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Location Kenabres
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Topaz Solutions is a Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Topaz Solutions can be found at Kenabres. This alchemist's laboratory used to sell potent potions at reasonable prices. The shop's owner was always very polite and friendly, yet many customers found his watchful glare rather uncomfortable.


 Topaz Solutions Information

  • This location cannot be visited until speaking with Anevia in the Defender's Heart and asking her "Are there any suspicious places in the city that I should pay attention to?"

  • This location has two rooms. The northern room contains two mimics. The western room contains a Cambion Alchemist prebuffed with the Shield spell and two mimics. One of the mimics in the western room drops a Light Crossbow of Oracle's Misery.


NPCs at Topaz Solutions

  • N/A


Quests related to Topaz Solutions

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Topaz Solutions Map



Topaz Solutions Notes & Tips

  • The alchemist in this location can be very dangerous, especially if your party is low level. Prebuffing with fire and/or acid resistance (such as from scrolls of Resist Energy) will significantly reduce the damage the alchemist is able to do to your party. The alchemist here is immune to magic missile due to their constant Shield effect.

  • In the Beta this location used to contain slabs for the puzzle at Conundrum Unsolved (Quest The Secrets of Creation). These slabs are now located next to the puzzle itself.



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    • Anonymous

      You can have Nenio put the alchemist to sleep with deep slumber from the side room before the fight stats. Use Fox's cunning and equip Quarterstaff of Coercion on her and you can easily do it on Unfair.

      • Anonymous

        Clearing out the side room (with a crack in the wall to shoot through later) gave me a slightly better chance at winning the battle with the alchemist. Better choke point control / fewer party members trying to cram themselves through the door. Good luck.

        • Anonymous

          The level 10 alchemist in this building can obliterate an entire party in a single turn, especially considering you can arrive at this spot as early as level 3.

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