The Narrow Path



+2 bonus to AC and all saving throws against all eveil creatures' attacks.


1 lb.



The Narrow Path is an Amulet in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Necklaces and Amulets is an accessory that contains and provides special or extra unique defensive stats, effects, bonuses, skill checks, and more when they are equipped. Accessory pieces are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, crafted, or are dropped by enemies and bosses.



The Narrow Path Information


  • This necklace grants its wearer a +2 bonus to AC. It grants an additional +2 bonus to AC and all saving throws against all evil creatures' attacks. Each time the wearer hits a good-aligned creature, the wearer gets a negative level. Unequipping this amulet is only possible after casting remove curse on the wearer and passing a DC 25 caster level check.

Item Information:

  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Sell Value: 6275
  • Accessory Type: Amulet


Where to Find The Narrow Path

  • Information on where to find The Narrow Path is indicated here.


The Narrow Path Tips & Builds

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  • Notes, Tips, and other Trivia


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