezen relatively quickly. If you did this correctly, Galfrey will give you a ring at the start of chapter 3. Flirt with her at every opportunity, basically, until this point.
  • At the end of ACT 3, right before the Midnight Fane, Galfrey will tell you she wants to speak with you in private. Don't aggressively flirt with her here, be serious. At the end of the conversation, pick "I hope that when this war is over you can start thinking about what you want" (or something to that effect). Additionally, give her the Lexicon of Paradox.
  • In ACT 4, have the Storyteller check up on Galfrey on your behalf. 
  • In ACT 5, Storyteller will hand you a letter that Galfrey wrote you, but never intended for you to see. He'll explain to you how Galfrey was feeling as she wrote the letter. Then at the end of the chapter when you go to Iz you'll meet up with her.


Queen Galfrey first appears in the Defender's Heart after the battle of the Gray Garrison. Impressed by their feats and desperate to begin another crusade, she names the player character Knight Commander of the 5th Crusade. After establishing the Crusader's Camp, Galfrey will say she intends to return to Nerosyan, but the Commander can convince her to stay by appealing to her (Angel) or insulting her (Aeon). If she leaves, she does not return until the assault on the Midnight Fane

If convinced to stay: Galfrey will join the crusade incognito. She generally stays out of the way and allows the Commander to make most of the decisions on their own until Banner over the Citadel when it is time to take Drezen. She reveals herself (with Anevia implying that she knew who she was all along), but leaves the plan of how to take Drezen up to you, disapproving only if you take the Swarm path by using the vescavors. She battles the balor Darazzand alongside you and meets with you after the siege. She will take her leave for Nerosyan, but if you handled the vescavor crisis at the Leper's Smile with minimal casualties, she will reward you with a high AC Ring of Protection. 

At the end of Act 3, Galfrey will return for the assault on the Midnight Fane after waiting about a month. At this point, the player must decide whether or not to give Galfrey the first part of the Lexicon of Paradox. There is no gameplay benefit to not giving Galfrey the Lexicon, as you will always be able to get it back later when you need it, so feel free to give it to her. Azatas can rush the Fane without Galfrey to ambush the demons. After Darazzand is dead and the Midnight Fane is captured, Galfrey takes the opportunity to review the Commander's "performance" in the crusade. Mechanically, the queen requires to have no more than 2 demerits if the Commander is to keep their rank. These potential demerits include: 

  • Recruiting Arushalae and not passing the Diplomacy check to convince Galfrey she is good. 
  • Sustaining serious casualties in the Leper's Smile. 
  • Choosing any Mythic path that is not Angel or Aeon. Two demerits are given if the Commander is a Lich or Demon., or if you are an Azata who rushed the Midnight Fane. 

For those who chose Lich or Demon, passing this test is impossible. Angel and Aeon can do it with a high Diplomacy check. For Azata, you have the option to rush the Midnight Fane to ambush the demons instead of waiting for Galfrey. This makes the queen extremely bitter that the Commander essentially proved that they can manage the crusade and win major victories without her. This also makes it impossible to retain your rank. Should the Commander fail their review, they are stipped of their rank and banished to the Abyss to track down the source of the Mythic Demons. Should they keep their rank, the queen instead dispatches them on a mission to the Abyss and promising they will keep their rank when they return. 

Act 4: Galfrey expects the Commander to only be gone for a few weeks, and thus attempts to hold the line against the demons until the Commander returns.  Storyteller shares how the stress of the Commander's absence is weighing heavily on the crusade's army when spoken to in the Abyss. If Galfrey is being romanced, he also gives you a personal letter from her, required to continue the romance. After being trapped in an abyssal time warp, 6 months pass in the real world. With no word in so long, Galfrey gives in to despair, holds a funeral for the Commander, takes the Sword of Valor to attempt to rush the City of Iz in a vain attempt to kill Deskari. 

Act 5: If the Commander managed to keep their rank, Irabeth will stay behind in Drezen and be safe. If not, she will accompany Galfrey to Iz and potentially dying if the player chooses not to save her. At the City of Iz, the player must choose what to save from Deskari's forces. If you gave Galfrey the Lexicon, she will be in the library, allowing you to save both her and the knowledge of Sarkoris (necessary for the Secret Ending) at once, while letting Ciar and the other mercenary leaders die and letting the Sword of Valor be taken by the demons. If the Lexicon was not given to Galfrey, she will instead be fighting the undead Terendelev. If the player goes to her aid, Galfrey (and Irabeth, if present) will live. If she is romanced, she will also join the party. She will return the Lexicon of Paradox and apologize, claiming that the player made her feel envious due to advancing the crusade in a way she could never hope to, and wielding powers far greater than she did, and that banishing them to the Abyss was a mistake. The player can choose forgive her, dismiss her apology but let her live, or kill her. 

If not protected, both she and Irabeth will die at either Trendelev or Anemora the archpriest of Deskari's hands. With her last breaths, she gives back the Lexicon of Paradox if the player gave it to her in Act 3. If the player is a Lich, they can raise the deceased Galfrey to serve as an undead party member. Now a banshee, she still hates the player, but admits to feeling strangely satisfied now that she need only worry about killing demons, not being queen. 

Returning to Drezen, Galfrey will approve of your actions if you are on a Good or Neutral-aligned path, but if you are Evil, she will instead claim that she is taking her remaining forces back to Mendev, including Kleam and the other mercenary leaders. The Commander can either let them go, or kill them all. 

Ending Slides

Galfrey Lives and is not Romanced: Galfrey jealously guards her position as queen, even after the crusades have ended. While she brings stability, many in Mendev are unsatisfied with this.

Galfrey Lives and is Romanced: Galfrey joins the player's party to fight Areelu and stops being queen of Mendev to live with the player.

Galfrey Dies: Nobles squabble to find out who will take her place, with Daeran being the most clear choice. 

Galfrey Undead: Same as the above slide, but some claim to have seen her ghost wandering Sarkoris. 

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    • Anonymous

      So I'm confused on how you actually pass this. I got here on my Lich, and I get why Lich wouldn't pass, but it seems like passing is impossible period. There is no way to not change the Sword of Valor (wish you could rebut this with her, changing the banner wasn't something we /did/ it's just something that /happened/) and there is no way to not have Arueshalae in your party. She joins after Greengates at the latest and she can't be killed due to her Desna buff. We've already got one Angel stating this still required the locked Angel option to keep the rank, but can anyone else comment here?

      Do we know if the diplomacy check for her having a problem with Arueshalae "undoes" the demerit?
      If it does undo the demerit, is this working as intended?

      This wouldn't be a problem if it didn't change the location and apparently survivability of certain characters later on. As a Lich I give no ****s, but I'll definitely care later on in subsequent playthroughs

      • Anonymous

        just to add: i picked Angel, I remade the banner in my image, and I had Arueshalae in my party (succeeded the diplo check). She still wanted to strip me of rank, but I used the Angel dialogue option to ask her nicely to let me keep it.

        • Anonymous

          Being an Azata and turning the Sword of Valor into a "reflection of me" was enough to get me stripped of rank, irrespective of all other merits, so the list above is definitely not exhaustive.

          • Anonymous

            So, I've played as an Aeon (Lawful Neutral) and done no evil acts on that list, however, despite this, I was still relieved of my rank, she marked me being an Aeon (altering the Sword of Valor) against me.

            Essentially, no. Being an Aeon doesn't allow you a free pass. I should also note I passed the Diplomacy check for Arueshalae too.

            I really should have 0 detrimental points, but apparently, that was too much.

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