Temple of the Good Hunt

temple of the good hunt map pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide
Location World Map
Sub-Areas N/A
NPC's Delamere
Merchants None
Quests Seek and Ye Shall Find

Temple of the Good Hunt is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Temple of the Good Hunt can be found at World Map. This is where, in times of yore, the Sarkorians worshiped Erastil, the patron of hunting and country life. The demon invasion left the temple without its flock, but it somehow avoided the wrath of monsters that usually ravage any trace of the worship of good gods. It stands still, empty and decrepit, waiting for the mortals to return.

Temple of the Good Hunt Information

  • If you get the key by force or diplomatic approach, you can explore the basement of the temple and found the Baphomet cultists activities.
  • You can interact with the coffin. To open it, you need to pass a 30 Knowledge (Religion), Arcana or Trickery check, or be a cleric of Erastil.
  • If you are a Lich, you can raise the priestess Delamere as an undead Companion.
  • You can also choose to take her items, Delamere's Bow (+2 holy Composite Longbow, chance to entangle) and Delamere's Armor (+3 Leather armor, enhancement to spells from the Plants domain). The bow can only be equipped by a character of good alignment.
  • You can else choose to move the coffin intact to Drezen. If you do so, you will gain a relic card that cost 1000 resource and 100 material, but gain 12 Clerics and 20 Rangers to your Crusade.
  • You may choose to smash the lid instead. If you do so, you still receive the items listed above, but they lose their magical properties aside from the +2 (Delamere's Cursed Bow) and +3 (Delamere's Cursed Armor), the bow loses its good alignment requirement, and they both become Cursed. It make the character, who uses the item make constantly saving throws against the curse (DC: 18) - for the bow each time, when you attack, while with the armor each time, when you get hit.
  • Zanedra may return to this place for hiding. 
  • After you have complete the quest at Ivory Sanctum, return to this place to defeat Zanedra and her followers.
  • When you go here, you can find Kyado here as well, who are willing to help you as a priest (like Arsinoe in Drezen) by selling stuff and read divine scrolls for you. This option will be unavailable after you finished the Ivory Sanctum, as Zanedra collect here the remaining Baphomet cultists to escape. You still can persuade him to help you fight the cultists off (but being sincere, he only count as one more possible target for the enemies attacks), and Zanedra's curse will kill him in the moment you step into the underground crypt.
  • If you are a Trickster, you will have a special dialogue option available that will allow you to enter the crypt without activating Zanedra's curse, and Kyado will remain alive.


NPCs at Temple of the Good Hunt

  • Delamere (if raised as a Lich)
  • Kyado


Quests related to Temple of the Good Hunt



Temple of the Good Hunt Map

temple of the good hunt map pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide


Temple of the Good Hunt Notes & Tips

  • Disclaimer: Completing "Know Thy Enemy" before completing "Attack Out of Nowhere" (in Molten Scar location) will fail the "Attack Out of Nowhere" quest when Molten Scar is visited after completing "Know Thy Enemy". With Trickster or Angel mythic path, using dialogue options before meeting Zanedra at this location will save Kyado during the "Seek and Ye Shall Find" quest. Kyado is a priest at the Temple of The Good Hunt. Revealing the hidden temple of Baphomet within the Temple of The Good Hunt before meeting Zanedra here will present Angel/Trickster mythic path dialogue options that can save Kyado during the "Seek and Ye Shall Find" quest. "Seek and Ye Shall Find" is a quest triggered when meeting Zanedra during the end of "Know Thy Enemy".
  • On the first floor in the room to the left are Ultimate Predator - These knee pads grant their wearer a +2 insight bonus on attack and damage rolls made with natural weapons against animals, magical beasts and monstrous humanoids.
  • On the first floor in the room to the left is a note - Specimen 367 "Finnean Dismar" - Test Report 1
  • On the first floor in the room (trapped) to the right is a Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4 in a locked chest.  This room also contains Elven Notes and a magic essence. 
  • If you raise Delamere as an undead, you can tell her, you have a task for her - after that you get 2 options with consequences:
     - (Good) option: Lay Delamere to rest, which kills her, but you can loot her corpse for the uncorrupted version of her bow and armor, and some other minor stuff.
     - (Chaotic) option: Release Delamere from your servitude. You let her exist as an undead, but not force your will on her anymore - but as she was a proestess of Erastil, she consider her current state as an abomination, but by the teachings of Erastil she cannot kill herself. So before she leaves, she promises you to not forget your sacrelige, and you will meet again - which will happen only in Act V, when you can found her at Pulura's Fall. After she saw the Worldwound herself, you can convince her (if you are still on Lich Mythic Path) to join to you by her own free will.



Abyss  ♦  Alodae Theatre  ♦  Alushinyrra  ♦  Ancientries and Wonders Shop  ♦  Areelu's Lab  ♦  Arendae Party House  ♦  Artisan's Tower  ♦  Artisan's Tower (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Ashen Grotto  ♦  AXIS  ♦  Bad Luck Tavern  ♦  Baphomet's Shrine  ♦  Bastion of Justice  ♦  Battlebliss Arena  ♦  Bear's Maw Shrine  ♦  Befouled Barrows  ♦  Blackwater  ♦  Blackwing Library  ♦  Bladesmith Workshop  ♦  Blooming Meadow  ♦  Bone Hills  ♦  Catacombs  ♦  Chilly Creek  ♦  City in the Wasteland  ♦  Colyphyr Mines  ♦  Conundrum Unsolved  ♦  Crimson Dust  ♦  Crusader's Camp  ♦  Defender's Heart  ♦  Desolate Hovel  ♦  Desolate Hovel (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Desolate Thicket  ♦  Dragon Burial Ground  ♦  Drezen  ♦  Estrod Tower  ♦  Extirpator's Camp  ♦  Final Veil  ♦  Forgotten Secrets  ♦  Free Crusader’s Camp  ♦  Golarion  ♦  Gravestone Rock  ♦  Graveyard  ♦  Gray Garrison  ♦  Greengates  ♦  Grimwood  ♦  Gwerm's Mansion  ♦  Heaven's Edge  ♦  Hellknights Outpost  ♦  Hidden Abode  ♦  Houndheart Campsite  ♦  Inconspicuous Camp  ♦  Ineluctable Prison  ♦  Ivory Sanctum  ♦  Iz  ♦  Iz (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Kenabres  ♦  Lair of the Echo of Deskari  ♦  Laughing Caves  ♦  Legacy of the Ancients  ♦  Leper's Smile  ♦  Lost Chapel  ♦  Lower City  ♦  Market Square  ♦  Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery  ♦  Middle City  ♦  Midnight Fane  ♦  Midnight Isles  ♦  Minagho's Hideout  ♦  Molten Scar  ♦  Moondance Meadow  ♦  Mutasafen's Lab  ♦  Nameless Ruins  ♦  Neathholm  ♦  Nexus  ♦  Nightingale Grove  ♦  Nondescript Pier  ♦  Old Sarkorian Mines  ♦  Other Side of Threshold  ♦  Pitaxian Wine Cellar  ♦  Place of Calling  ♦  Place of Execution  ♦  Pulura's Fall  ♦  Rasping Rifts  ♦  Ravaged Long House  ♦  Reliable Redoubt  ♦  Rotten Guttery  ♦  Ruins of Ashberry Hamlet  ♦  Sacred Lands  ♦  Scrubland by a Bend in the River  ♦  Sevalros's Lair  ♦  Shadow World  ♦  Shield Maze  ♦  Shrine of Sacrilege  ♦  Shrine of the Three  ♦  Silken Thread Atelier  ♦  Spinner of Nightmare's Den  ♦  Ten Thousand Delights  ♦  Terendelev's Lair  ♦  The Enigma  ♦  Thieflings Hideout  ♦  Threshold  ♦  Threshold (Inevitable Excess)  ♦  Tirabade Residence  ♦  Topaz Solutions  ♦  Trap for the Other  ♦  Underground Caves of Kenabres  ♦  Underground Floor of the Chief's House  ♦  Underground Hideout  ♦  Upper City  ♦  Valley of Temples  ♦  Vicinity of the Defender's Heart  ♦  wedding meadow  ♦  Wintersun  ♦  Worldwound



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      Tip for Trickster mythic path - if you don't have any good-aligned archers who can use the normal bow, but you *do* have at least one rank in the Knowledge (Arcana) mythic trick... bust open the coffin! Delamere's Cursed Bow will become a +4 composite longbow, which is still pretty nice for early act 3.

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