Suture is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players.



Associated Quests

Shortly after the first visit to the Nexus, Suture can be found in the mines searching for a portal key. One of the keys can be found nearby. After collecting the key and returning to the Hand of the Inheritor, Suture will steal the key and disappear through the portal with no way to stop him. Another key that opens a portal to Lower City can be found in the mines on a dying succubus.

After being sent to the Fleshmarket to buy slaves, you can discover Suture being sold by Sarzaksys. Talk to him and ask to buy the slave, then offer them money to repay for your supposed insult (bribery). If you compliment Sarzaksys after this, he will whip Sarzaksys' Interpreter and give you a Necklace that, if you're in a Demonic Rage, will make you immune to Necromancy spells. 


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