Underground Hideout

Location World Map
Sub-Areas Cave
NPC's Shivial the Pain Connoisseur
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Underground Hideout is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Underground Hideout can be found at World Map.  The hideout is located halfway between Leper's Smile and Heaven's Edge.


 Underground Hideout Information

  • Before entering the cave, you can find a magic essence in a chasm to the side of the route to the main entrance.
  • There are 4 invisible Will-O-Wisps in the corner of the first area of the cave. They do lightning damage, and have electricity and spell immunity, but can be hit by and are weak to magic missile.
  • Shivial the Pain Connoisseur is the optional boss of this side area and is at the end of the cave. He drops Chainmail of Comradery, Belt of Physical Flow +2, and a Cloak of Resistance +2. He is very powerful on higher difficulties. Shivial has the following stats:
    • DR 10 / Good or Cold Iron
    • DR 5 / Evil
    • Acid Resist 10, Cold Resist 10, Fire Resist 30 (10 without his Resist Fire buff), Electricity Immunity
    • Spell Resist 25
    • He has permanent Heroism, Freedom of Movement, Magical Vestment (Armor), and Resist Fire buffs. He is also buffed with Divine Power, but this one has a duration.
    • High AC but low touch AC

  • The tortured corpse on the table near Shivial has the Righteous Crusader's Ring, which gives you one additional use of smite evil per day (perception check 28).


NPCs at Underground Hideout

  • Shivial the Pain Connoisseur


Underground Hideout Map

underground hideout wrath of the righteous wiki guide

underground hideout2 wrath of the righteous wiki guide


Underground Hideout Notes & Tips

  • Align Weapon will bypass Shivial's damage resistance. Crusader's Edge is also very powerful against him. Spellcasters can take advantage of his low touch AC and rely on ray spells against him, but be wary of his high Spell Resistance. Dispel Magic can remove his powerful buffs.



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