"The History of the Worldwound"

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This book grants a +1 insight bonus on Lore (Religion) and Lore (Nature) skill checks.

"The History of the Worldwound" is a Miscellaneous Item in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.


"The History of the Worldwound" Information

This book grants a +1 insight bonus on Lore (Religion) and Lore (Nature) skill checks.


Nerosyan, published by the Royal Court of Mendev

"Demons and their worshipers have long been active in the vicinity of Sarkoris. Even back in the year 4433, the Abyssal hordes and Aroden himself waged a grand battle in the region now known as the Worldwound. The forces of good had triumphed then, as the god of humanity defeated Deskari's minions and drove the surviving demons back — straight into the waters of the Lake of Mists and Veils.

Why did the denizens of the Abyss have such keen interest in the northern reaches of Avistan? To the dismay of all mortalkind, Areelu Vorlesh answered this question, and has consequently gone down in history as the Architect of the Worldwound and the Betrayer of Humanity. Born of humans, this fiend felt such hatred toward her own kind and was filled with such boundless selfishness that, for the sake of ascension and power, she pledged herself to the Abyssal lords. An adept of the arcane jailed by the Sarkorians in the prison-fortress of Threshold, she accomplished something that the Deskarites who perished in the Lake had failed at previously — she ripped apart the planar fabric that had been thin in Sarkoris since days of yore. Her thought and will thoroughly corrupted to mirror the foulest depths of the Abyss, Areelu Vorlesh forged a deplorable alliance with Deskari and began hatching the heinous plan that she put into motion in the year 4606. It was then that Areelu and her accomplices performed the ritual that cut open creation itself like a knife and left a festering tear in the Material Plane that would never heal — the Worldwound connecting Golarion with the Abyss.

By a tragic coincidence or perhaps by some evil intent, the Worldwound was created mere weeks after Aroden's death. Millions of Aroden's followers and priests across the world were filled with the horror and despair normally reserved to orphaned children, partially explaining why humanity did not realize there and then the sheer threat of the newly opened Sarkorian portal. Taking advantage of turmoil in the mortal world, Deskari drove his forces to attack the defenseless Sarkoris, and Areelu Vorlesh, who had been rewarded for her betrayal, started on her path toward demonic existence."

  • Cost: 13 gold icon pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide 20px
  • Weightweight icon pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide 20px 2 lbs


"The History of the Worldwound" Notes & Tips

  • "The History of the Worldwound" can be found in the Lost Chapel, in the library located in the basement and in the Drezen Temple after completing Banner over the Citadel.
  • This item's bonus is obtained by reading it.
  • Only the player character can gain the benefit of this item.
  • You do not lose this item's bonus if you respec your character.



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