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Ravaged Long House is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Ravaged Long House can be found at World Map. The name of this village has been lost to time, as well as the name of the Sarkorian clan that lived here. The husk of a long house — its decaying beams that protrude from the ground like the ribs of a stripped carcass — serve as the only reminder that this land once belonged to humans.


Ravaged Long House Information


  1. Several Sneaky Bodaks are encountered at the longhouse. Their Deathless Gaze cause level reduction, but can be avoided with a fortitude save or better by casting the spell Death Ward, which gives immunity to level drain.

  2. A cliff with a 28 DC Athletics check up and 23 DC down. Safely bypassing the Sneaky Bodaks for the puzzle slabs.

  3. There's a well with a DC 29 Athletics check, providing an alternate entrance to the basement.

  4. Corpse by a tree.


Ravaged Long House Basament


  1. Treasure Chest

  2. Several hidden Bodaks.

  3. More Bodaks.

  4. Puzzle slabs and alternate entrance from well.

NPCs at Ravaged Long House

  • ???


Quests related to Ravaged Long House

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Ravaged Long House Map



Ravaged Long House Notes & Tips

  • There's a Corpse at the far northern end of the map, underneath a tree.
  • Bodaks outside of the house are only present at night
  • Other notes...


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    • If your MC is a Dhampir or Lich, this is not much of a challenge... Just keep the others back. If you put one or two of your allies spells to Animate Dead and Create Undead with an acquired Brazen Whip and/or Source of Dividing Power, it's also a perfect method - the lower level undead might only can hit the Bodaks with a critical, but the Brazen Whip gaves them +1 attack per round, and with the Source of Dividing Power you can change all of their attacks into holy damage. Add those items to a Sorcerer with Abyssal bloodline or a Herald Caller, use the Ascendant Summons Mythic Ability and you can call upon a mighty capable force easily... They might not hit too often, but their sheer number will increase their chances, and they act as meat shields too. If your MC is the summoner, with the Lich Mythic Path, then Repurpose your enemies and control undead.

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