The Immortal Cavalier

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Race Anything with STR + 2
Class Cavalier - Gendarme
Mythic Path Any

The Immortal Cavalier is a player-created Build in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.




The Immortal Cavalier Build Overview

  • Who is this build for: Beginner (can storm through core so possibly viable on hard even - doing playthrough atm and going smoothly)
  • What role does this build play: DPS / TANK
  • Lore Background: Noble - Leader (for extra weapon proficiency in long swords seeing as you will be using Radiance and / or other long swords - they are just the best weapon again (sadface))

    Oblate - Martial Disciple (for Improved Unarmed Strike so crane style can be picked up later - tankier version) - This will mean you have to implement Crane style + Dodge in the build on main character. I would personally not do this as you lose a lot of damage and you are tanky enough already

Intro: This build is straight forward leveling wise and playing wise: 20 levels in Gendarme Cavalier. You will quickly get the hang of this build as there is not a lot to it. This gives you the ability to learn your companions inside out and manage their buffs and just have you storming through the gates. The horse will be the primary tank as enemies prioritize that over you. Towards the end of the game the horse and you will both have about 55-60ac without buffs and both have 300+ health. Additionally, you do a massive amount of damage (ESPECIALLY WHEN CHARGING) while having what might as well be almost 700 hp. Simply with the help of buffs like haste + Legendary Proportions, both you and the horse become a walking nightmare for your enemies. Having both a much higher AC and a lot more health. 
This build also allows for the main character to be able to have pretty acceptable persuasion which i personally like for RP reasons.

Race: Race is not super important - as long as it gives + 2 to strength so you can get the 19 starting strength and 24 endgame.
The two races i prefer are:
Dhampir (Svetocher) for the resist level drain and negative energy affinity - additionally there is a TON of negative energy which means sometimes you gain health from being in combat.
Aasimar (Angel-Blooded) for wings later on as that gives 3+ to AC
I still give Dhampir the cake even if you have lower starting stats just due to being able to ignore level and stat drain - and there is a ton of that!


Background: Noble - Leader
Class: Cavalier - Gendarme

Stats: (aim for 19 in strength, minimum 11 dex and some in con + cha) - something like this -> 19/12/14/10/8/14 (Dhampir) or 19/12/16/10/8/14 (Aasimar)
Have tried to semi minmax stats and dont really know which i could remove anymore to make this build stronger but if you have suggestions hit them at me.

19 str - 24 strength late game
12 dex - 11 minimum dex is VERY IMPORTANT later on for gaining a feat
14/16 con - health
10 int - So you get 3 skill points every level for Athletics + Mobility + Persuasion. Mobility is very important for Indomitable Mount feat.
8 wis - dumping anymore doesnt give anything extra.
14 cha - baseline cha for good persuasion in early game especially before gaining skills. Can drop it a bit lower but feel like this is the goldilock zone.

Level up for main character:
Every 4th level when you get ASI take +1 str
Take +1 to Athletics, Mobility and Persuasion almost all levels. At some point get +3 in Perception and dont take Athletics these 3 times. I did this in the beginning - This is needed if you take the Back to Back feat at level 20.

Level 1: Mounted Combat + Order of the Sword + Shield Focus
Level 2: Will (I took lawful seeing as i play lawful just take an alignment you know you will be staying in - Will save is your worst so decided to buff that)
Level 3: Mounted Shield + Weapon Focus - Long Sword
Level 4:
Level 5: Indomitable Mount
Level 6: Shield Bash
Level 7: Outflank (works insanely well with you + horse)
Level 8: Spirited Charge
Level 9: Double Slice + Two-Weapon Fighting (YOU NEED TO EQUIP +4 DEX OR GET +4 DEX WITH BUFF TO TAKE THIS)
Level 10:
Level 11: Shield Master
Level 12: Bashing Finish
Level 13: Improved Critical: Long Sword
Level 14:
Level 15: Power attack + Sunder Armor
Level 16:
Level 17: Greater Sunder Armor
Level 18: Dazzling Display
Level 19: Shatter Defense
Level 20: Back to Back - Last one doesnt really matter much. I prefer Back to Back and equip "All-round defense" ring + have another companion do the same + your horse has Back to Back as well.

Level up for Horse:
Every 4th level when you get ASI take +1 to con or str BESIDES level 4 where you take +1 to int. At higher levels i found it very useful to have the extra health so personally i would go with con, but at lower difficulties str might be all you need.
Take +3 to Perception. Besides that focus Mobility > Athletics
Additionally, make the horse Bulwark. It is here to survive not to do a lot of damage.

Level 1: Dodge
Level 3: Weapon focus: Bite
Level 4: +1 Int (VERY IMPORTANT ONLY LEVEL WE DO +1 TO ANYTHING BESIDES STR OR CON - this is because Improved Unarmed and many of the following feats require 3 int)
Level 5: Improved Unarmed
Level 7: Outflank (NEED 3 INT FOR THIS)
Level 9: Crane Style
Level 11: Armor Proficiency (Heavy Barding)
Level 13: Crane Wing
Level 15: Crane Riposte
Level 17: Toughness
Level 19: Back to Back

Mythic Path:
I have only had the chance to run through this game twice with this build. Once as angel, once as aeon -> devil. I am considering going Legend for 20 extra levels and then go full ham with minmaxing, but seeing as this is not an insane minmaxing guide I am not going to do that. But in the end whichever path you take all of them should grant ca. the same opportunities for you. Aesthetically i prefer a lawful one so Aeon / Angel / Devil.

Path 1 - Noble Leader:
Level 1: Bit of Fun + Mythical Beast
Level 2: Destructive Shockwave
Level 3: Thundering Blow
Level 4: Leading Strike
Level 5: Mythic Charge
Level 6: Mythic Toughness
Level 7: Ever Ready
Level 8: Toughness
Level 9: Unrelenting Assault
Level 10: Rupture Restraints / Last Stand / Mythic Resolve / Wings if Aasimar. Here in the last level its very open and honestly pick what you feel like would support you best. I feel like Rupture Restraints is best just to get 3 free passes. But there are many viable choices here.

Path 2 - Oblate - Martial Disciple:
Level 1: Bit of Fun + Mythical Beast
Level 2: Dodge
Level 3: Thundering Blow
Level 4: Leading Strike
Level 5: Mythic Charge
Level 6: Mythic Toughness
Level 7: Ever Ready
Level 8: Toughness
Level 9: Unrelenting Assault
Level 10: Crane Style - Biggest problem with this build is how late you get Crane Style. Sadly i dont feel like it outdoes the other things you can take besides maybe Toughness. Problem is at this point most of the bosses will hit you regardless so the +4 aint gonna help a ton in my opinion.

Important Equipment:
Generally just equip what is best. Both you and your horse want as much AC > STR > CON as possible. There are some items that are pretty decent which i will name here
Weapon: "Radiance"
Shield: "The Undying Love of the Hopebringer"
Ring: All-round Defense
Neck: Vellexia's Magnifiying Amulet

The Immortal Cavalier Build: How to Play

This is one of the most straight forward builds. You charge and you zug zug. It has a semi passive playthrough where you can focus more on your allies and what they are doing. Getting the first attack in battle with a charge is very big and can result in one shotting a lot of the medium threat enemies (doing upwards of 200+ damage in a single charge).

I normally run a setup with Camellia + Ember + Wenduag / Lann + Arueshalae + Nenio. I prefer not having a lot of melee as i feel like most companions in Wrath of the Righteous fall over if you look at them incorrectly. I use Camellia and Wenduag as buff bots (that does not mean they dont do damage, but the way i build them is around them buffing both themselves and the party up to insane amounts) with Nenio throwing the haste down and keeping it up permanently. 


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