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Mythic Path Azata

Superpowers is a Mythic Ability unlocked exclusively by progressing through the Azata Mythic Path in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Mythic Abilities are unique abilities bestowed upon Mystic Heroes when they ascend to certain levels on the respective Mythic Path. These powerful abilities are a crucial component to crafting Builds, as they provide benefits that synergize with specific Spells, Feats, Traits, and Classes. You may find the relevant information of the Superpowers mythic ability on this page.


Superpowers Effects

Azata can choose from her Superpowers to enhance herself.



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Azata gains a bonus equal to her mythic rank to all skill checks. Whenever she makes a skill check, she rolls the die twice, and chooses the best result. She is proficient with all types of Weapons and Armor, and can wear and wield any equipment she wants.

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Favorable Magic

Azata's magic becomes incredibly more powerful. Whenever an enemy makes a saving throw against her Spells, they roll the die twice and take the worst result. Whenever the Azata makes a concentration check or a check to overcome spell resistance, she rolls twice and takes the best result. If the Azata casts a spell whose description says that a successful saving throw halves its damage or duration, it only decreases it by 25% instead.

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Incredible Might

Azata gains a morale bonus equal to her mythic rank on attack and damage rolls. Whenever she hits with a charge attack or confirms a critical hit, the target has to pass a Fortitude saving throw, with DC equal to 10 + your Mythic rank + Strength modifier. If the target fails a saving throw one of the following action happens at random:

  • Enemy is stunned for 1d4 rounds (30%)
  • Enemy is prone for 1d4 rounds (20%)
  • Enemy is pushed away 15 feet and is stunned for 1d4 rounds (20%)
  • Enemy is crippled till the end of the fight: they can no longer move and suffers a -3 penalty to attack rolls and AC (15%)
  • Enemy becomes exhausted (10%)
  • Enemy is killed (5%)Additionally, Azata can decide to lose these advantages to instead bolster the physical abilities of Companions. They gain a bonus on all attack and damage rolls equal to +1 per 2 Azata's mythic ranks.

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Life-Bonding Friendship

Azata chooses one teamwork feat during this and next mythic rank up. She shares the effects of all teamwork feats she has with allies within a 50 feet area. Azata's Charisma inspires her allies so much that even when their hit points drop below 0 they continue to fight, even though they are still considered dead (or unconscious) for all effects and can be cured by Breath of Life or similar Spells as per spell description. After the encounter or upon receiving a number of attacks equal to Azata's Charisma modifier allies in this state fall dead (or unconscious). If all of the Azata's allies die that way, she becomes fully drained and dies.

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Marvelous Endurance

Azata gains fast healing equal to half her mythic rank. From 4th mythic rank on,  this number is increased by +5 per mythic rank. Whenever an enemy confirms a critical hit against Azata, her inner endurance is unleashed: she gets, 1d6 temporary hit points per mythic rank, and if she has 25% or less hit points left, she gains DR 10/-

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Supersonic Speed

Azata is always under the effect of haste spell, as long as she is engaged in combat. All melee and ranged weapon attacks against her have a 20% miss chance. All targeted Spells aimed at her have a 10% miss chance. All the damage from the area attacks against her is halved.

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Zippy Magic

Whenever Azata casts a Spell that targets individual creatures, not areas, the spell affects one additional creature within a 30 feet range from the target. If the target is an enemy, the spell affects one additional enemy; if the target is an ally, the spell affects one adiitonal ally. Additionally, Spells that target enemies damage them for 2d6 + mythic rank.


Where to Find Superpowers

  • Superpowers is a mythic ability that can be found under the Azata Mythic Path.


Superpowers Tips & Notes

  • When taking Allied Spellcaster with Life-Bonding Friendship, the bonus to overcoming enemy spell resistance stacks within a fair-sized range. 
  • Other notes, tips, tricks, and trivia.


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