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Location Gray Garrison,
Mage's Tower

Storyteller is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players.


Storyteller Information

  • The Storyteller is a recurring character that can reveal hidden lore about items merely by touching them. He can restore artifacts back to their full power for the player.


Associated Quests


Artifact Restoration

  • The Storyteller can restore artifacts for you if you provide him with the appropriate artifact shard and materials. See below for the artifacts and materials required.

Artifacts in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are powerful items that can only be used once restored by the Storyteller. To restore an artifact, you will need to bring him certain components and the destroyed shard of such an item. These destroyed shards can be found throughout your adventures.




Artifact Shard



Shard Location

The Covenant of the Inheritor Piece of Holy Symbol

5 Magic Essence 
(6 in early betas)

This symbol of Iomedae, when placed on the belt, emits a holy aura. All party members in 30-feet area get a +2 bonus to caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. Their weapon become Good-aligned and count as if they were made of cold iron.
The Bound of Possibility Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered Leather 5 Magic Essence + 2 Cold Iron + 2 Demon Blood + 3 Hide of a Magical Creature

Bonus differs based on mythic path.

The Bound of Possibility - Demon Rage and Demon Aspects now grant bonuses as if you were 3 mythic ranks higher.

The Bound of Possibility - Whenever the wearer of this cloak fails a saving throw, they get a +10 bonus on all skill checks and saving throws for 1 round.
However, the wearer gets sad afterwards and suffers a -1 penalty to AC, attack and damage rolls until the end of the next combat.

The Bound of Possibility - Whenever one of the Locust's clones dies, it spawns a CR 18 Locust Swarm after itself, which attacks your enemies to the best of its abilities for 3 minutes.

The Bound of Possibility - When Lich wears this cloak his Lord Beyond the Grave grants additional +4 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Charisma ability scores.

The Bound of Possibility - This Cloak allows Legend to reroll any skill check and take the best result from both throws.

The Bound of Possibility - This cloak grants Dragon 2 additional spell slots for the 9th level spells. In addition, Dragon's breath deals additional 20 Divine damage and its DC is increased by 2.

The Bound of Possibility - This cloak grants Devil 3 additional uses of Hell's Seal per day.

The Bound of Possibility - Azata shares a bond with her dragon. 50% damage is redirected to Aivu. In addition, Aivu gets additional DR N/- where N is equal to Azata's mythic rank.

The Bound of Possibility - When an Angel wears this cloak, his Sword of Heaven ability deals an additional 4 dice of damage or heal an additional 4 dice of damage instead of 2.

The Bound of Possibility - When in combat, an Aeon wearing this cloak distorts time and space in 30 feet area. Each round enemies have to pass a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + mythic rank + Wisdom modifier ) or be slowed for one round, as
per slow spell. Allies instead are under a constant haste spell effect. They also gain a +4 insight bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks.

Ronneck's Sacrifice Rune-covered Ancient Leather Scrap 3 Magic Essence + 1 Cold Iron + 2 Demon Blood + 2 Hide of a Magical Creature These boots of Dexterity +8 grant its wearer a +10 bonus on Mobility and Athletics skill checks. They also double bonuses to AC, attack rolls, and Reflex saving throw from Haste spell cast upon the wearer. In addition, whenever the enemy confirms a critical hit against the wearer, it becomes stunned for 1d4 rounds.
  • Wintersun (check all the lore stones, then claim it at Stone Heart. See Wintersun)
The Stern Hand Shard of Knight's Bracers 1 Magic Essence + 4 Cold Iron + 2 Demon Blood Grants the wearers animal companion (as well as Azata's dragon or Lich's skeletal champion) a +6 bonus to Strength. However, at the start of combat, said animal companion must pass a DC 17 Will save or start attacking party members. If the initial saving throw is failed, the companion makes a new save every round until they pass and the effect ends.
  •  Found in one of the prison cells of the Drezen prison, during the siege of Drezen.
Shy Lily's Helmet Crumpled Demon Helmet 2x Magic Essence + 3x Cold Iron + 4x Demon Blood + Hide of a Magical Creature +4 profane bonus to Strength and a +2 profane bonus to AC.
Ring of Summoning Melted Shard of a Ring 4 Magic Essence + 2 Cold Iron This ring grants the wearer an ability to summon either axiomites or soul eaters, randomly selected, once per day, as if they were summoned by a summon monster VIII spell (caster level 15, DC 22). All allies, including the wearer, within 30 feet gain a +2 bonus to weapon damage rolls and a +2 bonus saving throws against attacks made or effects created by chaotic creatures.


Shop Inventory

In the Mage's Tower in the Upper City of Alushinyrra, you can purchase items from the Storyteller. Notable items that he sells are:

Item Name Purchase Price Quantity
Dragonfall 56000 1
Chainmail of Spiteful Barbs 63000 1
Diamond 5000 7
Diamond Dust 50 108
Extend Metamagic Rod 11000 1
Reach Metamagic Rod 11000 1
Nordic Welcome 99000 1
Crushing Presence 80000 1
Ring of Boreal Might 75000 1
Timely Assistance 150000 1
Gloves of Martial Excellence 50000 1
Spirit Thrasher 113000 1
Robe of Virtue 34000 1
Dinosaur Bone 200 20


Dialogue Options

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Notes & Tips

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  • "The world is not made of things or matter even. It's made of stories. They move from the past to the future, piercing our world at the point of 'her and now.' They give meaning to everything, they are the meaning, and everything else is only the setting required for stories to exist. There is nothing more real and alive than a story. And anything real and alive can be destroyed. Distorted. Forgotten... But as long as I carry these stories with me, they will not be lost."


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    • Anonymous

      they seemed to have retconned the storyteller's story a little. in kingmaker he's a smith and says his eyes were burned out by the forge fires. in wrath of the righteous, he's a wizard and his eyes were burned out by a crystal while performing a magic ritual. there are some other suspected changes, which i must verify as i play.

      • Anonymous

        i'm so happy i looked up what the shard of a knight's bracer makes. it's made to troll you. better left destroyed than waste the cold steel building it. i appreciate the information. slap a belt on your pet and call it a day. it wont go crazy and try to kill you with a belt you can easily buy.

        • Anonymous

          Apparently if you forget to show him the artifact in chapter 1, you never get the option to restore artifacts later. I'm in chapter 3, and my shared stash is full of broken artifacts, but I can't even show them to him.

          • Anonymous

            Honestly in the final battle I suggest getting the group you leave to hold the line to take him out before any demons, as he stuns everyone else and ****s you over. Honestly, he's more of a menace than the demons themselves.

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