Teredelev, the Guardian of Kenabres

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This book grants a +1 morale bonus to AC against dragons.

Teredelev, the Guardian of Kenabres is a Miscellaneous Item in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.


Teredelev, the Guardian of Kenabres Information

This book grants a +1 morale bonus to AC against dragons.


"Kenabres has had no shortage of prominent figures, both those who have long passed away and those who still reside within the city walls. But it's safe to say that the greatest guardian there ever was, is, and will be, is the silver dragon Terendelev.

Among metallic dragons, the silver kind in particular has high moral standards. Although, like most of their kin, they often remain indifferent to matters concerning mere mortals, they find it unbearable to watch impassively as injustice and crime are committed with impunity. Gazing down upon Golarion from above, Terendelev has seen her share of injustice and violence. But no tragedy disturbed her peace more than Mendev's war against the Worldwound. Drawn into action by her curiosity and her interest in the crusaders that paid for others' peace with their own blood, Terendelev swooped down from the mountains and walked among the humans, taking on their form. This world must have felt so odd to her, so different from her own. Luckily for her, Terendelev was not the only dragon living among mortals, and the wise gold dragon Halaseliax became a mentor for Terendelev and her sworn brother Sevalros, who later mysteriously disappeared from history and human memory.

During her life amidst mortals, Terendelev performed many heroic deeds: she fought terrifying Abyssal spawn, kept Kenabres safe from enemy onslaught, and personally saved crusaders in need. In one such excursion, she herself fell victim to demonic taint: onlookers reported that her shining silvery armor darkened, her eyes clouded, and her speech and movements became ruthless and crude. But so great were her spirit and determination that she achieved the impossible — she overcame the seed of evil planted in her very heart and returned to good once more.

Today, Terendelev is a living symbol of the resilience and stalwartness of Kenabres, which serves as a stronghold for crusades and humanity's bastion in the war against the demon threat."

  • Cost: 13 gold icon pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide 20px
  • Weightweight icon pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide 20px 2 lbs


Teredelev, the Guardian of Kenabres Notes & Tips

  • Teredelev, the Guardian of Kenabres can be found in the Blackwing Library on a bookshelf.
  • This item's bonus is obtained by reading it.
  • Only the player character can gain the benefit of this item.
  • You do not lose this item's bonus if you respec your character.




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