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Location Random encounter on the world map during acts II, III, and V

Skeletal Salesman is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players.


Skeletal Salesman Information

The Skeletal Salesman is a random encounter that can occur in Acts 2, 3, and 5 on the world map. This trader has four different inventories for you to select from. Each time you encounter the salesman you can choose which inventory of goods he will offer you by telling him what items sell best (Exotic wares from faraway lands, Personal protection equipment, Hunter's arsenal, and Magicional mysterical spellthingies). His inventory does not change to the selected type until the next time you encounter him on the map.

The first time you encounter the Skeletal Salesman, he will offer some free sample items based on the race of the player.

Once you reach Act 3 and Act 5, the Skeletal Salesman's shop inventories expand.

Skeletal Salesman Free Samples




Exotic wares from faraway lands

Item Name Purchase Price Quantity Available In
Disruption Nunchaku +1 28000 1 Act 2
Flaming Two-Bladed Sword +2 22000 1 Act 2
Rumble 27800 1 Act 2
Keen Orc Double Axe +2 18500 1 Act 2
Frost Dwarven Urgrosh +2 18500 1 Act 2
Cold Iron Holy Bastard Sword +1 18500 1 Act 2
Holy Blare 66000 1 Act 3
Prowling Death 75000 1 Act 3
Pillar of Hope 68000 1 Act 3
Radiant Dueling Sword +2 18500 1 Act 3
Agile Estoc +3 32000 1 Act 3
Frost Kama +2 18500 1 Act 3
Corrosive Sai +2 18500 1 Act 3
Tongi +3 18500 1 Act 3
Blood Boiler 68000 1 Act 3
Dwarven Urgrosh +5 50000 1 Act 5
Slaughtering Silence 170000 1 Act 5
Destroyer of Planes 188000 1 Act 5
Terrifying Tremble 180000 1 Act 5
Punching Dagger +5 50000 1 Act 5
Cruel Necrotic Dagger +5 50000 1 Act 5


Personal protection equipment

Item Name Purchase Price Quantity Available In
Chainmail +2 4300 1 Act 2
Half-Plate +2 4750 1 Act 2
Mithral Banded Mail +1 9400 2 Act 2
Sturdy Leather Armor 16000 1 Act 2
Belt of Physical Might +2 10000 1 Act 2
Agile Spiked Light Shield +1 8300 1 Act 2
Corrosive Spiked Heavy Shield +1 8300 1 Act 2
Shield of Holy Thorn 37000 1 Act 3
Lone Wolf's Scale Mail 31000 2 Act 3
Belt of Physical Might +4 65000 1 Act 3
Buckler +3 9155 1 Act 3
Heavy Shield of Elemental Protection 16170 1 Act 3
Breastplate of Medium Fire Resistance 9350 1 Act 3
Full Plate +5 26650 1 Act 5
Belt of Physical Might +6 125000 1 Act 5
Purging Chains 75000 1 Act 5
Heavy Shield +5 25170 1 Act 5
Chainmail of Greater Cold Resistance 25300 1 Act 5
Cloak of Resistance +6 75000 1 Act 5


Hunter's arsenal

Item Name Purchase Price Quantity Available In
Longbow +2 8300 1 Act 2
Quiver of Cold Iron Ammunition (50 uses) 200 1 Act 2
Amulet of Imposing Physique 10000 1 Act 2
Belt of Alacrity 26000 1 Act 2
Knee Pads of Mighty Swipe 6100 1 Act 2
Belt of Physical Flow +2 10000 1 Act 2
Leather Barding +2 4160 1 Act 2
Chainmail Barding +2 4300 1 Act 2
Corrosive Shortbow +2 18500 1 Act 3
Frozen Scales 29200 1 Act 3
Belt of Beastly Sturdiness 45000 1 Act 3
Chainshirt Barding +3 9250 1 Act 3
Hide Barding +3 9165 1 Act 3
Quiver of Flaming Ammunition (20 uses / day) 14000 1 Act 3
Dart +5 50000 1 Act 5
Throwing Axe +5 50000 1 Act 5
Barding of Vengeance 73000 1 Act 5
Chainmail Barding +5 25300 1 Act 5
Belt of Physical Form +6 125000 1 Act 5
Belt of Physical Flow +6 125000 1 Act 5
Killing Pace 174000 1 Act 5
Composite Shortbow +5 50000 1 Act 5


Magicional mysterical spellthingies

Item Name Purchase Price Quantity Available In
Shock Quarterstaff +2 18500 1 Act 2
Bracers of Armor +4 16000 1 Act 2
Haramaki +2 4160 1 Act 2
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 8000 1 Act 2
Cloak of Resistance +3 9000 1 Act 2
Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 4000 1 Act 2
Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 4000 1 Act 2
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 4000 1 Act 2
Flaming Light Crossbow +2 18500 1 Act 2
Lesser Bolster Metamagic Rod 9000 1 Act 2
Ultrasound Ghost Touch Light Mace +2 50000 1 Act 3
Bracers of Armor +5 25000 1 Act 3
Haramaki +3 9160 1 Act 3
Diamond 5000 10 Act 3
Diamond Dust 50 77 Act 3
Kinetic Diadem 50000 1 Act 3
Headband of Mental Perfection +2 10000 1 Act 3
Cloak of Resistance +4 16000 1 Act 3
Sigil of Destruction 65000 2 Act 3
Reach Metamagic Rod 11000 1 Act 3
Bolster Metamagic Rod 32500 1 Act 3
Haramaki of Scholarship 25000 1 Act 3
Quarterstaff +5 50000 1 Act 5
Bracers of Armor +8 64000 1 Act 5
Diamond 5000 10 Act 5
Arrow Catcher 69000 1 Act 5
Greater Kinetic Diadem 98000 1 Act 5
Headband of Mental Perfection +6 120000 1 Act 5
Greater Bolster Metamagic Rod 73000 1 Act 5


Associated Quests

  • None


Dialogue Options

  • Upon first meeting (Human on Lich path)
    • A skeleton is walking across the wastes. He moves with pep in his step, humming a tune. His skull bobs in chorus with the humming, making the coins inside his head clink rhythmically. Next to him, nightmarish horses of flame and shadow draw a cart loaded with valuable-looking items. Upon seeing you, the skeleton offers a dramatic and hearty wave. "Good evening to you there! Or is this what days look like in your Worldwound? Can't really tell... but no matter! Be it day or night, the Skeletal Salesman always has the best deals you can find anywhere!" He proudly sweeps his bony hand over the goods in his cart. "As a rule, I offer a free sample of my merchandise to every new customer. And I try to tailor my wares to the individual! Say I meet a kitsune, then I can crack a joke about how I'd offer them a free Potion of Fox's Cunning, but they must have enough of that already! The customer feels flattered, they take the sample, and I've immediately established a rapport. But dealing with humans is hard. You can't joke about their horns, or their fox-like features. Still, I know what I can offer you as a free sample. Something that suits you perfectly! Would you like it?" The skeleton's cheerful manner doesn't deceive you. He is undead, his soul imprisoned by a powerful creature. Perhaps by a creature even more powerful than you.
  • "Well, fine, give me your free sample!"
    • (Human) "Here you go, take it. A heroic gift for a heroic person!"
  • "Tell me about yourself."
    • "I'm a simple man. I keep no secrets... you can see right through me!" The skeleton laughs as he knocks on his empty ribcage for phasis "What would you like to know?"
  • "How did you become who... or what you are?"
    • "Ooh, now that's a story and a half! Listen well and don't repeat my mistakes, or you won't be able to live with yourself! Get it? All right, moving on... Once, I was just like you, exploring all sorts of ruins and filling my pockets with riches, until I stumbled into a dracolich's lair. That's one scary beast, let me tell you. A lich AND a dragon! He would've eaten me whole, had I not suggested a deal: I would sell off all the blades and armor left by previous adventurers. Surely, he didn't have much use for all that equipment, but he could earn a tidy sum of gold. Surprisingly, he agreed! But that didn't save my life. Instead, he just turned me into a walking pile of bones! And what do you know that was just the beginning of my troubles! For a long time, I wandered the River Kingdoms, peddling wares, until I met one devious scoundrel. At first glance, he looked decent enough decked out in armor, clearly a paladin. He asked me where my master's lair was. Obviously, he wasn't the first to take an interest, but the dracolich was no slouch - he put an enchantment on me so that I couldn't even remember the lair's location. However, this knight turned out to be quite the wizard too. I'm no expert in magic, but basically, he offered to perform a ritual that would reveal the location of my master's lair. Then, he and his pals would kill the dracolich and give me my freedom, plus half of the hoard. Sounds like a sweet deal, huh? So I agreed, like a fool. He showed me the contract and it seemed all right to me, so I just signed it right then and there. We conducted the ritual and the knight found out where my master was hiding - by looking at some astral tracks or whatnot. Long story short, they killed the dracolich. The knight offered me my half of the treasure as promised. And then, as per the terms of our contract, he demanded payment for the ritual's components, for my freedom, and then there were taxes, excise fees, and fines... Before I knew it, I had to give him all of my loot and still couldn't even cover my debt. And so he offered me a way to repay it by working as before - for his master, this time. Thus, I'm still traveling, peddling, and all that, until I earn every last coin that I owe him. And you know what? To pay off that kind of sum, I'm pretty sure I'll have to keep working for him until Groetus brings the End Times. Now that's a story, isn't it? Someday I might even write a tragic play about myself. I'll call it 'Undeath of a Salesman.' As for the moral..." With a professorial air, the skeleton holds up one white finger. "The moral of my story is this - watch what you sign! That lesson is free. For the rest of what's in this fine cart, you'll have to pay in gold!"
  • "Who is your new master?"
    • "Did I tell you the knight looked like a paladin? Well, he wasn't anything of the sort! On the contrary, he was a servant of Mammon, the archdevil of avarice!" The skeleton slightly opens his mouth to reveal a single azure coin among the gold. The coin is stamped with the disdainful visage of a devil. "That's the one he sold me to, guts and all, although by then I had no guts, really. Now, at least if somebody asks me where my master's lair is, I can honestly say, 'Erebus, the third layer of Hell, palace of the royal treasurer. Entrance by appointment only.'"
  • "Do you want me to try to free you from this curse?"
    • "No thanks!" The skeleton waves you away with both hands. "Been there, done that, only made things worse. I've had enough 'help.' I'll make do."
  • (Requires Lich Path) [Measure your strength against that of Mammon] "All right, skeleton, give me everything you have. That's an order!"
    • I... I... can't..." The skeleton is shaking, his bones crunching and twisting out of his joints. Your power contorts them, crushing the will of his current master. The Skeletal Salesman's skull twitches back and forth, spilling coins onto the ground. However, your attempt yields no result it would take too much time and effort to overcome the magic that binds the skeleton. "Ugh. Oof. You shouldn't have done that. Angering Mammon is a bad idea - I know that firsthand. Still, you managed to shake some money out of me, I'll give you that. Take everything that fell out, and let's call it a prize for the hundredth customer."
  • "Do you trade with everyone, crusaders and demon worshipers alike?"
    • "You bet. What do I care about which side of yours is winning, anyway? Both are buying my wares, business is booming- everybody needs a weapon and a good set of armor. You sell one thing, the next day they bring it back all ragged and full of holes, looking for a replacement... Sure, this war will probably end one day. Maybe the crusaders will finally patch up that Abyssal hole, or maybe this whole region will fall through it. That's when I'll pack up and go elsewhere. Golarion is a big place, I can always find new customers!"
  • Thank you for your answers."
    • "You're very welcome! Talking is easier than dragging a cart. I can wag my tongue all day for free, even though I don't have one."


Notes & Tips

  • Items you sell to the Skeletal Salesman can only be bought back from the same inventory that you sold them to. For example, if you sell items to the Hunter's Arsenal shop inventory, you can only buy them back from the Hunter's Arsenal shop inventory as well.



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